Playlists with tracks by The Inward Circles

Tuesday 1st May 2018
Late Junction
Verity Sharp with Stephen Prince
11 / 17 Tracks
Verity is joined by wyrd folk and hauntology enthusiast Stephen Prince.

Cat’s Eyes The Duke Of Burgundy
Jyotsna Srikanth Varnam
Trader Horne Morning Way
Javiera González The Beat Is On
The Inward Circles The Soul Subsisting
Kristin Hayter Can Carry No Weight (feat. Kristin Hayter)
Malphino Kemu Kemu
Neil McSweeney Land of Cockaigne
Rattle All Over The Place
Robin Williamson Bacchus
Albaitil Ashwai Al Sama'a
Sarah Davachi For Voice
Sugai Ken Gendaihooooougaku
George Antheil Mechanisms 3
The Advisory Circle And The Cuckoo Comes
Hatis Noit Anagram C.I.Y
The Hare and the Moon May Day
Wednesday 19th April 2017
Late Junction
Verity Sharp
6 / 21 Tracks
Verity Sharp with music from Trio Chemirani, Vargdod and Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tuur

Deena Abdelwahed Ena Essbab
Loren MazzaCane Connors Lullaby (The 2nd)
Ikue Mori While Sleeping
Daphne's Flight Lay Fallow
Dipper Malkin Wine & Women
Robin Williamson Strings In The Earth And Air
Erkki-Sven Tüür Igavik (Eternity)
Cakewalk Shrooms
Ives Ensemble Holt Quartet
Teddy Lasry Krazy Kat
Justin Walter 1001
Stephan Meidell Baroque I
Joni Void Empathy (Ayuko's Song)
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou Homesickness
The Inward Circles Lye not in fear
Tony Allen Yere Faga (Natureboy Flako Remix) (feat. Tony Allen)
Hauschka We Live a Thousand Years
Mal Pelo Caballo
Trio Chemirani Ärézoust
Vargdöd Bitten
Julianna Barwick St. Apolonia
Sunday 15th March 2015
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
17 / 22 Tracks
Stuart talks to composer Richard Skelton and Saisonscape finalist Laura Cannell.

Miles Davis Directions
Miles Davis Bitches Brew
Lewis Like To See You Again
Miles Davis It's About That Time
Björk Frosti
Andreas Dorau Bienen Am Fenster
Tiyiselani Vomaseve Naxaniseka
Klara Lewis Shine
Laura Cannell Be Not Afeard
Horslips Dearg Doom
Schneider Kacirek Spiegelmotiv
West Norwood Cassette Library Get Lifted (Karenn Remix)
Agitation Free Haunted Island
Luigi Porto Distaste
Dutch Uncles Tidal Weight
Panda Bear Sequential Circuits
Randomer Residents
The Inward Circles To Your Fox - Skin Chorus
Björk Aurora
Colleen Lighthouse
Natural Causes Angelic
Gershon Kingsley Porgy & Bess Intro And Opening Scene I