Playlists with tracks by Virgo

Wednesday 19th June 2019
DJ Target
P Money Team Takeover
12 / 46 Tracks
P Money celebrates the release of his new album with a Team Takeover.

Sinead Harnett Leo Bear
DaBaby Cash (feat. DaBaby)
Virgo Next Tune
K Trap Mask Off
Rude Kid Win the Ting
Sir Spyro Do It
DOK Magie
Lil Baby Phone Down (feat. Lil Baby)
Silencer Lidl
SNE From A Place Where (feat. SNE)
Etta Bond I Like The Way (feat. Etta Bond)
Maniac Victoria Park
Silencer Waitrose
Filthy Gears The Marsh 2
Meek Mill Tap (feat. Meek Mill)
Silencer Dartmood
So Large Stop Running
Filthy Gears Insanity
Moelogo Oluwa Diamond
Silencer Black Chains
Spragga Benz 101FM (Toddla T Remix) (feat. Spragga Benz)
Fredo I'm The One
Preditah Tango
Silencer Brown Cheese
Swifta Warlord máster
Gallah Sniper
Preditah Caveman
Silencer Car Go
Top Dolla Flexing
General Levy Ladbroke Grove (Remix) (feat. Novelist & General Levy)
Rema Dumebi
Silencer Flicks
Tory Lanez Good Love (feat. Tory Lanez)
Heavy Trackers Heated
Rick Ross Money In The Grave (feat. Rick Ross)
Silencer Possession
Barney Artist Calm Down
Trends Hypnotised
Jme Angles (feat. Jme)
Rude Kid One Take Remix
Silencer Day Off
Chris Brown Easy (feat. Chris Brown)
Trends and Boylan Norman Tize
Justin Bieber Love Thru the Computer (feat. Justin Bieber)
Rude Kid Haunted
Friday 10th May 2019
Sir Spyro
Sir Hiss guest mix
3 / 40 Tracks
The best in grime with Sir Spyro, plus a guest mix by Bristol's Sir Hiss.

Maxsta East London Is Back
P Jam Nandos Riddim
Prince Rapid Frequency
Emz Wushu Hand
Jay0117 Hot But They're Not (feat. Jay0117)
Crafty 893 XCX
Danny D Crazy Style
Jook Rolling In His Grave
Bengal Sound Coroners
Big-E-D 94 Carrot
Ironsoul E Motion
OH91 Double Dragon
Sir Hiss Wot
Zeph Ellis Oh My Word Riddim
Spooky Frosty Weather
Sir Hiss Algorithms
OH91 Meditation VIP
Maniac Quadratic
Virgo Rebirth
Merky Ace What We Do (Remix) (feat. Merky Ace)
Lemzly Dale Underdog
Grandmixxer Lambeth Yardies
Sorrow Voynich VIP
Reece West Send 2
Wiley Mrogue
Burke Dracula
Fodd War Dub
Hi5 Ghost Warren & Justin (feat. Boofy & Hi5 Ghost)
Kahn & Neek Percy (Lemzly Dale Remix)
Lolingo Knocked Out
Sir Spyro SWIFF
Sir Spyro Check V5
Boofy Ledge VIP
Boylan Norman Bates (Sir Spyro Remix)
Trends Alien Encounter
OH91 Space (Devils Mix)
Commodo Leeroy (Sir Hiss Remix)
Splurt Diablo Wraydar
Modelle Swamp Cat
Choppa Skeng Not Long, Very Quick
Friday 19th April 2019
Sir Spyro
All in One, RD, X and Filthy Gears.
8 / 34 Tracks
All in One returns for a Sounds of The Verse and RD, X and Filthy Gears perform a set.

Bruza Get Me
True Tiger Bare Face What !
Manga St. Hliare Far Away
Flirta D Warp Speed
DJ Marsta Marsta's Symphony
PK Fantastic Bar
Mr. Fidget Mr Fidget Bounce
Lady Leshurr Horrid
Geeneus Ja Know
No Lay Vendetta Freestyle
Mystry Helsing
Spyro Standard
Hitman Tigga Only One
P Money Shook
Renz Take A Chance
Jammer Return To The Future
Stogey No Clout
Jamakabi Wickedest Ting (Remix) (1XSC)
So Large For What This P's Done
Dot Rotten Real Talk
Jammz Lemonade Man
P Money Paigons Love Me (feat. P Money)
Dexplicit Victory
Razor Shave
FFSYTHO Bop Through Your Manor
Sticky Champaign Dance Remix
Armour Ceres (feat. Armour)
Jay Eye Belly (feat. J Dot & Jay Eye)
Jme 007 Riddim
Killa P Topper Top (feat. Teddy Brukshot, Lady Chan & Killa P)
Wiley Mum I'm Stronger
Virgo March Riddem
P Solja 927
Deeco Running
Friday 15th February 2019
Sir Spyro
Mak 10 Guest Mix + Clipson
11 / 58 Tracks
Spyro is joined by Mak 10 for a live guest mix, plus Clipson passes through.

Big-E-D Frontline vs. Grimey (1XSC)
Footsie Fake V2
Tre Mission SE15
Snowy Dub
MOreNIght Traffic Jam
Skepta Stage Show Riddim
Dizzee Rascal Krimes
Discarda Grime Head
DOK Fragile
P Jam Nandos Riddim
Trends Alien Encounter
Morgue Louder
Clipson The Relapse
Rude Kid Win the Ting
Mez T-Rex
Dizzee Rascal Wheel
DOK Crazy Beat
JayKae Heartache
Footsie The Lost OG
Taliifah Straight Bars 2 Remix
Ironsoul Lightspeed
Maniac Classical
Sir Spyro Dub
Filthy Gears Ugly Strop
Footsie Cold MC
DJ Mondie Rhianna Dub (Instrumental)
Lolingo Knocked Out
Stogey King Arthur
Rapid Frequency
Frisco Imagine
Eski Pulse
Gallah X9
Grim Sickers Jumanji
Filthy Gears 2nd Controller
Massappeals Kam Dog
Virgo Piper
Ironsoul MOTHRA
Dubzta Bloodshed
Nanny Wams Pinching
Melvillous Style And Grace (Remix) (feat. Pres T, Jafro & Melvillous)
Rapid Come On (Instrumental)
Ironsoul Temper
Gully Chops Filthy Gears
Crafty 893 Get Down
Dubzta Rain (1XSC)
Sir Spyro Yeah
Sir Spyro Blazer Remix
Jay0117 M4
Big-E-D 94 Carrot
Novelist Dub
DOK Spiteful 2
Jammer Code Red
Mr. Slash Kidset Anthem
Melvillous Tinchy Stryder
Jack Dat Angus Steak
RD Dub V2
Kid D Self Destruct
Man Like Me Oh My Gosh (Roll Deep Remix)
Friday 25th January 2019
Sir Spyro
Best in Grime, Old Skool 20
6 / 55 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Footsie Fake V2
Meridian Dan Fatality
Krome & Type Bad Trip
Discarda Eski Kid
DOK Grizzly Monster
Jme Fall Off (feat. Jme)
Reece West The One
DOK Fragile
DaVinche Buzz LightYear
Pay as U Go Cartel Champagne Remix
Swifta Beater Turntables (Instrumental)
P Jam Nandos Riddim
Footsie Black And White
Stormin In Da Place (Rossi Banton Remix) (feat. Lightnin, Nasty Jack & Stormin)
Jammer Real Deal
Dubzta Rain (1XSC)
Footsie Marching Orders (1XSC)
Ruff Beats Kleinfeld
Wiley I Will Not Lose Remix
Bigshot Scorpion
Joker Polka Dot
PK Muy Bien (1XSC CLEAN)
Rude Kid Press Up
Geeneus Ready 4 Da Centurions
Zero Who Am I
DOK Sky High
So Large Ninja Man (1XSC)
Rude Kid Win the Ting
Tommy Bruckshot Freestyle
Jon E Cash Champagne & Woes
Gunja Ammo
Nasty Jack On Sight (feat. Flowdan, GHSTLY XXVII & Nasty Jack)
Slimzee License
Oris J Come On
Footsie Rated Gangster
Sir Spyro Check V4
RD Dub V2
Grandmixxer Screaming
Skepta The Large Way
Lyrical Strally Grime Street
Treble Clef Ooh
Silencer Martian Freestyle
Big Kani Die Yung
DJ Mondie Come Again Remix
Chip Shellington Crescent (feat. Chip)
P Money No One
Kid D Uplift
Crafty 893 Get Down
Dan Rico CR7
DOK Flip
SBK Shuttle
Squintz 96 Bars V2
Big-E-D 94 Carrot
Jay0117 TEK
Virgo Piper
Friday 11th January 2019
Sir Spyro
7 / 61 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Merky Ace What We Do (feat. Merky Ace)
The Grime Violinist Grime Wire (feat. The Grime Violinist)
DJ Marsta Marsta's Symphony
Stogey King Arthur
J Beatz Stu
JoSoSick Nice One (1XSC)
Virgo Piper
JEB1 Lambeth Yardies
Crayzee Bandit Banger
Discarda Dub
Danny D CrazyStyle
Shannon Parkes Red Card
Ruff Sqwad Move 2 Dis (1XSC)
Diamondz Deeper
DOK Phone
Kamakazee Dub
Commodo Roxy
Virgo Anthem
Riko Dan Come On (feat. Doctor & Riko Dan)
Footsie Black And White
Floops Melody
Jamakabi Wickedest Ting (Remix) (1XSC)
DOK Fragile
Nico Lindsay Oh Yeah
Dizzee Rascal Wheel
Izzie Gibbs Lit
Hypa Fenn Spyro Dub (1XSC)
Capo Lee Of Course
K9 Top Dog (Freestyle) (1XSC)
Sir Spyro Do It (Instrumental)
Treble Clef Ghetto Kyote (Nemisis Remix)
Wiley Mins
Spentshell War Mode (1XSC)
Sammo & Money Growl Riddem
Waifer Speed Power
Big-E-D Zodiac
Sir Spyro Dub
Snowy Alpha
Crafty 893 XCX
Rapid Brand New
DaVinche Mega Drive (Instrumental)
PI Caps Shellyanne Season
GEN Nottingham Trent
Potentz Holy Grail (1XSC)
Terror Danjah Cock Back (Mikey J Remix)
Footsie Marching Orders (1XSC)
Footsie Scared For Life
So Large Ninja Man (1XSC)
Tempa T Been Doing This
Scratchclart Scorpio
Target Earth Warrior (Remix)
Taliifah Straight Bars 2 Remix
Wiley I'm Sittin Here Freestyle
Faultzs Dappa
Reece West The One
Krome & Type New Era Dub (1XSC)
Low Deep Catz
Flowdan No Long Ting (1XSC)
Kid D Energise
Logan Facts
Friday 9th November 2018
Sir Spyro
11 / 50 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Swifta Beater M Sport
Marcus Beatz Tom & Jerry
OH91 Chuckie
Scrufizzer Tell Them Again
Giggs Pistol
The Grime Violinist Grime Wire (feat. The Grime Violinist)
Esskay From The Dead
star fox Duck
Jme Born On Your Own
J Amo Tyson Fury (feat. Grim Sickers & J Amo)
Halo Talk That Stuff Spyro Special
Stana Grime
Big H We Run Tingz (feat. Big H)
Rocks FOE 1001 (feat. Rocks FOE)
Treble Clef Best Believe
D Double E Trippin
JEB1 Lambeth Yardies
Scorpz Turnt (feat. Scorpz)
Kruz Leone Lyricz and Bars
Capo Lee Roll Out (feat. Capo Lee)
Rudekid Haunted
Chip Shellington Crescent (feat. Chip)
Shorty Sekky (feat. Frisco & Shorty)
Nat Powers Mystery Riddim (Dub) (Instrumental)
Dolla So Large
Darkos Strife Accelerate
Gesher Read Dead
MistaKay Risky
Footsie Outereville (feat. Footsie)
Snowy Hush Remix (feat. Izzie Gibbs, Neo & Snowy)
Virgo Rebirth
Nasty Jack Gun Man
Jme Fall Off (feat. Jme)
DOK New Bang (Instrumental)
D Double E Dem Man Dere
Tre Mission Subject Tango Down
PK Lyrical Thuggery (feat. PK)
Mr X Think Twice
Bigga Man GrimeOrignal (BigaamanMix)
Wiley Being Broke
Yizzy Hype Ting
K9 Major Problem
Merky Ace What We Do (feat. Merky Ace)
Silencer Badr
Flowdan Shell A Verse
Flirta D Free Up (1XSC)
Kaz What I'm On
Friday 27th July 2018
Sir Spyro
Sounds of the Verse Crafty 893, plus P Money and Little Dee pass through
11 / 50 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Kano Mic Check 1-2
Wookie Scrappy
TNT Nissi
Sir Spyro Check
Chip Sorry U Are (feat. Chip)
Virgo Anthem
Geeneus Mornin Deck
Merky Ace Ruff's The New Buff
Sir Spyro Mussive
Crafty 893 Goods
Wiley Coasting (feat. Wiley)
Geeneus Poltergeist (Remix)
Mystry v
Sir Spyro Norman Bates (Sir Spyro remix)
D Double E Back Then
Wiley So Sure Freestyle
Ghetts Commandments
Nasty Jack King Kweffa
Sir Spyro Voices Sequences
Darkness Keep It Steppin (Instrumental)
Halo Talk That Stuff (Spyro Special)
NLS Fire Wisdom (1XSC)
Snowy Back From The Dead
DOK Hench Remix
YGG Strikers
Hazard Killahertz
Novelist Novelist Dub
Spooky Gromeo
DOK Mada Fin
Jammer Real Deal
Outsider Armoury
Star.One Revolver Riddim (Instrumental)
Dot Rotten Real Talk (Instrumental)
Johnny East Attraction (Instrumental)
Rapid Cheque
Stimpy Remember Me
Fliptrix Catch Banter
Joker Boat
Rated Gangster Boosted
Ten Dixon Only 1
Footsie Outereville (feat. Footsie)
Sharky Major Step It Up (feat. Sharky Major)
Big Shot Scorpion
Terror Danjah We Told U
Frisco Good Feeling
Little Simz DBT (Remix) (feat. Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr & Little Simz)
Silencer Black Chains
Burstgang Us Man
Gallah Sniper
Mercston Flexin
Friday 6th July 2018
Sir Spyro
SOTV - Villain
18 / 61 Tracks
London MC Villain has this week's Sounds Of The Verse. Plus another Old Skool 20.

Lioness Sir Sypro Dub
Virgo Rebirth
Nocturnal Scream
Commodo Rikers (Instrumental)
Snowy Back From The Dead
Halo Talk That Stuff (Spyro Special)
Little Dee Coldest Flows
Wiley Being Broke
Novelist Afro Pick
Crafty 893 Underground (feat. Crafty 893)
Stogey A Matter Of Time
Hi5 Ghost Isoluate
Little Simz DBT (Remix) (feat. Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr & Little Simz)
Y Dot Talking The Hardest Remix
Outsider Armoury
D Double E Move Up
Taliifah Straight Bars 2 Dub
Jme Serious (Remix)
M.E.Z Octopus
Y Dot Torpedo
Preditah Burberry
Danny D Shook Ones
Ten Dixon Only 1
Johnny East Surge
Mayhem We Know (feat. Mayhem)
Youngstar 808 - 3AM
Rocks FOE 1001 (feat. Rocks FOE)
Discarda Dark
Katie Pearl Frontline Remix
Terror Danjah Fire Cracker
Merky Ace Loads Of Money
Rude Kid One Take (Remix)
Empra Mortal Kombat (Instrumental)
Kid D Uplift
The Grime Violinist Revolver Riddim (feat. Big Jest, Manga, Master Peace, Tommy B, Devilman, Gen, Yizzy, Faro, Kay Rico & The Grime Violinist)
Mic Of Course Cops & Robbers
Ruff Sqwad Rebore
Frisco Phone
L.C Heat Up
Top Dolla Room 808 (Instrumental)
Nasty Jack Swaggy In The Baggy
Scum Fam Doing It Again
Gesher Read Dead
Lewi B Deep End
Tre Mission Hockey
Newbaan Which Part
BeatGeeks Bag Of Sand
Silencer Missing
Ghetts Buss 1
Lewi White Commandments 2.0
Unknown Mythstery
Nico Lindsay Codename Lin
Big Narstie Woah
Silkie Drunken Master
Grandmixxer SLSA (Instrumental)
Lewi White Platoon
Villain Villain - Sounds of the Verse
NLS Fire Wisdom (1XSC)
Chip Darth Vader
Sir Spyro Pickford
Grim Sickers Mazza
Friday 8th June 2018
Sir Spyro
SOTV: Monkstar and Nottingham Takeover Set
9 / 49 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Sir Spyro Silo Pass Remix
Sir Spyro Swaggy In The Baggy
Big Narstie Woah
Tre Mission Subject Tango Down
Garna Stickyhype Remix
OH91 Trouble
Blakie Jump Remix
Virgo Rebirth
J Dot Heavyweight Champ
P Money Rude Boy Ting
Sir Spyro Blazer Remix
Capo Lee Know Where I'm From
Window Kid I Didn't Hear You
Jammz Everything Dead
Rapid An Ting
Sir Spyro Track 01
Deeco Runnin'
YGG Strikers
Joker Polka Dot (instrumental)
Red Man Like Me Freestyle
Skepta Private Caller 2
Discarda Dark
Little Simz DBT (Remix) (feat. Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr & Little Simz)
Rude Kid Haunted
Spooky Mad Max
DJ Scholar Taliban
Maxwell D Grime Originals (Remix) (feat. Manga, Fumin, Bruza & Maxwell D)
Scampz Energy
Spooky Murk & Splurt
DJ Wonder Showers Louder
Melvillous Rocket Man
Silencer Black Chains
Sticky Champagne Dance (Sticky Remix)
DOK Oh Lard
MistaKay Vybz Kayshell
Silencer Waitrose
Taliifah Straight Bars 2 Dub
Filthy Gears Gully Chops
Mr. Slash Get Down
Silencer Missing
Anna Gang
Top Dolla Room 808 (Instrumental)
Footsie Marching Orders
No Lay Everybody Die
Sir Hiss Algorithms
Aye Nizzy A9 Flow
TRC Bandit
Footsie Hills Of Zion (Instrumental)
Numa Crew We Nuh Tek Talk
Sunday 3rd June 2018
Don Letts' Culture Clash Radio
Crucial So So Def Bass All Stars
21 / 31 Tracks
Don's selections include Crucial Vinyl from So So Def Bass All Stars.

The Who Baba O'Riley
Little Dragon Ritual Union
Vampire Weekend Obvious Bicycle
The Beatles Only A Northern Song
Ghost Town DJ’s My Boo
Steppenwolf Magic Carpet Ride
David Bowie Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
Susan Cadogan Hurt So Good
Bow Wow Wow Go Wild In The Country
Smoke City Underwater Love
The Clash Rock The Casbah
Grace Jones Well Well Well
Todd Rundgren Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
Barry White Oh Love, well we finally made it
A Tribe Called Quest Bonita Applebum
Chronixx 4 Protoje (feat. Chronixx 4)
Gardna Rude Boy
Unknown Mortal Orchestra Chronos Feasts On His Children
Erykah Badu Heaven For The Sinner (feat. Erykah Badu)
Santigold Lights Out (Diplo's Panda Bear Mix)
Roots Radics Base
Khalia & I-Octane One Dance
Jordan Rakei Wildfire
Virgo Apple Pie
Parquet Courts Mardi Gras Beads
Sounds Almighty Hail Don D Jr.
PJ Harvey Written On Her Forehead
Lathun Freak It
Brother Culture Rush Hill Road (feat. Hollie Cook & Brother Culture)
Virginia Wing The Second Shift
Natalie Prass Sisters
Friday 1st June 2018
Sir Spyro
Sounds of the Verse: Nico Lindsay
14 / 64 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Sir Spyro Silo Pass Remix
Sticky Golly Gosh
More Fire Crew Lock Down
Nico Lindsay Codename Lin
Brotherhood Life Or Death
Silencer Chingford Mount
Dubz D Smiling Tho
Taliifah Straight Bars 2 Dub
Kano Grime MC
Nico Lindsay Sounds of the Verse - Nico Lindsay
Bugzy Malone Clash Of The Titans
Sir Spyro Be Afraid
Flirt D Dub
Terror Danjah Nite Crawler 2
Kid D Jet Pack
Novelist Nov Wait Stop Wait
Cotti Return Of The Mack
Sir Spyro Check
Footsie Dub
Trends Shark Attack
Killa's Army We Nuh Tek Talk
P Jam & Trends Psycho
D.O.K. Grimme BB3 Maby
Footsie Hills Of Zion (Instrumental)
Virgo Rebirth
Lewi B Deep End
President T Birthday Cake
Danny D Shook Ones
Skepta Love Is Here To Stay Remix
Footsie Marching Orders
Wiley Snowman (Instrumental)
Little Simz DBT (Remix) (feat. Queenie, Stush, Shystie, Lady Leshurr & Little Simz)
President T Tupac
Devlin Something In The Water
Skepta Pure Water
Gesher Read Dead
Mayhem We Know (feat. Mayhem)
wiz bit Jam Hot VIP
RA Freestyle
DJ Marsta Fibre Remix
Spooky Murk & Splurt
Ironsoul Running
Melvillous Rocket Man
YGG Strikers
Rapture 4D Balance
DJ Narrows Saved Soul
Star One Revolver Riddim
Jammer One 'N' All
Merky Ace Ruff's The New Buff
Yizzy Chief
Rude Kid Haunted
Doctor Jeep Snorin
Joker Boat
Big John Alizay & Ammi
Scampz No One Don't Notice
DOK 06
Stogey A Matter Of Time
Jon E Clayface Devil's Mantra
Movez Wv Make Doe PT2
Big Shot Stomp Remix
Scum Fam Doing It Again
Stormzy Return Of The Rucksack Instrumental
K Dot Rep Ur Manor
Friday 29th December 2017
Sir Spyro
4 / 65 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Alias Exodus
Footsie Big Band
P Money Running (feat. P Money)
Boylan Syco Sid
Sir Spyro Mr Skeng
Trends Flame
JLSXND7RS Bongo Remix
President T Tupac
C-Dash Life
Sirpixalot Playground Of Souls
Footsie Hilla Of Zion
Trends Red Stripe Riddim
LJ Carnage
Rapid Oi
Capo Lee Dream
Skepta Grime
Grandmixxer Chords
Trends Twilight Riddim
London Grammar Hell To The Liars
Rapture 4D That Time
Capo Lee Hypnotized
Spooky Ricky & Morty Theme
Grandmixxer Mez Version
Virgo Evil Cathedral
Lowquid Bozak VIP
Riko Dan Dutty Harry (feat. Riko Dan)
Danny D Normal
Taliifah Straight Bars
Griminal Retro Griminal (feat. Griminal)
Wiley Better Than The Rest (feat. Wiley)
Mani Castro Freestyle (feat. Mani)
Riko Dan Krueger (feat. Riko Dan)
DJ Scholar Yardie Ting
Teddy Music Jeepers Creepers
Hi5 Ghost Last Skank in Tube
Melvillous Stay True
Wiley Roll Out
S.K.I.T.Z. Beatz Gritz
DOK Ice Cream
Terror Danjah East Village (P Jam Remix)
Huffy Krypton
Merky Ace 1 Time (Sir Spyro Special)
Wiley Shanghai
Shaqydread Hold It Down
DOK Stomp
Terror Danjah FFS Why Though
Ironsoul Right Now
Mr. Slash Kidset Anthem
Wiley Snowball Crackle
Shorty Go Thru Face (feat. Jme & Shorty)
Drifter Grind & Stack
Terror Danjah Fiasco
J Sweet Tell Em'
Omega Keys
XTC Misty Cold
Silas Unamed
Faze Miyake Lyca
Top Dolla Rally
Jamakabi Nightmare (feat. Jamakabi)
P Jam Pam (feat. P Jam)
Boofy Ledge
Silencer Aggressive
Flippy Smalls Smaller
Tre Mission Subject To Tango
JayKae Knock Door Run
Wednesday 18th October 2017
Annie Nightingale
Logan Sama sits in for Annie
36 / 90 Tracks
Logan Sama is in for Annie with a Cardinal Sound guest mix, hosted by Killa P.

Jodeci Freek’n You
Drake 10 Bands
PARTYNEXTDOOR Wus Good / Curious
Rome I Belong To You (Every Time I See Your Face) ‎
Lido Money
Tank Next Breath
LSG My Body
Tamia So Into You
Damage Ghetto Romance
Sticky Jumeirah Riddim Sequel
Vanilla Cup Lifted
Faze Miyake Take Off
Champion Lighter VIP
Lil Silva Pulse vs. Flex
Jinx Classic
Pluto Grange Road West
Spooky Baby
Mella Dee GT Turbo VIP
Trey Songz Smart Phones
Spooky Playground
Kanye West Blessings (feat. Drake & Kanye West)
Solo 45 Feed Em To The Lions
Mumdance Shook
Kaos Follow Me
Geoff K Dysturbed Trumpet
My Nu Leng You've Been Gone (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
Skream Filth
D Double E Outsiders (feat. D Double E)
Moony Poundcake
Grim Sickers WM (feat. Grim Sickers)
Faze Miyake Really & Truly
The VOyagers Crossover
DJ Polo Signet
Soloman Bokeh
Footsie Denim Black
Saf One Live On Deck (feat. Capo Lee & Saf One)
Merky Ace Hardcore Logo
K.A.O.S. Indigo
Woz Trust Me
Ahadadream Bamboo Riddim
Rapid Pepper Riddim
P Money We Don't Play (feat. P Money)
YGG Lyca
Holly Lois Tell You (DJ Q Remix) (feat. Holly Lois)
Ikonika Shovel
Chimpo Skeng Teng
Chronik 2 Cars (feat. Skepta, D Double E & Chronik)
Kano Dubplate Original (feat. Kano)
YGG Fruit Salad
Asher D We Run the Show (Instrumental)
The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light Open The Till (feat. Ghetts & The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light)
Rude Kid Brain Freeze
Gatlin Showski Wowski (feat. Gatlin)
Durrty Goodz Round 1
Killa P Different Style (feat. Killa P)
Danny Weed Celebrate That
D Double E Shenanigans
Wiley Call The Shots
Virgo Shottas Dub
Wiley Original Raggamuffin (feat. Wiley)
Apple Goy Goy Cowbell
Top Dolla Flexing (Instrumental)
Akito Metamessage (Alternate Mix)
President T Spaceman (feat. President T)
Wiley Bird Tune
Murkage Dave Every Country (feat. Murkage Dave)
Scratcha DVA Worst (Sinjin Hawke Remix)
Newham Generals Levels (feat. Newham Generals)
K2 World No Sleep
Durrty Goodz Baga
Hard House Banton Sirens
Mosca Bax (Spooky Refix)
Joker Mad Night
Royal-T I Know You Want Me
Donae’o Family (feat. Donae’o)
J Beatz Stinjan
Ragga Twins 1234 (feat. Ragga Twins)
Kaos B****craft
Dexplicit Militia (Hench 3)
AJ Tracey Blacked Out
Realz Come Thru (feat. Vader & Realz)
Shorty Go Thru Face (feat. Jme & Shorty)
Melé Aaliyah
Spooky Bashment Woooo
P Jam Cobra
Rae Sremmurd Safe Sex Pay Checks
Big Zuu Remember Remember
Boylan Mostly Come Out At Night
Dismantle Any Key
Sunday 16th April 2017
DJ Target
Ussy Guest Mix
12 / 61 Tracks
Target drops a guest mix from Ussy, plus the Dirty Stop-Out Hour!

Kendrick Lamar HUMBLE.
Drake Blem
Abra Cadabra Dun Talkin (feat. Abra Cadabra)
Yxng Bane Juice & Power
Boya Dee Bang Your Head (feat. Boya Dee)
Shy FX We Just Don't Care
MIST Hot Property
Teeza Bounce VIP
S.P.Y Love Unlimited
Wilkinson Wash Away
Skepta Man
Stormzy Cold
JayKae No
Čad Seen In You (feat. Čad)
Ossey James Swagon (feat. Ossey James)
Boy Matthews Questions (feat. Boy Matthews)
G‐Eazy Say Less (feat. G‐Eazy)
TC4 Bruk Out
JG Holy Moly
Paul Rey California Dreaming (Swifta Beater & CASisDEAD Remix) (feat. Snoop Dogg & Paul Rey)
Ghetts Banger After Banger (feat. Ghetts)
Jorja Smith Get It Together (feat. Black Coffee & Jorja Smith)
Riddla Nintendo Switch
Bru C Definitely
Ghetts Pon Di Riddim 2.0 (feat. Jme & Ghetts)
Teresa Put Up Or Shut Up (feat. Teresa)
Kelis Do It Like Me (Icy Feet) (feat. Sage the Gemini & Kelis)
Robin S Show Me Love (Fibre Optiks Show Love Remix)
C4 Touch Road (feat. C4)
GotSome The Pharaoh
Tinashe Text from Your Ex (Billion Remix) (feat. Tinashe)
Roll Deep Morgue (feat. Roll Deep)
Champion Jet Wash
Highness Counting on You
Tough Love Like A Drug
Lily McKenzie Lost Souls (feat. Lily McKenzie)
Abra Cadabra On A Roll (Notion Remix) (feat. Abra Cadabra)
Dimension Beg & Borrow
Hyde Like Dem Man (feat. Hyde)
Ussy Karla's Back (Ussy Remix)
Lotto Boyzz No Don
Andy C What Bass
Donae’o Chillin' (feat. Donae’o)
ID Burnin' Up
Virgo Always VIP
Mele The Latin Track
Baseman How I Like It (Remix) (feat. Jme, Wiley, Chip, Lethal Bizzle & Baseman)
Skepta Energy (Sir Spyro Remix) (feat. Skepta)
J Hus Did You See
Miss Kai Ryder What's It Gonna Be (Dark Dub Mix) (feat. Miss Kai Ryder)
Bassboy Blush
Elf Kid Reload That Apple Remix (Target Special)
Jack junior Streets Of Rage
Miss Kai Ryder Down 4 U (feat. Miss Kai Ryder)
Big Narstie BD Gang (feat. Big Narstie)
Eugy With You (feat. Maleek Berry, Stonebwoy & Eugy)
Jamakabi Slew (feat. P Money & Jamakabi)
[sic] So Special
Big Tobz Love That Feeling
T Q D Bass Fest
Fatman Scoop Bass Dunk (Tiger Monkey Remix) (feat. Lady Leshurr & Fatman Scoop)
Sunday 26th March 2017
Seani B
Seani B sits in for Target
32 / 98 Tracks
Seani B sits in for Target with a guest mix from bassline producer Bassboy.

Drake Blem
AJ Tracey Luke Cage
Mr. Eazi In The Morning
Chris Brown Bruk Off Yuh Back
Popcaan New Level
Shenseea You Lie
Jahmiel Love Ones
Konshens Dat U Luv
Masicka Hold Mi Tight
Charly Black Nah Let U Go
Shenseea Dynamite
Cham Money Wine
Holy Goof Eyes On You
Tion Wayne Minor
Demarco Backaz
Jaded In The Morning (GotSome & Jaded Remix)
Aidonia Trigger Work It (Fire Works)
Aidonia Banga
Chi Ching Ching Black Peppa
Beenie Man Up Deh
Mr. Easy Gone a Lead
Chi Ching Ching Wicked
Stefflon Don 16 Shots
Elephant Man Nah Go Dweet
Bugzy Malone Aggy Wid It
Rage No Chill
Courage Songbirds
Alkaline Son of a Queen
Stormzy Cold
TS7 Hulk
Firefox Overproof
Lil Wayne No Frauds
Giftty Na Fire
Pz Da Architect Move (feat. Pz Da Architect)
Jahmiel Strongest Soldier
Skepta Energy (WiDE AWAKE Remix) (feat. Stormzy & Skepta)
Giggs KMT (feat. Giggs)
Aleisha Lee Who's That Girl? (feat. Aleisha Lee)
JayKae No
Busy Signal Wuk It Wuk It
Star One WW3
Mavado Belt Buckle
TQD A Letter To EZ
Haile Do It Right (feat. Haile)
RDX Level Up
Jme Kane (feat. Jme)
C4 Touch Road (feat. C4)
Migos T-Shirt
Trilla Bassboy X Trilla Flow
Alkaline Extra lesson
Riko Landslide
Kanye West Glow (feat. Kanye West)
Cadet Airplane Mode
Donae’o Black (Social Circles Remix)
Iris Gold 4am (feat. Iris Gold)
BassBoy Blush
Sacha Nightmare
Kojo Funds Warning
Ce'Cile Original Bad Gal
Stormzy Energy (feat. Skepta & Stormzy)
Vershon Barbie Doll
J Hus Lean & Bop (Notion Remix)
BassBoy Badboy
Sacha Play From Day (feat. Sacha)
Kojo Funds Bad Man (Remix) (feat. Sneakbo & Kojo Funds)
Stylo G Yuh Zimee
Dread MC Gwarn Wid It (feat. Dread MC)
Virgo Hypnotic (Skepsis Remix)
Musical Mob Pulse (Est1987 Remix)
J Hus Did You See
Shakka Know My Ting (feat. Shakka)
Kojo Funds Finders Keepers (feat. Kojo Funds)
Charly Black Hoist & Wine
SWV Get With You
Wande Coal My Woman My Everything Remix (feat. Busy Signal, Machel Montano & Wande Coal)
Notion Sweet Talk (VIP)
Jack junior My Addiction (Bass Mix)
Benny Page Pon Da Body
Shaun Dean Bass For Your Boots
T2 It's Over Now
Wilkinson We Will Be (Rude Kid Remix)
Ossey James Swagon (feat. Ossey James)
Big Zeeks Yo (feat. Big Zeeks)
Konshens Do Di Work
Think Tonk Set Man
Flowdan Round Here (Remix) (feat. Abra Cadabra, Frisco, Ghetts & Flowdan)
Wittyboy Deep Inside
jafrass Jump
Blaq Max Dem Wanz
Shenseea Reverse
Laura Aston Baby Cakes (feat. Laura Aston)
Chi Ching Ching Rock Di World
Tifa Big Bumper
Ghetts Banger After Banger (feat. Ghetts)
WSTRN Fine Wine (Remix) (feat. WSTRN)
Popcaan Frass Box
Bounty Killer Top Rank
Tinashe Just Say (KDA Junglism Dub) (feat. Tinashe)
Saturday 18th March 2017
Nick Bright
Sir Spyro In The Midday Mix
20 / 46 Tracks
Sir Spyro delivers a Midday Mix, plus the latest 1Xtra v Radio 1 Gaming Challenge!

Rae Sremmurd Look Alive
Majid Jordan Make It Work
AJ Tracey Luke Cage
C4 Touch Road
Jme Kane (feat. Jme & Jme)
Charlie Puth See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)
Unknown Unknown
Tiggs da Author Georgia
Wiley Eskimo
JAY Z Crazy in Love (feat. JAY Z)
Post Collide Hard Way
Chronixx Likes
Jorja Smith Imperfect Circle
Tinashe Text From Your Ex (feat. Tinashe)
DeJ Loaf Be Real (feat. DeJ Loaf)
Kehlani CRZY
Sampha (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano
Bruno Mars That's What I Like
Stormzy Cold
Cat Burns Fallen Out Of Love
Syd All About Me
Joker Mad Night
President T Tupac
RAYE You Don't Know Me (feat. RAYE)
Ty Dolla $ign Fade (feat. Post Malone & Ty Dolla $ign)
DJ Target Earth Warrior
Khalid Location
Rihanna Selfish (feat. Rihanna)
Flowdan Round Here (feat. Giggs & Flowdan)
Kojo Funds Warning
Aminé Caroline
Virgo Evil Cathedral
Ghetts Dun Know Already
Shakka Don't Bother Me
GoldLink Together (feat. AlunaGeorge & GoldLink)
Migos Slide (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)
Silentó Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)
J Hus Did You See
Milli Major Boss (feat. Bossman Birdie & Milli Major)
Skepta No Security
Capo Lee Tekkers
Mystry Suckaz (feat. Mystry)
CASisDEAD Do It Again (feat. CASisDEAD)
JAY Z Shining (feat. Beyoncé & JAY Z)
Patoranking Special Fi Mi
Sweetie Irie Crank It (Woah!) (feat. Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie)
Wednesday 22nd February 2017
Sian Anderson
Elf Kid and Raime
13 / 51 Tracks
Elf Kid is in Sian's Studio, plus Raime conclude the Different Circle's February takeover.

MIST Madness
Lethal Bizzle Round Here (Ussy Bassline Remix)
Skepta Text Me Back
Virgo Down
Elf Kid Life Like This
Plastician Venom
Armour War Talk
Wiley It's A Par
Jammz Know Yourself
Southside Allstars Southside
Stormzy Big For Your Boots
Elf Kid Golden Boy
Eyez Dangerous
Olivia Louise I'll Follow You
Black Ops Cry Me A River (Remix)
The Square Defeat Us
DaVinche Phaze
Blackjack Arcade
DJ Charmzy R-Ha Bonus
Jme Kane (feat. Jme)
President T Sandwich (Remix) (feat. Bossman Birdie & President T)
Blacks 10 Toes
Vision Crew Headtop (Remix) (feat. Vision Crew)
DJ Mondie Straight (DJ Vader Remix)
Joe James No Breathing
Reeks MB Get Man Down (feat. Youngs Teflon, 67 & Reeks MB)
Blanco Money On The Road
Wiley You Were Always
Donae’o Black (Preditah Remix)
Jon E Cash Kamikaze
Ruff Sqwad Together
Bossman Birdie Boss (feat. Bossman Birdie)
Dub Factory Ping Pong
Lethal Bizzle Round Here (Instrumental)
Capo Lee Tekkers (Instrumental)
Elf Kid Reload That
Capo Lee Tekkers
Majestic Boss (Instrumental)
Capo Lee Stop Talk (Instrumental)
Stormzy Keeping It Real (feat. Stormzy)
Capo Lee Stop Talk
MistaKay I Remember (Instrumental)
Alias Warriors
Stormzy Energy (feat. Skepta & Stormzy)
Crez Joker Riddim
J-Sweet Burst
Nu Brand Flexxx Gash By The Hour
The Endz Are You Really From The Ends (Bonus Refix)
Danny Weed Cloud 9
J-Sweet Road Angel
Saturday 28th January 2017
B.Traits B2B Fold, Krankbrother and Beard Man!
9 / 38 Tracks
B.Traits goes B2B with Fold, plus Krankbrother's Future 12 and Beard Man in Label Mates.

FJAAK Fast Food
Audion Brines
The Deep Dom Dom Jump
Virgo Ride
Aleckxis Jaina They Call Me
Mark Broom Silenced Part 2
Frank De Wulf Raise
Rude 66 Too Much From Brown
The Stickmen D Talks
Tin Tin Out Anybody's Guess (Mr. G's Dub)
Artefakt Return To Reason
Inland Knights The Game
Mark Broom Frontline (Robert Hood Re-Plant Remix)
Unknown Rave Signals
James Hadfield ft. Danny Linton Soak (Man Power Remix)
Patrik Carrera Manipulate (Maka
Unknown Sad Edit 01
Black Traxx Who's Bat
Jimmy Rogue Pembe
Phil Kieran Find Love (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
COEO Mydonna
Kim Ann Foxman E4 Energy
Redshape London
Doc Scott Absolute (Surgery Midnite Mix)
Krankbrother Disappear Here
Fantastic Man Trance Sexual
Man Machine Robot- to Okoku
SHDW & Obscure Shape Die Weibe Rose (Tale Of Us & Mind Against Version)
Marcel Dettman and Ben Klock Phantom Studies
Shokh Vernication Seven
Fold Luv Luv Luv
Marcus Marr Rocketship (Prosumer’s Retransmission)
Tecture How To Open Prime Time
Mark Broom Satelitte
Global Communication The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
Amberoom Rhit
Hannah Holland & Josh Caffe Fade To Me (Tuff City Kids Dub Remix)
Mark Broom Loop131
Thursday 19th January 2017
BBC Radio 1's Residency
Logan Sama
11 / 38 Tracks
Logan Sama on Radio 1's Residency with nothing but the rawest grime club sets.

President T T On The Wing
P Money Lyrics And Flows
Ghetts CPB
Ruff Sqwad Burial
Ghetts Top 3 Selected
Low Deep Straight Flush
President T Joe Bloggs (feat. Newham Generals & President T)
Wiley Back With A Banger
Wiley Laptop
Ghetts Bang (feat. Ghetts)
Various Artists Sinner
Virgo Deeper Down
Cadell No Link Ups
Killa P Topper Top (Logan Dub) (feat. Teddy Brukshot, Lady Chann & Killa P)
Vision Crew Feel Like
D Double E Monkey Bars, Pt. 1 (feat. D Double E)
Dcoy Barbarian
Merky Ace Reloads (feat. Tre Mission & Merky Ace)
Rapid Xtra
Dizzee Rascal Black (feat. Jme & Dizzee Rascal)
Mr. Slash Skinny Sort
Rocket Run Us Down (feat. Manga Saint Hillaire, Jessica Agombar & Rocket)
Newham Generals Unruly (feat. Newham Generals)
Nocturnal Back In A Big Way
Skepta F'in With The Team
P Jam Pepper Pot
Solo 45 Welcome To England (feat. Solo 45)
Ghetts Buss Da Ting (feat. Ghetts)
Tempa T Man Like T
Ghetts Sandwich (feat. Ghetts)
P Money Life Like This (feat. Elf Kid & P Money)
Unknown Eskimo Dub
Blay Skeen
Giggs Round Here (feat. Flowdan & Giggs)
PK Everyday (feat. PK)
Bowzer Boss No (feat. Bowzer Boss)
Jammz Nah Blud (feat. Capo Lee, Mic Ty & Jammz)
PK When I Do Grime (feat. PK)
Saturday 26th November 2016
Fur Coat, Bambounou and Ovum Recordings!
9 / 40 Tracks
Forward-thinking underground dance music.

Slam Viginti Quinque
Biosphere With Their Paddles In A Puddle
Loco Dice El Gallo Negro
Rodhad Patient Zero
Dinky Slowly
Shall Ocin Sonic Hall
Virgo Ride
KiNK E79
Mark Van Hoen Channel of Light
PALMA Valhada
Yaleesa Hall woodall 0217
Denis Horvat Mother
Laura Jones Nothing Lost
PopKulture DJ Dozia
Dense & Pika Going Down
Lil' Louis How's Your Evening So Far? (feat. Lil' Louis)
Rob Cockerton Patterns
FJAAK Pray For Berlin
Maceo Plex Motor Rotor
Roland Clark Dance Floor
Acid Mondays Dirty Triumphant
Fur Coat ID
Mark Henning Tilt
Alex Faustino Antilophia
Gnork Influxxxx
Shlomi Aber Connexion
Bambounou Przyad
Israel Toledo Guilty
Monoloc Muted
Justin Edgar Teryaki Donut
Mr. G Nothin' Cause We Are Strong
Stereociti Jellyfish
Bjarki Fresh Jive
Kei Kweyo The Outlaw Demo Dub
Nina Kraviz Pochuvstvui
Cleric Concrete
Keith Carnal Indemnify
Noa Moon Everything's Coming Up Millhouse
Wink Work It Print
Cosmin TRG In Your Body
Tuesday 8th November 2016
12 / 60 Tracks
MistaJam's ultimate guide to new music, including 60 Minutes of Spooky from 9.

R.LUM.R Frustrated
Mick Jenkins Communicate
Fuse ODG Jinja
Bonzai Cruel
Tinie Tempah Pass Out
Mystry Pulse 8
Trends Green Forest
Isaiah Dreads One Minute
Drake Wanna Know (Remix) (feat. Drake)
SOHN Conrad
Lèks Rivers No Rest For The Wicked
AJ Tracey Buster Cannon
Levelz Ram Jam
Alyss Motherland
Rebound X Rhythm & Gash (Murlo Bootleg Refix)
Darq E Freaker Roger Rabbit
Hi5 Ghost Area 11
Belly U Were Always Pt. 2 (feat. Skepta & Belly)
Rocks FOE 2003 Raver
Dee Green Waters Run Deep (feat. Shola Ama & Dee Green)
Iron Soul Banter
Moony 7 In 1 Mash-Up
Big Tobz Sweetest Ting
Rude Kid JME War Dub
Deeco If You Don't Know (Trends Refix)
Virgo Horror House
Moony I'm a UK G VIP (Spooky Special)
Rynsa Man Myth
Drake Used To This (feat. Drake)
Young T & Bugsey No Mickey Mouse Ting (Jam Clean)
Jammz Who's This
Bryson Tiller Let Me Explain
Scruloose Scrutiny (Polonis Refix)
JAY Z Pound Cake (Trends Remix) (feat. JAY Z)
Natsirk Disaronno
Bugzy Malone Mad
Section Boyz Madting Sadting (feat. Section Boyz)
Dread D Invasion (Jawside Final Chapter Bootleg)
Kahn & Neek Armed & Dangerous
Novelist Yakuta
Capo Lee Silo Pulse
Skream You Know, Right?
Edgem Untitled
Kahn & Neek Percy (Spyro Remix)
Poté Serve
Celeste Day Dreaming
Flava D Tetris VIP
Kid D Gold Chain
Potente Ricky (Spooky Remix)
Cotti Trap Vador
Sorrow Headtop Smash
Professor Green One Eye On The Door (Zdot Dub Remix)
Creep Noom Disconnect V.I.P (Spooky Special)
Teddy Music Last Phone Call (Soloman's PAYG Refix)
Future Do You Mind (feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Rick Ross & Future)
Leon Petrelli Superstar
ALMA Dye My Hair (Jam Clean)
D.O.K. Arts
The Fedz Best I Ever Had
Gucci Mane Black Beatles (feat. Gucci Mane)
Wednesday 15th April 2015
Annie Nightingale
Mike Skinner and Ella Eyre
62 / 80 Tracks
Annie is joined by Ella Eyre, plus Mike Skinner and Murkage have the Quest Mix.

Drake 10 Bands
Bunji Garlin Jungle Bae (feat. Bunji Garlin) (feat. Bunji Garlin)
PARTYNEXTDOOR Wus Good / Curious
Ella Eyre Waiting All Night (feat. Ella Eyre)
Rae Sremmurd Safe Sex and Pay Checks
The Streets Blinded By The Lights
The Streets Fit But You Know It
Naughty Boy Think About It
Rome I Belong To You (Every Time I See Your Face) ‎
Lido Money
Tank Next Breath
Jodeci Freek'n You
LSG My Body
Young Steff Slow Jukin'
Tamia So Into You
Alpharock Crossover
The Streets Don't Mug Yourself
My Nu Leng, Taiki & Nulight Levels
Secaina Hudson I Ain't With You
Ella Eyre Gravity (DJ Marky Remix) (feat. Ella Eyre)
Antiserum & Mayhem Let's Go
Damage Ghetto Romance
Tha Trickaz Supa Hot Fire
Mimo LaFunk Thru Da Night (feat. Mimo LaFunk) (feat. Mimo LaFunk)
Vanilla Cup Lifted
Faze Miyake Take Off
Mumdance Shook (Instrumental)
Mumdance 1 Sec
Kaos Indigo
TCTS Thinking About You (Booka Shade Remix)
Jinx Classic
Toucan Get Up
Pluto Grange Road West
Spooky Baby (DJ Q remix)
Wency Freak Booty Bounce
Drake Blessings (feat. Kanye West & Drake)
Mella Dee GT Turbo VIP
Jhelisa Friendly Pressure (Sunship From Midnight Mix)
Spooky Playground
Trey Songz Smart Phones
Murkage Can I Live (Mike Skinner Remix)
Woz Trust Meh
Solo 45 Feed Em To The Lions
Pilo OTTN1
Ella Eyre If I Go
MoonDoctoR Tekknowlogic
Big Sean Paradise
Ella Eyre Together
Zac Samuel I'll Be Pushin' On
Jonas Rathsman Wolfsbane
QT Hey QT (Diplo Remix)
Stormzy Know Me From
Fetty Wap Trap Queen
Kaos Follow Me
Rihanna Better Have My Money
Geoff K Dysturbed Trumpet
Royal T I Know You Want Me
My Nu Leng You've Been Gone (Chris Lorenzo Remix)
HAIM Pray To God (feat. HAIM)
99 Souls The Girl Is Mine
Ella Eyre Comeback
Skapes I Ain't Gonna
The Ragga Twins 1234 (feat. The Ragga Twins)
Moony Poundcake
Body Language Really Love (MACHINEDRUM Remix)
Mosca Bax (Spooky Refix)
Bruno Mars Uptown Funk (Trinidad James Remix) (feat. Bruno Mars)
The Streets Has It Come To This (Kry Wolf Remix)
Sway Harvey Nicks (feat. Sway)
Tink Rachet Commandments
Gatlin Showski Wowski
Kaos One B****craft
Sweetie Irie Party With You (feat. Sweetie Irie)
Giggs Nutcrackerz (feat. Giggs)
Lil Boosie Crazy (Brillz & Snails Bootleg)
Virgo Shottas Dub
Holly Lois Tell You (DJ Q Remix) (feat. Holly Lois)
Melé Aaliyah
Akito Metamessage
Snoop Dogg Institutionalized (feat. Bilal, Anna Wise & Snoop Dogg)
Wednesday 29th October 2014
29 / 65 Tracks
The ultimate guide to new music, including Sixty Minutes of DJ Cable.

Dr Kucho & Gregor Salto Can't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens remix)
Tempa T Next Hype
Andy C Body Rock
Spooky Spartan
Rude Kid Electric
Chronik Man In The Boot
Ruff Sqwad Xtra
Ruff Sqwad Down
Lil Nasty Nasty By Nature
Ruff Sqwad RSMD
Rude Kid Jack Daniels
Rude Kid Always Ready
Julio Bashmore Rhythm of Auld
Kid D Jasmin
Baauer One Touch (feat. AlunaGeorge)
The Square Pengaleng
P. Money Originators
Baauer One Touch (feat. Rae Sremmurd & AlunaGeorge)
Drake 6 God
Tiga Bugatti (feat. Pusha T)
Break Strictly Entertainment
S-X For Myself (feat. Jessica Sutta)
Rabit Black Dragons (feat. Riko)
Darkness Eski Thug
Merky Ace Playtime
AlunaGeorge Supernatural
Dems Lioness
Starkey They Don't Know Me
Huxley Give 2 U
Nia Ekanem Old School Days
Andy C & Fiora Heartbeat Loud (VIP)
Rude Kid Screwdriver
DJ Cameo Just Cool Nah
Novelist 10/10
Andy Clark Workout
Donae'o What Is Love
The Chemical Brothers This Is Not A Game (feat. Miguel)
Novelist Such A Guy
Kid D Summer Days
P‐Money What Did He Say
Espa Apartment 2F
Trev Eyez Soulja Boy
Lolingo Italian Job
Protoje Stylin
Sharks Younger To Older
Etta Bond King To Be
M.I.K 100 K£ys
Virgo Boy Better Know
Clement Marfo Break A Sweat
Show N Prove My Different
Fekky Still Sittin' Here (All Star Remix) (feat. Meridian Dan, Skepta, JME, Chip, Kano, Tinchy Stryder & Jammer)
Masro Through Ball
VITAL Love For Grime (Remix) (feat. J1, Tenny Ten, Heckz, RTKAL, WestLee, Jinx & Movez)
Redlight Goldteeth
D Double E Lovely Jubbly (MistaJam Dubplate)
Sneakbo Right Here (feat. Krept & Konan)
Garfield Spence Winning
Meridian Dan So Much Cash (feat. Prez T & Wiley)
Gorgon City Go All Night (Wilkinson Remix) (feat. Jennifer Hudson)
Murky Ace Wack
Diztortion Bandolero (feat. Ms. Dynamite)
Stylo G Call Me A Leader (VIP Remix) (feat. Shaggy & Cham)
IV Rox Down For Me (feat. Ghetts)
Tuesday 24th June 2014
UKG with Cameo
Nottingham Grime Special
22 / 47 Tracks
Cameo has a Nottingham Grime special with a host of MCs and Davidian Radio Raving.

Juun When Its Alright
Redlight Cure Me
Hot Natured Benediction
FCL It's You
Oliver Heldens Gecko (Overdrive)
La La Land Lonely
Preditah Circles
Wiley Stormy Weather
TCTS Games
Wookie Higher (Jaded Remix)
Gino #Ok
Horrow Show
Teddy Music Bass
Virgo Hitter
Kiesza Giant in my Heart
Tough Love Dreams
Vic Mensa Down On My Luck
Fekky Still Sittin' Here
Lana Del Rey West Coast
M.O. Dance On My Own
Grades Freedom
My Nu Leng You've Been Gone
BeatGeeks Jus' Wait
Yogi Burial (Star One Remix)
NVOY Titan
Big Narstie Foolish Bass
Youan We Back
Kidda All Star
Tinashe 2On
Davidian What I Want (Original Mix) (feat. Tiffani Juno)
Dom Hz Everywhere (feat. Sparkz)
Kozzie When I'm Doing It
Prowla 2:45AM (feat. Tre Mission)
Ray Foxx Curious
Rebound X R'N'G
Wariko Why Does Everybody Wanna Be
Future Brown Wanna Party (feat. Think)
Little Simz Barz Simzson
Riddla Signature
Wilfried Giroux Stronger
Maxsta Wrong
Sango Tres Horas
SecondCity I Enter
Amel Larrieux For Real (IAMNOBODI Remix)
XXYYXX Set It Off (Sh-m's Bootleg)
J-Beats Wave Down
Nile Rodgers Do What You Wanna Do (MK Disco Dub)
Tuesday 1st April 2014
UKG with Cameo
UKG with Cameo - Martin Ikin Radio Raving & GimmeGrime with Maxsta
25 / 60 Tracks
#GimmeGrime with Maxsta and Martin Ikin goes Radio Raving.

Disclosure Voices
Hot Natured Reverse Skydiving
Alpines Oasis
Big Shizz My Different
Martin Ikin Loves Enemy
Maxsta G.R.I.M.E
Matt Shadetek Wonton Garden
Sir Spyro Dead
Conducta Let Go
Virgo Down For You
2 Face Implication
Nativ Dizzy
Arkon Fly Through The Fire
Route 94 Tell You Why
Jess Glynne Home
Maxsta Got Gassed
SecondCity I Wanna Feel
DJ Q Lassie
Kiesza Hideaway
Meridian Dan German Whip
Shox I Know
DJ Q Two Faced
Murlo Roman Baths
Duke Dumont I Got U
Woz Cold
Martin Ikin Raze U
Rizzla Battyjack (Club Mix)
Zed Bias Bawlout
Beyonc Drunk In Love
DJ Cameo Moonwalker
Zora Jones Moonster
Jammer N.A.S.T.Y
Big Narstie Brixton Glory
Samename Sakura
DJ Q Be Mine (Cameo Dub)
Brackles Skank
Kozzie Doing It Alone Remix
Moleskin The Docks
Cause & Affect Ridonkulous
Dubbel Dutch Dip So
Lady Leshurr Been A Long Time
Murlo Cold Strike VIP
Sudanim Lightmare
Dubbel Dutch Look Back VIP
Lady Leshurr Lil Bit Of Lesh
D Double E Winning
Lily McKenzie Life Support
Dark0 Black Rose
Wiley Snowball (Samename Remix)
Flava D Groggy
Major Notes 419 Riddim
No Lay What My City's Like
Deadbeat Wheel It Up
Wilfried Giroux Stronger
Foamo Rep Your Manor
Rabit Black Drgaon (feat. Riko Dan)
Deadboy Lifecode
Ghetts Grime's Alive
Monday 31st December 2012
29 / 44 Tracks
Goodbye 2012! MistaJam has a special mix to get you in the mood to party...

Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools (Drank)
Tyga Rack City
TNGHT Higher Ground
Flux Pavilion Daydreamer (feat. Example)
Julio Bashmore Au Seve
Baauer Harlem Shake
Nas The Don
Jessie Ware Running (Disclosure Remix)
Rita Ora R.I.P (feat. Tinie Tempah)
Labrinth Earthquake (Noisia Remix) (feat. Tinie Tempah)
Ben Pearce What I Might Do
Drake The Motto (feat. Lil Wayne)
Delta Heavy Get By
Shadow Child 23
Waka Flocka Flame Grove St Party
Redlight Source 16
Nicki Minaj Beez In The Trap (feat. 2 Chainz)
Wretch 32 Pop
Eats Everything Jagged Edge
Jammer Big Man (feat. Viper, JME, B Live, Scratchy, Lay Z, Sox & Flow Dan)
Labrinth Earthquake (feat. Tinie Tempah)
French Montana Pop That (feat. Rick Ross, Drake & Lil Wayne)
Voyeur Get Up
Sticky Pedal Riddim
Kanye West Mercy (feat. Big Sean & Pusha T)
B.Traits Fever (feat. Elisabeth Troy)
Breakage The Promise
Jessie Ware Night Light (Joe Goddard Remix)
Virgo Home Alone
Dismantle Computation VIP
Kanye West Clique (feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z)
Doorly Rush (feat. Soraya Vivian)
A$AP Rocky Problem (feat. Drake, Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz)
Rude Kid Get Busy (feat. Skepta)
Kanye West Mercy (RL Grime & Salva Remix) (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)
Adam F Circles (Eats Everything Rework)
Rudimental Not Giving In (Huxley Remix)
Arlissa Hard To Love Somebody (Zed Bias House and Gee Remix) (feat. Nas)
The Other Tribe Sing With Your Feet (Shadow Child Remix)
Jakwob Blinding VIP
Meek Mill I'm A Boss (feat. Rick Ross)
The Prodigy Smack My B Up (Major Lazer Remix)
Preditah Nosy Parker VIP (MistaJam Special)
Disclosure Latch (T Williams Remix)
Thursday 30th August 2012
In New DJs We Trust
The whole gang come together!
6 / 12 Tracks
Almost the whole In New DJs gang comes together for a special mix.

Swedish House Mafia Don't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)
Kanye West Power
A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray
S Club 7 Reach
Adam F Brand New Funk
Virgo Hits
Simon Patterson Here & Now (Club Mix) (feat. Sarah Howells)
rjan Nilsen Between The Rays (Original Mix)
Dj Marky, Stamina Mc & Xrs Lk (Carolina Carol Bela)
Kerri Chandler Atmosphere (Jerome's Runaway Dub Mix)
Oni Ayhun Oar004-A
Push Universal Nation (Eddies Update Ed-it)
Wednesday 29th August 2012
UKG M1X with DJ Q
18 / 69 Tracks
Three hours of UKG madness in the mix. May contain strong language.

Disclosure Control
Redlight Source 16
JME Murking
C4 Crazy Song
DJ Zinc 138 Trek
C4 Off Track
Preditah Red Bull
TS7 Be Strong (Feat. Christobelle)
TNT Transmission
Todd Edwards Love Inside
Teeza Bounce
Low Deep Straight Flush
Swifta Crazy (Feat. Miss Fire)
Disclosure Boiling (Medlar Remix)
Amame Intruder (Dyed Soundorom Dub Version)
Rebound X Rhythm & Gash
Dj Q Fear
Nastee Boi Kool Off (Feat. Face)
Classified Dubwise
Slick Don Chill Out A Bit
Nick Hannam Homeless
Cleo Sol Never The Right Time (DEVolution Remix)
Spooky Pulse 007
Duncan Powell Brake 2012
M.I.K Mor
TS7 Strobelight
Nick Hannam & Sweet Beat Cartel Thinking About You
Darq E Freaker 666 Sauna
El-B The Bumps
Medlar Onwards
TS7 Untitled
Oxide Flicky Flick
Swifta Swagga (Feat. Dapz OTM)
Fabian Retro Bass
Moony Make Me Feel
BONNIE PINK Sweet (Todd Edwards Remix)
Tulisa Live It Up (TS7 Remix)
Swifta Beater Fire
Faze Miyake Gunpowder
Moony The Worm
Burgaboy You?re Gonna Love Me
Virgo Dojo
Dismantle More Funk
Flava D Plate
Moony Too Jazzy
Burgaboy & Donaeo Where?s The Mansdem At
Wiley Roaming
Redlight Bass Cone
Dj Q Armagideon
The Mike Delinquent Project Step In The Dance (Feat. Lady Leshur)
J Bigga Mind, Body & Soul
Moony Vital Organ
Yasmin Finish Line (Mike Deliqnuent Project Remix)
The Wideboys Addicted To The Bass (DJ Q Remix)
Mosca What You Came For (Feat. Katie B)
Royal Music Please (Feat. Merky Ace)
DJ Q Party Time (Feat. MC Bonez & Robbie Rue)
KCat Broken (Live In The 1Xtra Studio)
Movez Old School (Spooky?s Gone Back To 2001 Remix)
Cahill Take It Back (Feat. TY) (Ill Blu Remix)
SBTRKT Living Like I Do (Lil Silva Remix)
DJ Q & MC Bonez Back It Up
L Phonix & Yllavation The Way You Make Me Feel
Nastee Boi Beretta
Cheryl Cole Under The Sun (Agent X Remix)
Selina vs X-Men Give It Up (Chunky Remix)
DJ Q & MC Bonez U Wot?
Trc OoAaEe (D.O.K. Remix)
Lenny Fontana Spirit Of The Sun (Mike Delinquent Project Remix) (DJ Q Special)
Wednesday 25th July 2012
UKG M1X with DJ Q
12 / 78 Tracks
UKG star Oris Jay, aka Darqwan, is on guest mix duties. May contain strong language.

Jessie Ware Running (Disclosure Remix)
Disclosure Control
MJ Cole & Wiley From The Drop
Disclosure Control (Joe Goddard Remix)
JME Murking
2 Bad Mice Bombscare
Preditah Red Bull
Taiki & Nulight Coming Up
Todd Edwards Love Inside
Preditah Airwaves
RackNruin Slow Down
Champion Cannon
Amit Stay With Me
Sticky Keyz Riddim
Metz OMG (Sunship Remix Dub)
Cheryl Cole Under The Sun (Agent X Remix)
Wookie 2 Us (Exemen Mix)
Dismantle Witch
KCat Broken (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
AMIT White Trash (Darqwan VIP)
Swifta Beater Swagga (Feat. Dapz OTM)
Mista Men Rush On Me
Classified Call Me Maybe
R1 Ryders Speed Bumps
DJ Q Party Time (Feat. MC Bonez & Robbie Rue)
Kutz Canonical
Andy Jay & S-Tee Spiralling (L Phonix & Yllavation)
Cover Drive Explode (Feat. Dappy) (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Emalkay Weapons Of Mass
L.V. Get A Grip (Feat. Mumdance)
Baby Blue Target (TS7 Remix)
Tanya Lacey Greatness (Preditah Remix feat. Kozzie)
Moony The Worm
Dark Tantrum Circles
Roll Deep Palava (Feat. Opium)
Faze Miyake Gunpowder
Laura Lou Hangin? On
Benga & Walsh Addicts
Terror Danjah Dark Crawler (Feat. Riko Dan)
Moony Too Jazzy
Darq E Freaker Blueberry
Royal Music Please (Feat. Merky Ace)
Faze Miyake Reptile
Linkoban Like This (Tom Shorterz Remix)
Billy Kenny & Chris G Diamond Rings
Moony Vital Organ
Darq E Freaker Sonar 666
Fazer Killer (Agent X Gassed Mix)
Rude Kid Get Busy (Feat. Skepta) (Funkystepz Remix)
Lobster Boy Mosquito
Booda No More Calls
Toddla T Alive (Feat. Shola Ama) (Sticky Remix)
Nastee Boi You Don?t Know
Darqwan Metro VIP
Funkystepz Star9
Rude Kid Outer Space
Lorenzo Primeval
Burgaboy Brian Storm (Remix)
TS7 This (Feat. Russo)
Nick Hannam Homeless
Delinquent Step In The Dance (Feat. Lady Leshurr)
Gary D. Cast A Spell
Rudimental Deep In The Valley (Feat. Shanti) (Woz Remix)
M.I.K Dojo
Cause for Effect Love For Me
Virgo Beautiful Nightmare (Feat. TS7)
Oris Jay Boosi
Herv How Can I Live Without You (Detboi Remix)
SCUM Fam Phase Two
Mala Mountain Dread March
Walter Ego Set Off (Feat. Trim)
Oxide Bumpy Vibe
Afrojack & Shermanology Can?t Stop Me (TS7 Mix)
Spooky Drop The Bomb
Medlar Onwards
Checan Don?t Know What To Do
Whojax London City (Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Dismantle More Funk