Playlists with tracks by Sproatly Smith

Wednesday 20th June 2018
Late Junction
Verity Sharp
12 / 23 Tracks
A selection of music for the summer solstice with Verity Sharp.

Andrea Belfi Lead
Richard Thompson Sumer is icumen in
The Sallyangie Children Of The Sun
Jack Sharp Lemady Arise (feat. Jack Sharp)
Hastings of Malawi Visceral Underskinnings Pt.1
Sproatly Smith Rosebud in June
Dakar Audio Club Diogou Yaa
Anon. Miri It Is While Sumer Ilast
ARIADNE On Your Knees
Kamaal Williams Broken Theme
Christina Vantzou Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space
Hatun Kotama Kotama Ñan
Anayampatti Ganesan Jagadhodharana
Cyril Tawney Midsummer Carol
Hatun Kotama Llaz Tuaz (Llaz tuaz "Llaz Tuaz")
Lucas Niggli Tuned Arrow
Malcolm Clarke Midsummer Elves
Gazelle Twin Deep England
The Dissolute Society Kind Folk
John White Piano Sonata No. 76
Housewives Excerpt 2
Dorcha Jessica
Sunday 16th December 2012
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
13 / 19 Tracks
Pulp frontman and solo artist Jarvis Cocker presents the Sunday afternoon show on 6 Music.

The Civil Wars I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
Dinah Washington Mad About the Boy
Artful Dodger Rewind
Clinic For the Season
Scala & Kolacny Brothers When Doves Cry
Bob Dylan Let it be Me
Sinkane Caparundi
The Fron Male Voice Choir Sailing By
Mad Professor Zion Dub
Happy Mondays Lazyitis
ABBA The Day Before You Came
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Boston Tea Party
Karl Denver Zimba
The Marbles Jackson Raffle Me
Julia Shammas Holter Marienbad
Serafina Steer Skinny Dipping
Simon & Garfunkel 7:00 News/Silent Night
Catherine Feeny The Wall
Sproatly Smith Gently Johnny
Thursday 9th August 2012
Late Junction
Thursday - Verity Sharp
1 / 6 Tracks
Music from Madagascar and Jerusalem, specially recorded by the BBC, and song from Scotland

Sproatly Smith My Mother Said
Peter Bellamy Kipling / Belamy: Frankie's Trade
Ray Fisher Trad: Bonny Birdy
Sambiasy & Samba Sambiasy: Maintirano
The London Bulgarian Choir Moutafchiev: Sednalo e Jore
The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc McKerron: Paella Grande
Sunday 22nd April 2012
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
Damon Albarn and Dr Dee
4 / 26 Tracks
Stuart Maconie chats to Damon Albarn and plays an performance of his opera Dr Dee.

The Chap Better Place
The Owl Service Turpin Hero
Casual Sex National Unity
Amazing Blondel Lady Marion's Galliard
Damon Albarn Nine Point Star
Damon Albarn Temptation Comes In The Afternoon
Damon Albarn A Man Of England
Damon Albarn The Dancing King
Wiggy Zombic Hunch
Damon Albarn A Marvelous Dream
Damon Albarn The Moon Exalted
Damon Albarn A Prayer
Damon Albarn Tree Of Beauty
Damon Albarn Apple Carts
Damon Albarn Watching The Fire That Waltzed Away
Damon Albarn Cathedrals
Grande Duke Stonecutter
Damon Albarn Chalk Scratch
Heroin Diet Murder Contest
Damon Albarn Edward Kelley
Jim Richardson Junior The Thresher
Damon Albarn Euclid Lecture
Rocket Juice and The Moon Hey Shooter
Damon Albarn Moon
Sproatly Smith The Mermaid Of Marden
Blur Beserk
Friday 20th April 2012
World on 3
Ahmad Al Khatib and Youssef Hbeisch Session
5 / 22 Tracks
Mary Ann Kennedy with a studio session by Ahmad Al Khatib and Youssef Hbeisch.

Angélique Kidjo Malaika
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars Gbara Case
Heritage Blues Orchestra Get Right Church
Adama Yalomba Djamakoyo
Titina Menininha d'Salamansa
The Imagined Village Washing Song
Arstidir Ljod I sand
The Mountain Music Project Deri Phul Paareko (So many eggs)
Buddhiman Gandharba Sita Rani Bonai Ma (Queen Sita in the Forest)
The Mountain Music Project Old Joe Clark / Oh Susanna
Gillie Mackenzie Thogail A' Bhuntat'
Trio Tekke Batman's Uniform
Madradeus A Sombra
Vusi Mahlasela Mokalanye
Malawi Mouse Boys Jesu
Ahmad Al Khatib and Youssef Hbeisch Exode I - Moise / Exode III - Deux fleuves
Paprika Balkinicus Ne kuni me majko / Opa opa
Ahmad Al Khatib and Youssef Hbeisch Fragrance
Salsa Celtica Crathadh t' Aodaich a Ghaoil
Ahmad Al Khatib and Youssef Hbeisch Salma's Dance
Ahmad Al Khatib and Youssef Hbeisch Wedding
Sproatly Smith Song for Annie Needham
Sunday 3rd April 2011
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
9 / 15 Tracks
More far-out freakery from the show that likes to soundtrack your Sunday with a skronk.

Explosions in the Sky Trembling Hands
The Residents Tourniquet Of Roses
CAN Come Sta Sta Luna
Kreidler Kremlin Rules
Mike Adkins The Invaders
Murphy Blend Past Is Gone
Pat Dixon Bye Bye Blubber
Rene Hell Lighthouse Marvel
Rob Jo Star Band Story Dangerous
Andrew Hargreaves Handwritten Notes
Sproatly Smith I Shall Leave You There
The Residents Six Things To A Cycle
John B Brooke/Cannonball Adderley Themes Tramping Loop
The Residents You Yes Yes Yes You
Kate Harrison England