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Friday 19th April 2019
Radio 1's Essential Mix
Paula Temple
25 / 62 Tracks
Berlin?s Paula Temple with two hours of thumping techno.

Paula Temple Gegen
Underground Resistance Kill My Radio Station
Planetary Assault Systems Engage Now
Paula Temple Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Exsiderurgica Metamorfosi
Scalameriya Proxy
DJ Saint Pierre Viper Pepper
Cold Dust Nervehammer (Michael Forshaw Remix)
Paula Temple Raging Noise
T3TSUO 303 Battle Royal
Sabotak Subversion
Sawf Farania
Paula Temple Ragin Earth
Thrasher Placebo (feat. Thrasher)
Hioll Self Encounter 5.0
Envoy Dark Manoeuvres (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
AIROD Universe of 90s Techno Parties (Myler Remix)
Nek Quitting Is For Quitters
Klamer Gott Segne Die Säure
Paula Temple Cages
Monolyth Eclipse First The Rest Nowhere
Moteka Apogee
Douglas J. McCarthy Destroy
Reeko The Gravedigger And His Bitch
Edge of Motion Phenibut
Endlec Rotten Nation
The Prodigy Roadblox (Paula Temple Remix)
Tommy Four Seven 2084
Samuel L. Session B52 (Hioll Remix)
WNDRLST Palais de Tokyo
Alexey Volkov Beats
Mutter A Vengeful Aspect
Atze Ton Drum School (DJ Dextro Remix)
Raul Parra 139
Joey Beltram Setups
Eomac Kralle
Alien Rain Acid Affair pt.1
Raul Parra Alien
Möd3rn Oscytra
Kas:st Hell On Earth
Clouds Arkhangelsk Nightmare
RE_P Hearing Voices Is An Auditory Hallucination
Tommy Holohan Ask For Absolution
Stigmata Anonoxia
DJ Dextro Algoritmo (Tobias Lueke Remix)
Giordano Axis of Rotation (Kastil Remix)
Galaxian Golden Armaggeddon
WNDRLST Inside Reaktor
Paula Temple Joshua and Goliath
Peryl Wir Sind
Aert Helin Is Loosing It
Anna Melina To The Sea / Hug Me Like You Love Me
Jeanne Through Me You Enter The Abode of Woe
Aert Presidential Talk
Giodarno Fluido Energetico
[KRTM] Soleil
Lorenzo Raving In Paris (Insolate Remix)
Peryl Du & Ich
Raffaele Attanasio Lust It Fills The Space
Outlander Don't Recall Using Teletransportation
Perc Pivot
Friday 1st March 2019
Radio 1's Essential Mix
DJ Stingray
27 / 55 Tracks
Thumping electro and techno from the Urban Tribe founder.

Drexciya Cascading Celestial Giants
Transllusion Do You Want To Get Down
Radioactive Man Elliptical
Troels B. Knudsen Concept 2
Scalameriya Runna 1
Unknown Juxta Position
Illektrolab Heavy Hitter
DJ Shortstop The Trip
John King C C/p
Dgf-starski Freak
Katsunori Sawa No Divine Saviour (Nene H. Remix)
Bintus Cylinder Bop
Kronos Conscious Robots
DJ Nasty Be Quiet (Breakdown)
Dez Williams Carkrash Victim
Kronos Device The Engine
Cherrieep Rampant
Hydraulix Krunk
DJ K1 Back To The Future
Detroit's Filthiest Before I Self Destruct
Silicon Rules Of Engagement
Digitek Intelligence Assasins Shock The System
KAN3DA Night Smoker
Go Nuclear Time To Party
Dgf Williams Street
London Modular Alliance Tremors
Cosmic Force Haunted By My Past
Partisan Midi Phono Abduction
Troels B. Knudsen Concept 4
Setaoc Mass Disrepair
Solid Blake Warp Room
K. Scott Let's Go Programming
Aleksi Perälä UK74R1824020
Tommy Holohan Ask For Absolution
Luke Eargoggle Rat Wire Chomp
Volruptus Alien Transmission
Electrix Time (Sync 24 Remix)
Troels B. Knudsen Concept 6
Dax J Escape The System
Franck Kartell Coma
Rebekah Riot Control
Plant43 Dormant Tech
Traktor Master Traktor
Contactless Cybernetic Jerkin
Slaves Of Sinus People Who Destroy
Transllusion War Of The Clones
Gareth Wild Limehouse Cut
Surgeon Rule By Law
Go Nuclear Exotic Dancer
Versalife Recombinant Combinations
Troels B. Knudsen Concept 7
Scalameriya Crucible
Supraman Supramanram 1500
DJ Overdose Comfort Killer
Andrea Future Atmo
Friday 8th February 2019
Tom Ravenscroft
With Weyes Blood live in the studio and a Mira Calix Guest mix
23 / 41 Tracks
Tom is joined in the studio by Weyes Blood, and has a Mira Calix Guest mix

Weyes Blood Do You Need My Love
Camille Tout Dit
LFO Love Is The Message
Anna Meredith Heal You
Gong Gong Gong Down Quantity Road 數量的王國
Original Swimming Party Skin Upon Skin
Fitzroy North Hey, Girlfriend
Blue Veil Small Prophecies
The Comet Is Coming Summon The Fire
Yingueica Ni Nhi Me La (let me walk with you)
Lando Octagon
Charlotte Adigéry Paténipat
Marie Davidson Day Dreaming (Afrodeutsche Remix)
Pink Floyd Wearing The Inside Out
James Blake Are You In Love
Isaac Birituro Yes Yan Yan
Weyes Blood Andromeda
Mira Calix Just Go Along
The Sorcerers The Horror
Deena Abdelwahed Tawa (M.E.S.H. Remix)
Benny Sings Not Enough
Petite Noir R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Gary Gritness Zvichapera
Scalameriya Xoor
Ghost McGrady Die Of Loneliness
Julian Lynch Andaza
Underworld Threat Of Rain
Black Taffy Para Los Campana
The Acid Ghost
Efdemin Oh, Lovely Appearance Of Death
Quavius Fa Sho
Divino Niño Foam
JuJu Gotti Quartz Movement (feat. JuJu Gotti)
NOV3L Natural
Kokokoi L O V E
Souleance Kiss
Yorgia Karidi Laid Down (feat. Yorgia Karidi)
Black Midi Speedway
Jerry Paper A Moment (Helado Negro Remix)
Jodey Kendrick Heidi Kann Brauchen