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Wednesday 18th November 2020
Snoochie Shy
14 / 23 Tracks
ONEFOUR will be live for Zoom & Chill with Shy!

Rimzee G Wagon
Fredo Hot There (feat. Fredo)
Slim Magic
French the Kid Broke Toys
Tallerz Bookey
Frosty Steppaz
teeway Honda Civ
Blade Brown Probably (feat. Blade Brown)
Gunna Three Headed Snake (1X Snoochie)
Young Adz Push Weight
Br3nya Maldives
K1 N15 Bando
Cookie No Promo
Mookie Trap N Drill
Cookie Unruly
OFB Bradz Her Majesty's
Diana Drill Diana Drill
Onefour Home & Away
DigDat Friday
ONEFOUR The Message
Digga D Shotty Shane
Ratlin Green Light
Dutchavelli Better
Tuesday 17th November 2020
Snoochie Shy
17 / 31 Tracks
Late night music and chat with Snoochie on 1Xtra.

Meekz Rap Aside
teeway Honda Civ
Dutchavelli I'll Call You Back
MizOrMac Right Step Left
TeeZandos Highlander 2.0
Frosty Happy Hour
Mookie Trap N Drill
Gucci Mane CEO Flow
Morrisson Buckingham Palace
8TEEN Set Up Shop
J.I. Need Me
MoStack Change On Me
AM Maddest of the Maddest
Junior Step Correct
Nafe Smallz Louis Vuitton/Lost Hope
Blade Brown Probably (feat. Blade Brown)
Kilo Jugg 2Pack
No Lay Corn
Br3nya Maldives
Kwengface Bally (Remix) (feat. 23 Unofficial, JayKae, Geko & Kwengface)
Pak-Man Mad About Bars
C Montana NGU
Liquez Spin On Me
Perm Miserable
Digga D Chingy (It's Whatever)
LowKizzY Bl@ckbox Freestyle (1X Snoochie)
Rimzee Go Time
Dutchavelli Better
M1llionz Pour It Up (feat. M1llionz)
RV Snoochie Shy
Dutchavelli I Dunno (feat. Stormzy & Dutchavelli)