Playlists with tracks by The Advisory Circle

Monday 23rd April 2018
Gideon Coe
Black Slate in concert
13 / 40 Tracks
Sessions from The Beta Band/Y Niwl/Pauline Murray/Echo & The Bunnymen.

David Bowie Word On A Wing
The Seeds Mr Farmer
Hüsker Dü These Important Years
The Attractions Clubland
Half Man Half Biscuit I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan
R.E.M. Sitting Still
Bridget St. John Fly High
The Advisory Circle The April Interval
Peter Perrett An Epic Story (6 Music Session, 23 Apr 2018)
Captain Suun Beach Burrito
Black Sedan Love On Love
Erland Cooper Kittiwaako
Alessandro Alessandroni Shot Undercover
Virginia Wing The Second Shift
Eleanor Friedberger Tomorrow Tomorrow (6 Music Session, 29 Aug 2013)
Cold, Cold Heart Arch
Modern Studies Get Back Down
Pauline Murray When Will We Learn (Radio 1 Session, 19 Mar 1980)
Y Niwl Undergun (6 Music Session, 6 Jul 2010)
Black Slate Freedom Time - Paris Theatre 1980
Eleanor Friedberger Stare At The Sun (6 Music Session, 29 Aug 2013)
Black Slate Romans - Paris Theatre 1980
Jackie Mittoo Division One
Those Unfortunates Hornsey Automatic FC
Say Sue Me Ours
Black Slate Boom Boom - Paris Theatre 1980
Lay Llamas Silver Sun
Pauline Murray Dream Sequence (Radio 1 Session, 19 Mar 1980)
Black Slate Reggae Music - Paris Theatre 1980
Birdie Bowling Green Saturday
Soccer96 Button Basher
King of the Slums Crow Syndrome
Higelen Et Areski L'Inutile/Signaletique
Y Niwl Deg (6 Music Session, 6 Jul 2010)
Goat Let It Burn
Selomon Shibeshi Endiet Zenegashiw
Cagework Simmer
Echo & The Bunnymen Watch Out Below (Radio 1 Session, 19 Sep 1993)
Alèmayèhu Eshèté Chiro Adare Negne
Echo & The Bunnymen Nocturnal Me (Radio 1 Session, 19 Sep 1993)
Tuesday 24th January 2017
Gideon Coe
Melanie Di Biasio in concert.
16 / 34 Tracks
Sessions c/o Luke Haines, The Decemberists, Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation.

Courtney Marie Andrews Rookie Dreaming
The Triumphs Burnt Biscuits
Blanck Mass Please
The Pop Group War Inc.
The Advisory Circle Nuclear Substation
Tav Falco's Panther Burns Funnel Of Love
Broadcast Before We Begin
Yo La Tengo Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
Jim O’Rourke Ghost Ship in a Storm
The Roches Hammond Song
Lee Hazlewood The Night Before
Wanda Jackson Hard Headed Woman
Red House Painters I Am A Rock
Kitchens of Distinction Drive That Fast
Blue Orchids Work
Chip Wickham La Leyenda Del Tiempo
Pale Fountains Lavinia's Dream (Radio 1 Session, 19 Aug 1982)
Peaness Same Place
Popol Vuh Dream Pt.4
Creation Rebel No More War (Radio 1 Session, 4 Jun 1978)
Rayna Gellert Workin's Too Hard
Creation Rebel Front Line (Radio 1 Session, 4 Jun 1978)
Real Estate Darling (Radio Edit)
USA Nails Oven Degreaser, Lisa
Deep Throat Choir Ada
Allo Darlin’ Wanderlust
Dreadzone Mountain (Radio Edit)
Red Letter Day Spark Of Love - BBC Session 13/04/1986
Angel Olsen Give It Up (6 Music Session, 17th Oct 2016)
Dwain Bell & The Turner Brothers I'm Gonna Ride
Red Letter Day Coming Home - BBC Session 13/04/1986
Angel Olsen Shut Up Kiss Me (6 Music Session, 17th Oct 2016)
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever French Press (Edit)
Rothko Rivers Become Oceans (Four Tet Remix)
Tuesday 8th December 2015
Gideon Coe
Echo & the Bunnymen In Concert
24 / 44 Tracks
Sessions from Clinic, Sleaford Mods, The Creepers, Status Quo, Emma Pollock.

John Lennon New York City
Tacocat Bridge To Hawaii
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Dirt
Samaris Nott
The Membranes The Universe Explodes Into A Billion Photons Of Pure White Light
The Advisory Circle Wheel Of The Year
New Order Leave Me Alone
The Left Banke She May Call You Up Tonight
The Stooges Dirt
Delroy Wilson Cool Operator
Clinic The Witch
Artery Into The Garden
Clinic Free Not Free
Hey Colossus March Of The Headaches
Warm Brains White Monitor Screens
Rolando Bruno Eclipse Boliviano
The Apartments Thank You For Making Me Beg
The Wilde Flowers Memories
Nots Reactor (Mikey Young Remix)
Milky Wimpshake You Don't Look Twice
Money I'll Be The Night
Chantal Acda Everything and Everyone
The Catenary Wires Intravenous
Floating Points For Marmish
Sleaford Mods No Ones Bothered (6Music Session, 2 Oct 2015)
Sleaford Mods Silly Me (6Music Session, 2 Oct 2015)
The Optic Nerve Penelope Tuesday
Echo & The Bunnymen Bedbugs And Ballyhoo - Liverpool Empire 1988
Status Quo Oh Baby (Radio 1 Session, 20 Nov 1972)
The Rezillos 20,000 Rezillos Under The Sea
Echo & The Bunnymen Lips Like Sugar - Liverpool Empire 1988
Mammoth Penguins Thinking Of You
Status Quo Paper Plane (Radio 1 Session, 20 Nov 1972)
Echo & The Bunnymen Rescue - Liverpool Empire 1988
Mark Starling Husbands
Echo & The Bunnymen Seven Seas - Liverpool Empire 1988
Echo & The Bunnymen The Cutter - Liverpool Empire 1988
Emma Pollock Dark Skies - 6Music Session 26/11/2012
Clinic Corpus Christie
Emma Pollock Don't Make Me Wait - 6Music Session 26/11/2012
The Creepers Another Song About Motorbikes (Radio 1 Session, 27 May 1986)
The Creepers Bank Of Horrors (Radio 1 Session, 27 May 1986)
Gravenhurst Hour Glass (6 Music Session 12 Sep 2007)
Death and Vanilla The Optic Nerve
Thursday 12th November 2015
Late Junction
Thursday - Anne Hilde Neset
10 / 17 Tracks
Anne Hilde Neset plays music including Ewan MacColl tributes and a hypnagogic classic.

Moreno + 2 Deusa Do Amor
Nico Janitor of Lunacy
Dimas III So Funny
Harmonia & Eno '76 Sometimes In Autumn
The Advisory Circle Sundial
Ewan MacColl I'm Champion At Keeping 'Em Rolling
Kim Sun The Man Who Must Leave
John Cage Six Melodies: Melody 3
Tortoise Gesceap
Микаэл Таривердиев Boys and the Sea - part two
Jozef van Wissem Our Hearts Condemn Us [extract]
Mette Henriette Martedatter Rølvåg All Ears
Pere Ubu The Modern Dance: Humour Me
Pete Wareham Fix My Life
Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou The Homeless Wanderer
Sarah Angliss Find Me (Alexandra Palace Mix)
Tobias Hume The Second Part (No.96 in Musicall Humors)
Sunday 1st November 2015
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
13 / 22 Tracks
Battles talk about their new album and coping with the departure of singer Tyondai Braxton

Battles Megatouch
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Demis Roussos My Friends You've Been Untrue To Me
Sun Ra Arkestra Love In Outer Space
Demis Roussos Good Days Have Gone
Geoff Goddard Sky Men
Nat Birchall A Luta Continua
Giant Claw Spirit Heal Me
Demis Roussos On The Greek Side
Electric Wizard Barbarian
Eric Chenaux Skullsplitter
Gurgles Eccleshill
Cheer-Accident Frozen
Samaris Nótt (Live At Iceland Airwaves)
Sarah Measures Will Bleed Amen (feat. Sarah Measures)
Shye Ben Tzur, Jonny Greenwood And The Rajasthan Express Allah Elohim
Henry Cow Beautiful As The Moon
Yamataka Eye Sun Dome (feat. Yamataka Eye)
Ian William Craig Habit Worn And Wandering
Jürg Frey Extended Circular Music 5
Lemmie Battles Dot Come
Lothar & The Hand People Machines
Sunday 18th October 2015
Now Playing @6Music
#BackToTheFuture6Music - help us create a playlist from the future
20 / 22 Tracks
Tom Robinson curates the listening choices of the 6 Music audience.

Radiohead Paranoid Android
The Knife Heartbeats
The Beatles Revolution 9
Busted Year 3000
Black Sabbath Iron Man
Robyn Monument
Thomas Dolby She Blinded Me With Science
Hawkwind Silver Machine
Flight of the Conchords Robots
Gary Numan Cars
The Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)
The Human League The Black Hit Of Space
Neon Neon I Told Her On Alderaan
Beastie Boys Shadrach
Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force Planet Rock
Landscape Einstein A Go-Go
DEVO The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
The Advisory Circle Escape Lane
Electric Light Orchestra 10538 Overture
Housemeister Paris
The Mighty Boosh Future Sailors
Von Südenfed The Rhinohead
Monday 14th September 2015
Gideon Coe
The Dandy Warhols in Concert
19 / 39 Tracks
Session tracks from Sisters of Mercy, Beirut, Babes in Toyland, Camera Obscura.

The Rolling Stones Happy
Led Zeppelin Ramble On
Dick Dale The Wedge
Rival Consoles Howl
Ash walker Six Eight
Department S I Want
The Damned Nasty
The Ronettes Walking In The Rain
The June Brides This Town
Wolfmoon My Kinda People
King Tubby Happy Dub
Numbers Are Futile The Great Chimera
Penetration Just Drifting
Marc and the Mambas Terrapin
Nat Johnson Condor
The Habibiyya Mandola
Girl Band Pears For Lunch
Alpha Seven Emley Moor
Goat It's Time for Fun
The Dandy Warhols Good Morning (Radio 1 Session, 11 Feb 1998)
Beirut My Night with the Prostitute from Marseille - 6 Music session 15/09/2011
The Dandy Warhols Lou Weed - Bristol Academy 2003
Bop English Struck Matches (BBC session 040615)
The Dandy Warhols You Come In Burned - Bristol Academy 2003
Rapido T Lusso We're Gonna Feed Your Voodoo Ass To The Lions
The Green Telescope Scream Thy Last Scream
Sweet Baboo Walking in the Rain (6 Music session 290715)
Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers Mud
The Advisory Circle Mind How You Go Now
Babes in Toyland Cauter Eyes (Radio 1 Session, 7 May 1995)
The Bodines William Shatner - BBC Session 30/10/1995
The Sisters of Mercy Burn - BBC Session 06/03/1983
Babes in Toyland Oh Yeah (Radio 1 Session, 7 May 1995)
The Clientele Bonfires On The Heath (6 Music Session, 8th Sep 2015)
The Sisters of Mercy Heartland - BBC Session 06/03/1983
Back Door Spoiler (Radio 1 Session, 5 Sep 1974)
MTO Mary = x
The Sisters of Mercy Valentine - BBC Session 06/03/1983
Beirut Goshen - 6Music Session 15/09/2011
Tuesday 8th September 2015
Gideon Coe
The Clientele live in session
19 / 36 Tracks
Gideon Coe has the Clientele live in session as part of 6 Music Live.

Joy Division Digital
Johnny Cash Big River
Ought Beautiful Blue Sky
Jackie Mittoo Drum Song
Eddie Holman I Surrender
Rival Consoles Howl
Thumper Jones Rock It
Elvis Costello & The Attractions Motel Matches
Relatively Clean Rivers Hello Sunshine
Mammoth Penguins Strength In My Legs
The Twilight Sad The Airport
Alice Clark You Hit Me Where It Hurt Me
Girlpool Crowded Stranger
The Advisory Circle Winter Hours
Giles, Giles & Fripp Make It Today
Benny Joy Spin The Bottle
Felt Textile Ranch
Rozi Plain Best Team
Luke Haines Test Card Forever
Lambchop Action Figure - Blue Room Session 13/03/2004
Lambchop Each Time I Bring It Up - Blue Room Session 13/03/2004
Link Wray Beans & Fatback/I'm So Proud
Little Norma Ten Commandments Of Woman
The Damned Fan Club - BBC Session 10/05/1977
Hurrah! Hip Hip - BBC Session 28/11/1982
The Damned Feel The Pain - BBC Session 10/05/1977
Hurrah! This Boy - BBC Session 28/11/1982
The Damned Stretcher Case - BBC Session 10/05/1977
J.Young & B.Hill It's Got Soul
Matt Valentine Before It's Gone
Menace Beach Radiate Me
The Wild Swans Revolutionarry Spirit
Charlie Feathers Bottle To The Baby - BBC Session 03/05/1977
Charlie Feathers Too Much Alike - BBC Session 03/05/1977
Kinski & Kawabata Soft Line
Reuben Bell & The Casanovas It's Not That Easy
Wednesday 22nd July 2015
Gideon Coe
The Label of Love is Ghost Box
16 / 41 Tracks
The Label of Love is Ghost Box, plus sessions from the Beatles, Blue States and others.

The Box Tops The Letter
The Beatles Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Television Venus
Pete Shelley Homosapien
Charles Mingus Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
Grandaddy Broken Household Appliance National Forest
Deerhoof Running Thoughts
Half Man Half Biscuit Running Order Squabble Fest
Kathryn Joseph The Bird
Pye Corner Audio & Belbury Poly Pathways
Mammoth Penguins Played
The Focus Group Kinky Korner Klub
Sonny Hall & The Echoes My Big Fat Baby
The Shapes I Saw Batman In The Launderette
The Soundcarriers Somewhere To Land
Holy Esque Strange
The Beatles Ticket To Ride - BBC Session 06/06/1965
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby Do You Remember That? (6 Music Session, 8 Sep 2010)
Seamus Fogarty Ducks & Drakes
The Blue Aeroplanes Coats (Radio 1 Session, 15 Feb 1987)
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby Walls (6 Music Session, 8 Sep 2010)
Simon Love Wowie Zowie
The Cats Never Sleep Soma
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers The Fenway
Steel Pulse Handsworth Revolution (Radio 1 Session, 31 Aug 1977)
The Fall Auto Chip 2014-2016
10 000 Rusos Stakhanovets
julie Bryne Prism Song
Steel Pulse Jah Pikney (Radio 1 Session, 31 Aug 1977)
Accü Pinpoint (feat. Accü)
Steel Pulse Prediction (Radio 1 Session, 31 Aug 1977)
The Insektlife Cycle Sungaze
Belbury Poly Now Then/Chapel Perilous
Blue States Season Song - 6Music Session 05/09/2002
Moodoïd Je Suis Montagne
Terry Durham Crystal Telephone
The Sid Presley Experience Cold Turkey - BBC Session 31/05/1984
Bruce Springsteen 4th Of July, Astbury Park (July)
North Atlantic Maritime Wrecks
The Advisory Circle Mind How You Go
The Sid Presley Experience Hup 2 3 4 - BBC Session 31/05/1984
Wednesday 17th June 2015
Gideon Coe
The Label of Love is Setanta
20 / 38 Tracks
The Label of Love is Setanta, plus Gideon Coe plays as many records as he can.

J Fernandez Between The Channels
Ramones California Sun
Traffic The Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys
Denim Middle Of The Road
Edwyn Collins If You Could Love Me
Frank And Walters Fashion Crisis Hits New York
Monotony Luxury Flats
Jackie Mittoo Totally Together
Brakes I can't Stand To Stand Beside You
Catchers Cotton Dress
The Black Tambourines Who You Talking To
Brian You Don't Want A Boyfriend
Damien Jurado Magic Number
Dead Kennedys Viva Las Vegas
Kathryn Williams Beating Heart
Masaki Hanakata Africa
Membranes Do The Supernova
Sarah Cracknell Miles Apart
The Advisory Circle Vibrations And Waves
Gossamer Okuma
Richie Havens A High Flying Bird - BBC Session 03/06/1969
Richie Havens Handsome Johnny - BBC Session 03/06/1969
Robyn Hitchcock Open The Door Richard (Radio 1 Session, 1 Nov 1991)
Robyn Hitchcock So You Think You're In Love (Radio 1 Session, 1 Nov 1991)
Flying Saucer Attack Instrumental 10
Michael Head & The Strands Queen Matilda
Shannon and the Clams Golden
Animal Collective Lion in a Coma - 6Music Session 11/01/2009
Stephen Hero Golden
Frank Black Handyman - BBC Session 14/05/1994
Teenage Fanclub What Do You Do To Me - BBC Session 31/08/1991
Frank Black Sister Isobel - BBC Session 14/05/1994
Re*Cords Green Sister
cane141 New Day Parade
Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) Monsters
Richard Hawley As The Dawn Breaks - Hub Session 22/09/2009
Richard Hawley Ashes On The Fire - Hub Session 22/09/2009
Clara Ward The Right Direction
Sunday 11th January 2015
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
Stewart Lee sits in
10 / 19 Tracks
Stewart Lee sits in for Stuart Maconie and plays some of his favourite left-field music.

Goat Talk To God
Lee Ranaldo and The Dust Revolution Blues
The Advisory Circle Now Ends The Beginning
Sugluk Fall Away
John Coltrane Offering
Henry Cow War
Fish Police Chicken Nuggets For Me
Shirley Collins The Cherry Tree Carol
Gary Le Strange All I Ever Do Is Sit In My Room
Guided by Voices Bad Love Is Easy To Do
The Fall Fibre Book Troll
Kosmischer Läufer Die Lange Grande
The Nightingales Unpretty
Vesuvio Pompeii
One More Grain Northern (DPQ & The Rough Ensemble, 2005)
Sleaford Mods Tiswaz
Steel Pulse Handsworth Revolution (Radio 1 Session, 31 Aug 1977)
Stuart Estell Just As The Tide Was A-Flowing
Ted Chippington Feel Like Buddy Holly
Monday 1st December 2014
Gideon Coe
Cornelius at the Royal Festival Hall
23 / 41 Tracks
Cornelius at the Royal Festival Hall plus Bauhaus, Colorama, Renegade Soundwave and others

Mazzy Star Flowers In December
Clark There's A Distance In You
Boards of Canada Come To Dust
The Who The Good's Gone
The Brian Jonestown Massacre Nightbird
Allo Darlin' Crickets In The Rain
The Pop Group Citizen Zombie
Gulp Game Love
The Byrds She Don't Care About Time
Teenage Fanclub December
The Stranglers Tank
The Blind Shake Old Lake
Young Marble Giants NITA
Pink Fairies Do It
The Phantom Band Spectrelegs
Booker T. & The MG’s Night Owl Walk
Rico & Tommy McCook Going West
Hans-Joachim Roedelius Glaubersalz
Peacock Affect The House
Swamp Dogg Prejudice Is Alive And Well
The Unthanks Mount The Air
Fold Detroit Red
The Advisory Circle Vibrations And Waves
Jessica Pratt Back, Baby
Colorama Dere Mewn (6 Music Session, 9 Sep 2009)
Colorama Found You Out (6 Music Session, 9 Sep 2009)
MC5 Tutti Frutti (Alt.Version)
Cornelius Count 5 or 6 - Royal Festival Hall 2003
Mike Watt & The Missing Men Up To My Neck In This
The Flaming Stars Cash (Radio 1 Session, 13 Jan 2002)
Cornelius Star Fruits Surf Rider - Royal Festival Hall 2003
The Flaming Stars Over And Done (Radio 1 Session, 13 Jan 2002)
Cornelius Stick Up - Royal Festvial Hall 2003
The Jesus and Mary Chain Coast To Coast (Radio 1 Session, 31 May 1988)
Decoration Natural Born Finisher
Pop Guns Home Late
The Jesus and Mary Chain Sidewalking (Radio 1 Session, 31 May 1988)
Euros Childs Folded and Inverted Riley Session 011214
The Jesus and Mary Chain Take It (Radio 1 Session, 31 May 1988)
Bogshed From The Stubble - BBC Session 18/10/1987
Bogshed Six To One And Likey - BBC Session 18/10/1987
Wednesday 19th November 2014
Gideon Coe
Dr Feelgood live in 1978
26 / 46 Tracks
Dr Feelgood live in 1978, plus Herman Dune, the Jimi Hendrix Experience and others.

Elvis Presley Little Sister
Jon Hopkins Immunity (with King Creosote)
Caitlin Rose Shanghai Cigarettes
Richard Hawley Lonely Night
Jimmy Ruffin Gonna Give Her All the Love I've Got
Dr. Feelgood Milk And Alcohol
Paul Smith & Peter Brewis Barcelona (At Eye Level)
Trashcan Sinatras Earlies
Dr. Feelgood I Thought I Had It Made
The Hobbes Fanclub Stay Gold
Bessie Smith Gimme A Pigfoot & a Bottle of Beer
The Impressions Check Out Your Mind
Big Youth S90 Skank
Trwbador Eira
Rozi Plain See My Boat (Plaisir De France Remix)
Little Mountain Sound Mirror
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine Born On The 5th November
Ned Roberts Blues #6
Roger Nichols Trio Montage Mirror
Remember Remember Pterodactyl
Damien Jurado Magic Number
The Unthanks Mount The Air
Liam Hayes One Way Out
Swans A Little God In My Hands
The Advisory Circle Vibrations And Waves
FaltyDL Ahead The Ship Sleeps
Herman Dune Don't Look Too Deep Into My Eyes (Radio 1 Session, 3 Sep 2000)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Spanish Castle Magic (Radio 1 Session, 15 Dec 1967)
Herman Dune Lazy Boys (Don't Stand A Chance) - BBC Session 03/09/2000
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Wait Until Tomorrow (Radio 1 Session, 15 Dec 1967)
Herman Dune Numbers #3 (Radio 1 Session, 3 Sep 2000)
Dr. Feelgood Bye Bye Baby
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet 16 Encores (Radio 1 Session, 23 May 1993)
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Jehrny (Radio 1 Session, 23 May 1993)
Antolin Lenes Tu Tabaco
TV on the Radio Bomb Yourself (Radio 1 Session, 8 Jun 2004)
Dr. Feelgood Shot Gun Blues
TV on the Radio Staring At The Sun (Radio 1 Session, 8 Jun 2004)
Martin Callingham Gliding
伊集加代子 Bazazz No.1
Euros Childs Parents Place
The Blind Shake Brickhouse Burro
Bill Nelson Rooms With Britle Views
Orlando Julius with The Heliocentrics Love Thy Neighbour
Bill Nelson Sleep Cycle
Freddie Phillips Chigley Theme
Wednesday 12th November 2014
Gideon Coe
Galliano at Glastonbury 1993
22 / 43 Tracks
Galliano at Glastonbury 1993, plus Eleanor Friedberger, Supergrass, No Means No and others

The Coathangers Follow Me
Jon Hopkins Immunity (with King Creosote)
Ormonde Beach
Dan Mangan + Blacksmith Vessel
I Was a King Frozen Disease
Felt Red Indians
Lee Ranaldo and The Dust You Just May Be The One
Dave Bartholomew Shrimp And Gumbo
Manassas Tan Sola Y Triste
The Advisory Circle Winter Hours
Betty Wright Come On Up
LaVern Baker Voodoo Voodoo
The Blue Aeroplanes Action Painting
Papernut Cambridge Winter Sunset's Gone
Michael Nesmith Some Of Shelly's Blues
The Dudley Corporation Painting Futures Red
The Fireworks On And On
Sharon Van Etten Tarifa
Fighting Kites Conquers
Yokan System A Dream You Never Wake Up From
Fold Detroit Red
The Drink Microsleep
Purling Hiss Sundance Saloon Boogie
Eleanor Friedberger Stare At The Sun (6 Music Session, 29 Aug 2013)
Julie Doiron Snow In November
The Four Brothers Nhaka Yemusiiranwa
Eleanor Friedberger Tomorrow Tomorrow (6 Music Session, 29 Aug 2013)
Skiff Skats Hickory Holler (Radio 1 Session, 16 May 1984)
The Ruts Jah Wars - Paris Theatre 1979
Skiff Skats Long Tall Texan (Radio 1 Session, 16 May 1984)
Trash Kit Leaves (6Music Session 121114)
Supergrass Lenny (Radio 1 Session, 23 Jul 1999)
Supergrass Mary (Radio 1 Session, 23 Jul 1999)
Ananda Shankar & His Music Streets Of Calcutta
Galliano Peace In All The Land - Glastonbury 1993
No Means No Body Bag (Radio 1 Session, 17 may 1988)
Galliano Prince Of Peace - Glastonbury 1993
No Means No Stop It (Radio 1 Session, 17 may 1988)
Capital Letters Wolf (Rootikal Deep Riddim Dub)
Galliano Twyford Downs - Glastonbury 1993
Jon Brooks Pond i
Plaid Bo Bootch - BBC Session 09/12/1997
Eleanor Friedberger I Don't Want To Bother You (6 Music Session, 29 Aug 2013)
Thursday 30th October 2014
Late Junction
Late Junction Sessions, The Bohman Brothers with Richard Thomas and Noel Akchote
4 / 15 Tracks
Anne Hilde Neset with a session featuring The Bohman Brothers and guitarist Noel Akchote.

Joni Mitchell The Jungle Line
Talk Talk Runeii
The Advisory Circle Winter Hours
Symmetry Life 1
Robert Wyatt Starting In The Middle Of The Day We Can Drink Our Politics Away
Ron Grainer Dr. Who (Original Theme)
Anthony Newley I Decoded You (Moogies Bloogies Part 2)
The Battered Ornaments Staggered
Daphne Oram Pompie Ballet (Excerpt)
The Bohman Brothers Late Junction Live Session - Part 1
Elizabeth Cotten Two Guitar Pieces
The Bohman Brothers Late Junction Live Session - Part 2
Jan Erik Michaelsen Sonate for piano (extract)
The Bohman Brothers Late Junction Live Session - Part 3
Lars-Petter Hagen Study #3 In Self-Imposed Tristesse
Friday 3rd October 2014
6 Mix
Ben Watt
13 / 20 Tracks
DJ and producer Ben Watt returns to 6 Mix to explore electronic music past and present.

Steve Reich Electric Counterpoint, Fast
Kraftwerk Neon Lights (Live)
HTRK Fascinator
Stereolab Wow And Flutter
Iron Curtis Care
Anchorsong Flamingos
The Advisory Circle Wildspot
Community Radio Real Transformation
Kenny Wheeler For Tracy
My Brightest Diamond Lover Killer
Jim-E Stack Reassuring
Laurence Vanay Lover's Prayer
Meadowlark Family Tree
Jon Brooks Pond i
Bat and Ball Stops My Mouth
Ben Watt Golden Ratio (Charles Webster Remix)
Matching Mole O Caroline
Ben Watt Nathaniel (Ewan Pearson Extended Edit)
MK Somebody New (12" MK's Club Mix)
Generation Next Idee Fixe
Thursday 30th May 2013
Gideon Coe
Tom Ravenscroft sits in
14 / 30 Tracks
Tom Ravenscroft sits in for Gideon and plays Belle and Sebastian at Bowlie Weekender 1999.

Mount Kimbie Fall Out
Spectrum True Love
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Colleen Push The Boat Onto The Sand
13th Floor Elevators Fire Engine
Cayucas A Summer Thing
China Crisis Hanna Hanna
Don Cherry Malkauns
A Little Orchestra The Permanent Way
Roscoe Gordon Just A Little Bit
King Stitt Fire Corner
Spectrum Revolution
Richard Chelobani Naswa
Boards of Canada Reach For The Dead
Fred Frith Narrow Road
Jon Brooks Please Drive Carefully
Lambchop Haven't Heard A Word I've Said - Blue Room Session 13/03/2004
China Crisis Reflections
Lambchop Love Official - Blue Room Session 13/03/2004
China Crisis Animals And Judges
Luke the Drifter I've Been Down This Road Before
Mighty Mighty Everybody Knows The Monkey
Belle and Sebastian Photo Jenny - Bowlie Weekender 1999
Fairport Convention Autopsy - BBC Session 18/03/1969
Belle and Sebastian Paper Boat - Bowlie Weekender 1999
Fairport Convention Cajun Woman - BBC Session 18/03/1969
Belle and Sebastian Boy With The Arab Strap - Bowlie Weekender 1999
Fred Frith Please Give It Back
Sex Clark Five Red Shift
Belle and Sebastian Lazy Line Painter - Bowlie Weekender 1999
Wednesday 14th November 2012
Gideon Coe
11 / 37 Tracks
Gideon plays archive sessions and live tracks.

The Smashing Pumpkins Rhinoceros
Cousteau The Last Good Day Of The Year
Andrew Bird Three White Horses
The Advisory Circle Wheel Of The Year
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Stockholm
Darren Hayman Desire Lines
Flux of Pink Indians Sick Butchers
Tudor Lodge Willow Tree
James Booker Gonzo
Chris Kenner Shoo Rah
Mark Eitzel We All Have To Find Our Own Way Out
Ivor Cutler Turn To The Right - BBC Session 08/03/1995
The Housemartins Joy JoyJoy - BBC Session 21/07/1985
The Housemartins Stand At Ease - BBC Session 21/07/1985
The Mike Sammes Singers Vespa
Dawn of the Replicants Diggin' Bear - BBC Session 12/08/1997
Nick Nicely Rosemary's Eyes
This Heat Horizontal Hold - BBC Session 26/10/1977
Dawn of the Replicants Leaving So Soon - BBC Session 12/08/1997
Portishead Scorn
This Heat Rimp Romp Ramp - BBC Session 26/10/1977
Allah-Las Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)
Euros Childs Be Be High
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Colour Blind - BBC Session 19/05/1992
Us and Them Weston-Super-Mare
Brian Eno Lux (Excerpt)
Ivor Cutler Glasgow Dreamer Episode 12 - BBC Session 08/03/1995
The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy Financial Leprosy - BBC Session 19/05/1992
Vic Godard Stop That Girl
Buck 65 Roses And Blue Jays - Truck Festival 2006
Ivor Cutler Jack Fish - BBC Session 08/03/1995
The Housemartins Drop Down Dead - BBC Session 21/07/1985
Young Marble Giants Brand New Day - BBC Session 18/08/1980
Buck 65 Rough House Blues - Truck Festival 2006
Ivor Cutler One Peck Equals Two Gallons - BBC Session 08/03/1995
The Housemartins Flag Day - BBC Session 21/07/1985
Buck 65 Wicked And Weird - Truck Festival 2006
Wednesday 31st October 2012
Gideon Coe
18 / 34 Tracks
Andy Partridge and Peter Blegvad discuss their new LP collaboration and play cards live!

Fleetwood Mac The Green Manalishi
Kristin Hersh Your Ghost
Neutral Milk Hotel Ghost
Eels Flyswatter
The Cramps I Was A Teenage Werewolf
The Sonics The Witch
The Rattles The Witch
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Scientist The Mummy's Shroud
Black Widow Come To the Sabbat
Lord Kitchener Love In The Cemetery
The Fall Frightened
The Men They Couldn't Hang Ghosts Of Cable Street
Slapp Happy The Drum
Goblin Suspiria
The Crystalites The Undertaker
Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds The Monster
The Bonzo Dog Band Slush
Dr. Dog What a Strange Day - 6Music Session 26/05/2010
Sia Blow It Away - Summer Sundae Festival 2004
Sia Don't Bring Me Down - Summer Sundae Festival 2004
Gary "Spider" Webb The Cave (Part 1)
Tom Waits Heigh Ho The Dwarfs Marching Song
Gary "Spider" Webb The Cave Pt.2
World of Twist Fire - BBC Session 22/09/1990
Andy Partridge Everything'll Be Allright
The Bodines Scar Tissue - BBC Session 30/10/1995
World of Twist I'm A Teardrop - BBC Session 22/09/1990
Artery Afterwards - BBC Session 20/07/81
Half Man Half Biscuit D'ye Ken Ted Moult - BBC Session 10/11/1985
The Bodines William Shatner - BBC Session 30/10/1995
Artery Into The Garden - BBC Session 20/07/81
Half Man Half Biscuit The Trumpton Riots - BBC Session 10/11/1985
Dr. Dog Station - 6Music Session 26/05/2010
Sunday 30th September 2012
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
11 / 16 Tracks
Strange, surprising Sunday evenings, the perfect journey to the Freakier Zone.

Bill Fay Jesus etc.
Cocteau Twins Violaine
Soft Machine Why Are We Sleeping
Focus Father Bachus
Silver Apples The Owl
Nurse with Wound Two Mock Projections
John Barry Sail The Summer Winds
Solution Koan
Growing Concern Edge Of Time
Gareth Dickson The Dance
The Stoner Rise And Shine
Nurse with Wound Black Capsules Of Embroidered Cellophane
Nurse with Wound Stain, Crack, Break
Nurse with Wound The Six Buttons Of Sex Appeal
Akron Memory Hole
The Advisory Circle Erosion Of Time
Monday 27th August 2012
Gideon Coe
Jon Hillcock sits in
7 / 28 Tracks
Jon Hillcock sits in for Gideon Coe and plays live tracks and sessions from the archives.

Thee Oh Sees hang a picture
Sun Ra Where Pathways Meet
Butthole Surfers Fast
Scritti Politti Confidence
The Feminine Complex Hide And Seek
The Upsetters Confusion (version)
Alison Statton and Spike A Greater Notion
Deerhoof Buck And Judy - BBC Session 01/12/2008
One Thousand Violins Through It Poured The Next Day I Noticed The Rain - BBC Session 15/09/1985
Deerhoof Fresh Born - BBC Session 01/12/2008
Der Plan Paussen Sassa
Beirut Goshen - 6Music Session 15/09/2011
Dreamscape Greater Than God
The Advisory Circle Hocusing For Beginners
Beirut Santa Fe - 6Music Session 15/09/2011
Empty Pools Absentees
The Blue Rondos Little Baby
Blues Control Gypsum
James Mercer Simple Song - 6 Music Live 27/082012
Matthew White One Of those Days
Cold Pumas Sherry Island
Nine Below Zero Little Bit Of Your Love - Paris Theatre 1979
Colleen Everything Lay Still - 6Music Session 17/03/2008
Nine Below Zero Rocket 88 - Paris Theatre 1979
Colleen Untitled Track 2 - 6Music Session 17/03/2008
Nine Below Zero Round And Round - Paris Theatre 1979
Death and Vanilla Cul De Sac
One Thousand Violins The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - BBC Session 15/09/1985
Tuesday 10th July 2012
Gideon Coe
16 / 33 Tracks
Gideon plays Psychedelic Furs in concert, plus Weather Prophets, Ted Chippington and more.

Neil Young See The Sky About To Rain
The Smiths Rusholme Ruffians
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Dinosaur Jr. Repulsion
Seams Hung Markets
Sahara All Stars of Jos Take Your Soul
James Yorkston Border Song
Opossom Blue Meanies
The Everly Brothers The Ferris Wheel
Je Suis Animal The Mystery Of Marie Roget
The Hypnotic Eye Searching
The Damned You Know
Payom Moogda Tamai Dern Sae (Why Do You Walk Like A Drunkard)
14 Iced Bears Cut
14 Iced Bears Train Song
The Weather Prophets Hollow Heart
Ride Dreams Burn Down - BBC Session 04/2/1990
The Psychedelic Furs Pretty In Pink - Hammersmith Odeon 1984
Ride Sight Of You - BBC Session 04/2/1990
The Psychedelic Furs Run And Run - Hammersmith Odeon 1982
Rose & The Arrangement Sunshine Through My Window Pane
The Weather Prophets Faithful
Jonathan Richman Girlfriend
Laura Cantrell I Don't Claim To Be An Angel - BBC Session 28/04/2011
The Weather Prophets Swimming Pool Blues
Laura Cantrell Kitty Wells' Dresses - BBC Session 28/04/2011
Allah-Las Sacred Sands
Batida Alegria
The Psychedelic Furs Heaven - Hammersmith Odeon 1984
Bernard Estardy Phasing Liturgique
Prince Buster Prince Of Peace
The Psychedelic Furs Here Come Cowboys - Hammersmith Odeon 1984
Charlie Big Time The Liberation Of Love
Monday 25th June 2012
Gideon Coe
16 / 37 Tracks
Simple Minds in concert, plus sessions from David Bowie, Aztec Camera and Milk Maid.

James Brown Get On The Good Foot
Dexys Free
The Sea Urchins Pristine Christine
The Cinematic Orchestra Necrology
CAN Graublau
James Yorkston Catch
Betty Wright Shoorah! Shoorah!
The Field Mice Landmark
Derrick Morgan Moon Hop
The Advisory Circle Wildspot
The Shadows Rhythm & Greens
Martin Stephenson and The Daintees The Ship
Huw M Dyma Lythyr
Heather Jones Lisa Lan
Pale Saints Sight of You
The Leaf Library Badminton House
Simple Minds In Your Room - Paris Theatre 1979
David Bowie Hang On To Yourself - BBC Session 16/05/1972
Syd Barrett Baby Lemonade - BBC Session 24/02/1970
David Bowie Moonage Daydream - BBC Session 16/05/1972
Milk Maid Can't You See? - 6Music Session 30/08/2010
David Bowie Suffragette City- BBC Session 16/05/1972
Milk Maid Such Fun - 6Music Session 30/08/2010
Normil Hawaiians The Beat Goes On
The June Brides A January Moon
Aztec Camera Back On The Road - BBC Session 28/02/1983
Dollboy Alice In Clearwater
Pete & The Pirates Mr Understanding - 6Music Session 21/04/2008
Aztec Camera Release - BBC Session 28/02/1983
Four Tet 128 Harps
Pete & The Pirates She Dosen't Belong To Me - 6Music Session 21/04/2008
Ruts DC Technology
Buzzcocks Lipstick - BBC Session 18/10/1978
Simple Minds Calling Your Name - Paris Theatre 1979
The Swinging Laurels Disco Laurels
Buzzcocks Promises - BBC Session 18/10/1978
Simple Minds Changeling - Paris Theatre 1979
Monday 2nd January 2012
Gideon Coe
Tom Ravenscroft sits in
19 / 44 Tracks
Tom sits in and plays Roots Manuva live, plus sessions from Vetiver and The Go Betweens.

Piney Gir Outta Sight
Tinariwen Imidiwan Ma Tenam
Buzzcocks Boredom
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Wanda Jackson Hard Headed Woman
Funkadelic Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
The Stooges Fun House
The Phantom Love Me
Bo Diddley Bad Trip
Luke Haines Inside The Restless Mind Of Rollerball Rocco
The Loose Salute Run Out Of Morning
Lost Sounds Lost & Found
Cough Cool UFO Tornado
The Chesterfields Two Girls And A Treehouse
Family Portrait It Turns
The Chesterfields What's Your Perversion
George Harrison Apple Scruffs
Gonjasufi Nikels And Dimes
Aeroc Avalon Blonde
Roots Manuva Movements - Brimingham Academy 2001
The Skids Hope And Glory - BBC Session 29/08/1978
Bright Eyes Waiste Of Paint - BBC Session 10/05/2001
Roots Manuva Pavane - Brimingham Academy 2001
The Skids Six Times - BBC Session 29/08/1978
Roots Manuva Smash Something - Brimingham Academy 2001
Cinerama Get Smart - BBC Session 03/05/2001
Half Man Half Biscuit Fun Day In The Park
Roots Manuva Witness The Fitness - Brimingham Academy 2001
Cinerama Health And Efficiency - BBC Session 03/05/2001
Heat Wave Nobody Knows
TG Gondard Grande Avenue De Fleurs
Ty Segall Goodbye Bread
Hugh Masekela Motlalepula (Rainmaker)
Dark City Sisters & The Flying Jazz Queens Thathu Kisi
Andre Williams Rib Tips Pt.S 1 & 2
Dark Dark Dark & Her Choir Long Long Long
Bad Weather Big Yellow Ball
Dave Davani Four Fused
Mogwai Rollerball - BBC Session 23/08/1998
The D quake mountain quake
Emma Russack He Was Family
Bog-Shed Run To The Temple
Roland Alphonso and the Skatalites Feeling Fine
Bright Eyes Arienette - BBC Session 10/05/2001
Monday 12th September 2011
Gideon Coe
23 / 46 Tracks
The Peel Session on 6 comes from Laura Cantrell and 808 State are in concert.

Baxter Dury Trellic
Big Deal With The World At My Feet
Gold Panda Snow & Taxis
Cocteau Twins ivo
Chapelier Fou Luggage
David Bowie Memory Of A Free Festival
The Strange Boys Me And You
The Saints I'M Stranded
Slugabed Sun Too Bright Turn It OFF
The Advisory Circle Further Starry Wisdom
Field Music Working To Work
Johnnie Allan Promised Land
My Bloody Valentine What You Want
808 State 10 x 10
Lucas Santtana Super Violao Mashup
The Stars of Heaven Unfinished Dreaming
Derrick Morgan Moon Hop
808 State Contrique
The Blue Orchids Low Profile
The Slits Instant Hit
Richard James Sunday Girl
The Slits FM
Mustafa Ozkent Uskudar
Ghost Outfit tuesday
Laura J Martin Doki Doki - 6 Music Session 11/9/2011
Bob Convience
Bog-Shed Adventure Of Dog - BBC Session 25/02/1986
Hairy Hands Leaves Keep Falling
Magic Bus Milky Way
Bog-Shed Little Car - BBC Session 25/02/1986
Inspiral Carpets Grip - BBC Session 20/05/1990
Mama Rosin Les Secrets D?Evangeline - 6 Music Session 30/01/2011
Inspiral Carpets Weekness - BBC Session 20/05/1990
Mama Rosin Sitting On Top of the World - 6 Music Session 30/01/2011
John James Once I Lived By The Sea
Mary Hampton Forget-me-not
Mint Julep Days Gone By
Laura Cantrell I Still Miss Someone - BBC Session 23/12/2003
808 State Cubik Olympics
Fiat Lux Secrets
Laura Cantrell New Years Resolution - BBC Session 23/12/2003
808 State One InTen
Fiat Lux Sleepless Nightmare
Laura Cantrell Oh So Many Years - BBC Session 23/12/2003
Laura Cantrell Pretty Paper - BBC Session 23/12/2003
Richard Thompson A Legal Matter
Wednesday 24th August 2011
Gideon Coe
18 / 42 Tracks
Gideon has Son Of Dave and All About Eve in session, plus Generation X in concert.

Mogwai Hound Of Winter
Wooden Shjips Lazy Bones
Jonathan Wilson Ballad Of The Pines
The Innocence Mission All The Weather
The Advisory Circle Wheel Of The Year
Liz Green Displacement Song
Prefab Sprout Bonny
Scott Walker Cossacks Are
X-Ray Spex Let's Submerge
Trashcan Sinatras weightlifting
Lorraine Chandler I Can't Hold On
Rachel's On Demeter
Mavis Staples Since I Fell For You
Walls Sunporch
The Blind Boys of Alabama I Can See Everybody'S Mother
Bill Doggett Hold It
Yeah Yeah Noh Zoological Gardens
Lucas Santtana Recado para Pio Lobato
Teenage Fanclub Handyman - BBC Session 14/05/1994
Generation X From The Heart- Paris Theatre 1978
Mighty Mighty Everybody Knows The Monkey
Teenage Fanclub Sister Isobel - BBC Session 14/05/1994
Generation X Kiss Me Deadly - Paris Theatre 1978
Teenage Fanclub The Jaques Tati - BBC Session 14/05/1994
Y Niwl Undergump - 6 Music session 06/07/2010
Generation X The Invisible Man - Paris Theatre 1978
Teenage Fanclub The Man Who Was Too Loud - BBC Session 14/05/1994
Generation X Your Generation - Paris Theatre 1978
Rachel's Nocturne No.1
I Roy Point Black
All About Eve In The Meadow - BBC Session 05/08/1987
All About Eve Martha's Harbour - BBC Session 05/08/1987
Lainie Kazan Window Of My Mind
Sly & The Family Stone Luv N'Haight
The Psychedelic Furs Fall - BBC Session 25/07/1979
Son of Dave Lover Not Fighter - 6 Music Session 08/04/2008
The Psychedelic Furs Imitation Of Christ - BBC Session 25/07/1979
Chills Brave Words - BBC Session 12/11/1985
Son of Dave Nike Town - 6 Music Session 08/04/2008
Don Gere Werewolves On Wheels (Main Theme)
Sound Hothouse
Gene McDaniels Reverend Lee
Thursday 18th August 2011
Gideon Coe
17 / 40 Tracks
Gideon plays North Sea Radio Orchestra, Soft Cell and Bastro sessions.

The Specials Monkey Man Bbc Session 23/05/1979
Ten Years After I'm Going Home
Lanterns on the Lake Keep On Trying
Otis Redding I'Ve Been Loving You Too Long
Peggy Sue Cut My Teeth
Ten Years After Hear Me Calling
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Liz Green Displacement Song
Fire Father's Name Is Dad
Electrelane Film Music
Help Stamp Out Loneliness Angelyne
The June Brides In The Rain Bbc Session 11/07/1984
Joe Tex Show Me
Goodnight Lenin Ode To Rebellion
Edu Lobo Zanzibar
Walls Sunporch
Close Lobsters Loopholes
Hefner You Need A Mess Of Help (To Stand Alone) - BBC Session 27/09/1989
Vivian Girls dance (if u wanna)
Eleanoora Rosenholm Valo Kaasumeren Hamarassa
Soft Cell Entertain Me - BBC Session 26/07/1981
Ivan Campo roller disco
Soft Cell Youth - BBC Session 26/07/1981
Felix And His Fabulous Cats Savage Girl
Jackson Browne Doctor My Eyes - Paris Theatre 1972
Something Beginning With L Last Night's Party
Jackson Browne Looking Into You - Paris Theatre 1972
Soul Creations Funky Jive Part II
Four Tet Go Go Ninja Dinosaur
Jackson Browne Peaceful Easy Feelin' - Paris Theatre 1972
Bastro Deamons Begone
Gerry And The Holograms Gerry And The Holograms
Jackson Browne Take It Easy - Paris Theatre 1972
Bastro Floating Home
BLK w / Bear Sorry About Your
Hefner I Stole A Bride - BBC Session 27/09/1989
Hefner Lisa And Me - BBC Session 27/09/1989
Crass Poison In The Pretty Pill
Hefner The Science Fiction Helps - BBC Session 27/09/1989
Tiny Ruins Old As The Hills
Tuesday 9th August 2011
Gideon Coe
Tom Ravenscroft sits in
21 / 42 Tracks
Tom Ravenscroft sits in for Gideon Coe with more sessions and live tracks.

Kraftwerk Radioactivity
Panda Bear You Can Count On Me
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Moving On
Joan as Police Woman Chemmie
Orange Juice Blue Boy
The Doobie Brothers It Keeps You Runnin'
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Gene Clark Silver Raven
The Doobie Brothers Made That Way
The Who In The Hall of The Mountain King
Liz Green Displacement Song
Electrelane Film Music
Weekend The End Of the Affair
Augustus Pablo King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown
Harold McNair The Hipster
Ron Buford Deep Soul Pt. 1
Jana Hunter regardless
Sir Richard Bishop Olive Oasis
The Felice Brothers Honda Civic
Au Pairs Intact
Testbild! Inside Raindrops
Tiny Ruins Old As The Hills
Cardiacs Cameras / Is This The Life - BBC Session 29/11/1987
The Doobie Brothers Little Darlin'
Twelve Cubic Feet Evercare
Cardiacs In A City Lining - BBC Session 29/11/1987
Otha Turner & The Afrossippi Allstars Station Blues
The Family Cat Prog One
Weekend The View From Her Room
Eric Copeland UFO?s Over Vampire City
The Family Cat River Of Diamonds
Puffy Areolas psychomania
Alice in Chains Junkhead - Barrowlands, Glasgow 1993
The Four Brothers Rudo Chete - BBC Session 25/08/1988
Alice in Chains Rooster - Barrowlands, Glasgow 1993
The Ventures The Switch
Spooky Campers Cemetery Date
Kitchen's Floor Graves
The Yardbirds Mr. You're A Better Man Than I - BBC Session 00/12/1965
Beaters Fishage
The Yardbirds Smokestack Lighting - BBC Session 00/12/1965
Birkwin Jersey Sixes And Nines
Thursday 28th July 2011
Gideon Coe
21 / 44 Tracks
Gideon has sessions from Dexys Midnight Runners and Fairport Convention.

Beirut East Harlem
Wilco Impossible Germany
Gang Gang Dance Glass Jar
Prefab Sprout Lions In My Own Garden
Flowers and Sea Creatures A.M
Dorothy Ashby Soul Vibrations
Charles Trenet Que Reste-t-il De Nos Amours
The Advisory Circle Here! In The Wychwoods
Rufus Wainwright Going to a Town
Henry Mancini The Party
Strawbs Witchwood
The Flatmates Could Be In Heaven
Mary Hampton Because You'Re Young
Johnny Moped Incendiary Device
TEN Winter Light
Three Trapped Tigers Noise Trade (Nedry Remix)
The Beau Brummels Love Can Fall A Long Way Down
Guitar Wolf Doberman Night
Blossom Dearie That'S Just The Way I Want To Be
Marine Girls Holiday Song
Dead Kennedys Holiday In Cambodia
Fairport Convention Lady Is A Tramp - BBC Session 23/09/1969
Mercury Rev Goddness On A Highway - Reading Festvial 2001
Deerhoof Byun Byun Byun - BBC Session 01/04/2004
Fairport Convention Sir Patrick Spens - BBC Session 23/09/1969
Mercury Rev Holes - Reading Festvial 2001
The Creepers Curl Up And Dye
Deerhoof Dummy Discards A Heart - BBC Session 01/04/2004
Mercury Rev You're My Queen - Reading Festvial 2001
Dexys Midnight Runners Let's Make This Precious - BBC Session 09/07/1981
Mickey Newbury Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In
The Nightingales Return Journey
Dexys Midnight Runners Your Own - BBC Session 09/07/1981
Miracle Legion Homer
Edgar Broughton Band Gone Blue - Paris Theatre 1972
James Clarke Holiday People
Roy Harper North Country - BBC Session 11/03/1974
Edgar Broughton Band Poppy - Paris Theatre 1972
Bodines Therese - BBC Session 30/10/1995
Edgar Broughton Band Rake - Paris Theatre 1972
By The Sea Old Coasts
Errol Dixon & The Backbeats Too Much Whisky
Fairport Convention Jigs And Reels (Medley) - BBC Session 23/09/1969
Mercury Rev Darkness Is Rising - Reading Festvial 2001
Monday 25th July 2011
Gideon Coe
15 / 36 Tracks
Gideon plays Johnny Cash and REM live in concert, plus Culture and Dutch Uncles sessions.

Dark Dark Dark Daydreaming
Neutral Milk Hotel Holland 1945
CAN Spoon
Richard Hawley Remorse Code
The New Pornographers Letter From An Occupant
The Clash Janie Jones
The Advisory Circle Now Ends the Beginning
Georgie Fame No Thanks
The Monochrome Set The Ruling Class
The Bugaloo Brass Once Upon A Time
Fatoumata Diawara Kanou
G. Love Milk and Sugar
The Montanas You'Re Making A Big Mistake
The Railway Children Brighter
Janie Jones Go, Go Away From Me
Johnny Cash Bird On A Wire - Glastonbury 1994
Culture Armageddon - BBC Session 11/12/1982
Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Blues - Glastonbury 1994
The Comsat Angels Baby - BBC Session 10/10/1979
Culture Two Sevens Clash - BBC Session 11/12/1982
Johnny Cash Man Who Couldn't Cry - Glastonbury 1994
The Comsat Angels Independence Day - BBC Session 10/10/1979
Johnny Cash With June Carter Jackson - Glastonbury 1994
Dutch Uncles Lovebone - 6 Music Session 21/12/2009
Dutch Uncles Sting - 6 Music Session 21/12/2009
R.E.M. Acutioneer - Rock City, Nottingham 1984
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. La Novia
R.E.M. Gardening At Night - Rock City, Nottingham 1984
Amy Winehouse Take The Box / Heard Love Is Blind - Summer Sundae 2004
The Victorian English Gentlemens Club As Jungle Drums Ran Along The Amazon We Held Our Heads And Screamed
Amy Winehouse You Sent Me Flying (Summer Sundae 2004)
Sibrydon Uwchben Y Drefn
Tim and Sam's Tim and the Sam Band with Tim and Sam All Tucked Up
Howlin' Wolf 300 pounds of heavenly joy
Coldcut More Beats And Pieces - BBC Session 22/02/2001
Coldcut Revolution - BBC Session 22/02/2001