Playlists with tracks by Rawza Raw

Friday 15th May 2020
Sir Spyro
11 / 50 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Dizzee Rascal Stop Dat
D Double E Frontline
Sir Spyro Rapid
DaVinche k dot instrumental
Trim All Man Got (feat. Trim)
Jammer Real Deal
Monkstar Frontline
Sir Spyro Windy
Discarda Water Boy
Virgo Puzzle
Jme Holiday
N Double A Anthem
Sirus Grouch
Window K £5 Bet (feat. Window K)
K.I.M.E Pull Strings
Nerva DUB (Leberin prod)
Skepta Dancefloor
DJ Tubby Steppa
K9 Realness
Rawza Raw Potion
Skepta Nang (feat. Skepta)
DJ Virus Rude Sting
Killa P Crow Dub
Reece West Dub
So Large Myself Nerva - Dub (feat. So Large)
Egoless From dusk to dub
Kyeza Her
Remtrex Novocane (feat. Remtrex)
Sox Do my Job
Footsie Paid Piper
Lemzly Dale Slums
Capo Lee On Fire
Rude Kid Sing for me
Swifta Beater Horror Style
Geeneus Untitled
Maxsta Locked In
Commodo Loan shark
Saint M. Mr Freeze
Swindle Microsoft Word
Ghetts Class Of Deja (feat. D Double E & Ghetts)
Mayhem NODB Ride on this
Shadow Final Boss (feat. Manga Saint Hilare & Shadow)
Syer Bars Hold it down (feat. Shystie, J2K, L Dot Man, Durrty Goodz & Syer Bars)
J-Sweet I don't feel your bars
Melvilous Casa Amor
Dapz On The Map Shinobi II (Safe & Sound)
Sir Spyro Cherry B
Teddy Buckshot Gold Teet scruzzfizer - New School Grime
Jammer 16 Bar (feat. Lethal Bizzle, Bashy, Ozzie B, G Man, Fumin, Chronick, Ears, esco d double, pit & Jammer)
Mic Ty Dub
Friday 28th February 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best In Grime
10 / 37 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Wiley Ice Pole
YGG Royals
Chip 138 Trak
JME Day in the life (feat. JME)
Queenie Queen On Track
Crossy Everyday
Joe Fire Life
Rawza Business Guy (feat. Rawza)
Dapz On The Map Froggy 2
Keedz Freezer
Rawza Raw Potion
Dashers Numbers Freestyle
SBK Prince Of Grime
Devilman Flawless Victory
Loon F.T.P (
Scratchy Purple Neptune
DJ Bossman Bongo Eyez Bootleg
Mayhem NODB Mic Lord
Skepta Gangsta No
Durrty Skanx D Double Flow
Merky ACE Live
Bearman Drinking Bear
Splurt Diablo Atari
Miss Beats Saw It Coming
Blizzard Letter
Tana Ride and Clutch
Funky Dee Run
Mos Wanted Star Wars
Bossman Birdie Spyro Dub
Wiley Frostbite
Graft Nothing But Facts
Novelist Active
Capo Lee Pray For Me
Izzie Gibbs At All Times
P Money U Get Me
Tuesday 28th January 2020
DJ Target
Grime ain't dead?
18 / 31 Tracks
Sir Spyro is in the studio with Target selecting his High 5 of 2020 grime bangers.

Koffee Repeat (feat. Koffee)
Doktor Flex 'N' Bounce
Niniola Omo Rapala
Da Baby Protect Da Brand (feat. Da Baby)
Manga Saint Hilare Don't Hold Your Breathe
Hawa iPhone
Blizzard Letter
Silencer The Calling
Mahalia Lowride (feat. Mahalia)
Kiana Ledé Mad At Me
Queenie Queen On Track
Rico Young (Target Specialist Clean) Gwolla
Lord Afrixana Papaya (feat. Lord Afrixana)
Flowdan Round Here (Remix) (feat. Abra Cadabra, Frisco, Ghetts & Flowdan)
S-X Neither Would I
D-Block Europe Change
President T Can't Have That (feat. President T)
Pa Salieu Frontline
Big Kani Die Yung
Tekno Suru
Rawza Raw Potion
M Huncho Pee Pee
Ms Banks Still The Best (feat. Ms Banks)
Mercston Mercs Skinner
Tia Carys Figure Me Out
Skip Marley Cause A Commotion (feat. Skip Marley)
Tuff Culture Been Too Long
Roddy Rich Letter To Nipsey (feat. Roddy Rich)
Novelist Pay What Is Owed
MIST Savage
Friday 17th January 2020
Sir Spyro
Jammz, Blay Vision, Buggsy, Mayhem NODB + Little Dee
8 / 62 Tracks
Spyro has a set with Jammz, Blay Vision, Buggsy & Mayhem NODB + Little Dee in the studio.

Ruff Sqwad Xtra
D Double E Keep it G (Chime & Grime)
Leberin Manifestation
K9 Gloomy Freestyle
Sticky Tales Of The Hood (feat. Sticky)
Kid D Land Slide
Queenie Queen on track
Jack Dat Skippy & Violent
Little Dee Native Grime
Wookie a2 Exemen
DOK The Crow
Novelist Pay what is owed
Blay Vision Meridian Savage
Wizzbit Breakdown
P Money Oh Plz (feat. Blacks & P Money)
Scrufizzer Grime original flow
Joker S Wave
Sox Bikes & Planes
Jammz Sting Riddim
N Double A Anthem
Wiley Late Nights
Zeph Ellis Oh My Word Riddim
Eyez Boxing Bars
Jammz Circles Remix
Mr. Fidget Dub
Sir Drifter Dub
Mystry Helsing
Nerva DUB (Leberin prod)
Jam Untitled
Swindle Swagger
XP More Time
Sir Spyro Mizuno VIP
Squintz Grime Grime Grime Grime
K1 Untitled
Terror Danjah Fire Cracker
Joe Fire Life
Manga Saint Hilare Inflowencer
D.O.K Stomptized
Jme You Watch me
Sir Spyro Sir Spyro
Shola Ama So Contagious (feat. D Double E & Shola Ama)
Jammz French Montana Riddim
Rawza Raw Potion
Adde & Jr Blender Corner Shop Riddim
Jam Kwam Diddim
Jus Jammin Late One
DJ DPM Slow Murder
Buggsy French Montana Riddim
Rude Kid One Take Remix
Syx Law And Order SVU
Chad Dubs Switch
Slay Loud
JME Day in the life (feat. JME)
Blay Vision Blay FM (french montana riddim)
Footsie Don't Act Heavy
Blay Vision Only One
Shot Thundercat (spyro special)
Mic Of Course My Story
Spooky Joy Ride
Mayhem NODB French montana riddim
Friday 10th January 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best In Grime
9 / 46 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Kano P's And Q's
Dizzee Rascal Seems 2 Be
Sir Spyro Windy
DOK Dr Key Change
JayKae Shush
P Jam Funky Nandos
Stormzy Disappointed
Dot Rotten Janum Khan
JLSXD7RS War Lord 2
P Money Oh Plz (feat. Blacks & P Money)
Stormzy Still Disappointed
Dot Rotten Oi sit back down
JLSXND7RS Marching
Plasticman Cha remix - inst
Ten Dixon Big Buisness
Faultz Have You Ever
Queenie Open Season
Vital Techniques Biggie Riddim
Keedz Thump
2 Face Gone (Davinche Remix) (feat. 2 Face)
Rawza Raw Potion
Wiley Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send)
Filthy Gears 4 Words
Kele Le Roc Frontline remix (feat. Kele Le Roc)
Big Shot License To Stomp
RD Nice
Wiley Eediyat Skengman 2
Filthy Gears No Fear
Killa P Crow Dub
Cadell World War III
Riko Dan High Power
Wiley Eediyat Skengman 3
IMP Batch GYPE RIDDIM (remix)
Lolingo Reload Barz
Dirty Danger Alkaline
Rude Kid Grime School
Irah Killstreak
More Fire Crew Oi (feat. More Fire Crew)
Jabo Startack Riddim
Mr. Fidget Dub
DJ Wire Believe
Silencer Beats 1
Jammz Duppy Pepper 2
Ossa Champion Riddim
Friday 3rd January 2020
Sir Spyro
Spyro's First Show of 2020!
11 / 57 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Wiley So Amazing
Low Deep Straight Flush
President T Can't Have That
Delusion Don't Lack (feat. Sense & Delusion)
Stormzy Sounds Of The Skeng
Grandmixxer Bad Breed
Mez R9's Haircut
Y Dot Bazooka
Rapid Cheque
Dexplicit Gotham
T Roadz Jingle Riddim (1X Spyro Clean)
Hoodz Naye I AM
Neckle Camp Takeover
Rawza Raw Business Guy
DJ Marsta What Would You Do
Tinchy Stryder Sorry You Are?
Jack Dat French Montana Riddim
Neefa T Fantasy Remix
Really Razor Nice One Bruva
DJ Tubby Steppa
Travis T OB
Jamakabi Seen
Nerva DUB (Leberin prod)
Roachee Catfish
Treble Clef Testing
Jammz The World (ALT)
Novelist Active
Rude Kid Haunted
Filthy Gears 4 Words
Trends Boss
Jay 0117 Triple Keys
Olja Beats Hacked
Rynsa Man Ill
Flirta D Straight (Dub)
Vital Techniques Biggie Riddim
Keedz Thump
Ossa Champion Riddim
Scorcher Tigger
Footsie Paid Piper
Livewire Devastate
Wiley Icepole (Lewi White Remix)
P Money Oh Plz (feat. Blacks & P Money)
Scratchy Shangooli
Geeneus Centurions V2
Logan Dungeon
Paddy Leeds Pt 1
Capo Lee Of Course
Silencer Barking Road
Wretch 32 Dealers (feat. Ghetts, Scorcher & Wretch 32)
Platinum 45 Torch
Capo Lee Sunday
Sir Spyro Check
Giggs Knock Your Block Off
Merky ACE 1 Time (Dub)
XP More Time