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Friday 19th February 2021
Focus Beats
Chillhop Music select two hours of beats for working, studying or relaxing
43 / 50 Tracks
A guest mix of chilled instrumental tunes programmed by the lofi beats collective.

C4C Melted
sleepy fish Bookshelves
Guavas Libra
Monma Ooohwee
D0d. Her Eyes
sleepy fish Plants
Guillaume Muschalle I Won't Wait For You
Monma Pyra
D0d. Spring
sleepy fish Railways
Hanz Forward
Allem Iversom Awake
Monma Sleepy
sleepy fish Small Things
Dotlights Life Inside A Nightmare Rectangle
iamalex Yerry Hill
Arbour Daffodil
Montell Fish Jam Session
sleepy fish The Noise In Pictures
dryhope Finding You
Juan RIOS Cascada
Aso Comfortable
No Spirit Leaves covered by snow
sleepy fish Trenches
edapollo vhs tapes 1993-1996
Kendall Miles Frozen in Time
Aso Snug
Philanthrope dirty shoelace
sleepy fish Velocities
fantompower blankets
Kendall Miles Savannah (Interlude)
Aviino Bloom
Philanthrope embrace
squeeda Never Ending
fantompower Endless Ether
less.people Eternal now
Aviino Canary Forest
Shopan Bloom
Stan Forebee Onteora Lake
fantompower From Nothing
Loop Shrauber Bud
Blue Wednesday Embers
Shopan Flashback
yutaka hirasaka Mirai
Flawed Mangoes Point in Space & Time
Miscél Remember
C Y G N Leitmotiv
Shopan Murmuration
Garot Michael Conklin Embers in the Dark (feat. Garot Michael Conklin)
mommy morning rises