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BRITify uses open data from the BBC with Spotify's API to create awesome playlists.
This website is independent and not affiliated with the BBC or Spotify.
Playlists curated by people - mastered by machine.

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Next Song Surgery
Stuck making a playlist? Ever wonder what a DJ would play next?
Enter an artist to see what the professionals played next!


BRITify (formerly BBCify) mashes up radio listings from the BBC
with Spotify to create playlists of shows.

As well as new playlists for each broadcast, BRITify also creates magic playlists; a single playlist that gets updated every day with the latest tracks. Add a magic playlist to your phone, set it to sync offline and each morning you'll awake to great playlists lovingly crafted by the awesome BBC people.

This website is independent of the BBC and Spotify. It is powered by open data from the BBC and is not for profit. It has been featured on BBC Click TV, The Guardian and Time Magazine.

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