Playlists with tracks by Luc Ferrari

Saturday 21st December 2019
New Music Show
Open Ear concert
3 / 16 Tracks
Sara Mohr-Pietsch presents a specially curated Open Ear concert of new music

Christophe Guiraud Hiera Picra Hellebores
John Luther Adams Nunataks
Alex Groves Curved Form (No. 4)
Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian They Forgot
Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian Two Sisters
Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian Sisa's Well
Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian Two Machines
James Tenney Harmonium I
Ed Bennett Sometimes Everything Falls Apart
Joe Cutler Extended Play
Helena Kay Perry St
Matthew Shlomowitz Popular Contexts: Session Drummer
Donnacha Dennehy 'Part 3' from Tessellatum
Luc Ferrari 36 Enfilades pour piano et magnétophone (selection)
Nicole Lizée Girl, You're Living a Life of Crime
Egidija Medeksaite Malakosha
Saturday 29th June 2019
New Music Show
2 / 10 Tracks
The best new music in live performance, plus interviews and features. With Tom Service.

Tujiko Noriko Karaoke Theme
Michael Perrett Come and See
Ana Lara When The Silence Falls
Bastard Assigments Prep
Neil Luck Modern Times and Forms of Love
Andrew Hamilton Waldo
Angharad Davies Solo Violin and Four Bass Amps
Luc Ferrari Music Promenade
Bruno Mantovani Entrechoc
Maja Ratkje Øx
Saturday 11th May 2019
New Music Show
Tectonics Glasgow 2019
2 / 7 Tracks
Highlights from Tectonics festival in Glasgow, presented by Kate Molleson.

Christian Wolff Burdocks
Andrew Hamilton C
Jennifer Walshe The Site Of An Investigation
Lucie Vítková Makeup Scores: Environmental Music
Luc Ferrari Programme commun pour clavecin amplifé et bande magnétique
Julia Reidy One Way Mirror
Christian Wolff Old Shoe, New Shoe
Wednesday 1st May 2019
Late Junction
Stephen O?Malley from Sunn 0)))?s Mixtape
7 / 18 Tracks
Nick Luscombe enters the sound world of Stephen O?Malley from drone metal band Sunn 0))).

Alex Stolze New
Cylene Deuxième Noir
Sarah Louise Chitin Flight
Louis Jacques Danse De L'Ortha
Die Abmahnung Zu Neuen Ufern
Masakatsu Takagi Water Memory
Sunn O))) Troubled Air
Parekh & Singh Hello
Stephen O’Malley Rehearsal (Excerpt) (Unreleased, 2018)
Isambard Khroustaliov Atoll Song
空間現代 Hi-Vision
Dvoxx Télégraphe
Luc Ferrari Presque Rien N°4 La Remontée Du Village
Octo Octa I Need You
Sugai Ken Shinshunfu
Mariachi Parmentier
Mariachi Vas
Mariachi Po
Saturday 13th April 2019
New Music Show
Cinema for the ear
1 / 5 Tracks
A new show featuring the best new music in live performance, plus interviews and features.

Oyvind Torvund Rainforest Morning
Rebecca Saunders Visible Trace
Anahita Abbasi Situation II / Dialogue
Luc Ferrari Cellule 75
Deirdre Gribbin Binding of the Years
Saturday 23rd March 2019
Freak Zone Playlist
By Group A
5 / 13 Tracks
Disorientating sounds, vintage synths and Ryuichi Sakamoto feature in Group A?s playlist.

Amanda Stewart Residue
Soloist Apartment Before Picture Is "Narae"
Birgit Ulher Proportions . 1
Tom Dissevelt Atlantic
David Chesworth The Unattended Serge 1978 - Part 4
group A The Devil to Pay
group A Circulation
Hiro Kone Dreaming Is Nursed In Darkness
I.B.M. Bless The Mission And Toil
JH1.FS3 Virtues Of Desperation
Laughing Hands Seven
Luc Ferrari Tinguely
Ryuichi Sakamoto Jd009
Tuesday 5th February 2019
Late Junction
Celebrating Luc Ferrari
5 / 16 Tracks
Nick Luscombe celebrates the life and work of electro-acoustic music pioneer Luc Ferrari.

Nocturnal Emissions The Well Is Deep
Julia Kent Imbalance
Luc Ferrari Comme Une Fantaisie Dite Des Reminiscences, for two pianos (1989-91)
Luc Ferrari Far-West News: Episode N° 1:5
Merlin Nova Characterful AEIOU aka Jelly Egg
Bret H. Hart B-Machine Gray 1a
Mira Calix Upper Ups
Roland P. Young Henceforth
Oorali Adbhutha Lokam
Alexandre Babel Karlstag
Tout Bleu Stolen Secrets
The Vegetable Orchestra Carrot Pano Drama
Jim O'Rourke Quasar Melodics (Jim O'Rourke remix)
Michael Jon Fink Celesta Solo (1981)
Luc Ferrari Presque Rien N°1 Ou Le Lever Du Jour Au Bord De La Mer
Luc Ferrari Et Tournent Les Sons Dans La Garrigue: Réflexion Sur L'écriture No. 1
Wednesday 19th December 2018
Late Junction
The Ones that Got Away
7 / 18 Tracks
Nick Luscombe shows some appreciation for the other releases we loved from 2018.

Vince Guaraldi Linus And Lucy
Djrum Creature Pt. 2
Congregation of the Back Free Church Psalm 107:28-30 Kilmarnock
Ross From Friends John Cage
Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars Sewele
Moulay Ahmed El Hassani Dnya Yakhlik
Langham Research Centre The Algebra of the Sky [RADIO Mix]
Bamboo I Believe In Father Christmas
Cucina Povera Mesikaammenen Veisu
Antero Vornanen Kirkonkellot
Dai Fujikura Korokoro for Shakuhachi
Luc Ferrari La Nouvelle De L'escalier
7FO 泡 Hou
Kate Carr By Cowardice Or Courage
Paul Blamar Moin Çé On Maléré
Richard Dawson Soldier
Housewives Speak To Me
Luc Ferrari L'Escalier des Aveugles
Saturday 28th July 2018
Freak Zone Playlist
Owd Scrat Records
8 / 17 Tracks
Paul Rooney of Owd Scrat Records shares his playlist exploring the power of spoken word.

Tim Hecker I'm Transmitting Tonight
Oneohtrix Point Never Child Soldier
Swans Minus Something
Laurie Anderson Difficult Listening Hour
Luc Ferrari Sea Hole - Trou De Mer, L'Estaque. Juillet 2002
Charli XCX Hollywood Ambient (feat. Charli XCX)
Object Collection We Have Not Yet Learned The New Songs
Chris Morris Blue Jam (Excerpt - S1 Ep.1)
Chris Morris Blue Jam (Excerpt - S3 Ep.6)
Robert Ashley The Backyard
Chuck Person B4
Stars of the Lid Down 3
Coil Broccoli
David Tibet I Looked To The South Side Of The Door
David Tudor Indeterminacy: New Aspect Of Form In Instrumental And Electronic Music (Part 3)
Ivor Cutler Gorbals 1930
Les Dawson Bottom Of The Garden - Monologue
Thursday 12th April 2018
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe with a Jim O'Rourke mixtape
10 / 22 Tracks
Former member of Sonic Youth, Jim O'Rourke compiles a 30-minute mixtape.

Jim O’Rourke I Just Want You To Stay
Thiago Nassif Quiçá (Leito Eito)
Michael Schumacher Room Piece No. 23
Richard Lainhart White Night
Banyen Rakkaen Siang Toei Chak Chai (Toei From The Heart)
Georg Friedrich Haas Oktett für 8 Posaunen
Antony Gormley Sounds of the Studio
Kevin Drumm Another Set Of Days Now Over
Disco Puppet Experiment #1
John Duncan Klaar
Sons of Kemet My Queen Is Ada Eastman
Jakob Ullmann Disappearing Musics For Six Players (More Or Less)
Jack Ellister The Man With The Biochopper
Garance Louis and the Mitochondries Colibri
Daniel Lentz Missa Umbrarum
HANZ Clutched
Luc Ferrari Petite Symphonie Intuitive Pour Un Paysage De Printemps
Bonnacons of Doom Solus
Ingram Marshall Fog Tropes
Modulus III Joyce
Rolf Julius Musik Für Den Blick Nach Oben
Eric Chenaux There's Our Love
Wednesday 14th March 2018
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe
9 / 17 Tracks
An era-hopping, genre-swapping music show for those with a short sonic attention span.

Karen Dalton In The Evening (It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You The Best)
Quasimoto The Clown (Episode C)
Electrelane Gone Darker
Brigid Mae Power Don't Shut Me Up (Politely)
Luc Ferrari Presque Rien No. 2 C (Ainsi Continue La Nuit Dans Ma Tête Multiple)
Chaibovon Seelukwa The Anthem
Magazine The Great Man's Secrets
Cornelius いつか / どこか (Sometime / Someplace)
David Fennessy Changeless and the changed
Rufus Reid Improvisation relating to Glory
Delta Saxophone Quartet Subterraneans
Ryo Fukui Mellow Dream
Sopwith Camel Fazon
Figs Neva Wave 4
Karen Dalton Red Sole Apple Juice
Larry Levan "In The Corn Belt #3" (Larry Levan mix)
Lolina Keep It Movin'
Tuesday 27th February 2018
Late Junction
Late Junction
4 / 16 Tracks
Max Reinhardt takes your ears on an adventure with music old, new, borrowed and blue.

Noname Yesterday
Matana Roberts Dreamer Of Dreams
Camarao Voce Passa, Eu Acho Graca
Reinhold Friedl String Quartet 3
David McGuinness The Fair Flower of Northumberland
Rodion G.A. Uneori
Django Bates Bahia
Seckou Keita Téranga-Bah
Group Listening A Little Lost
Sonica Sequence Crossings
Gwenno Daromres Y N Howl
Thiago Nassif Pensamentos
Γιώργος Κατσαρός Nei Gheri Psithirizoun (Young & Old Men Are Whispering)
Lansing McLoskey This Will Not Be Loud and Relentless/First Movement
Luc Ferrari Far-West News: Episode N° 1: 1
Park Jiha The Longing of the Yawning Divide
Saturday 3rd October 2015
Hear and Now
Cut and Splice Festival 2015, Episode 1
1 / 8 Tracks
Music including Luc Ferrari, Clara Iannotta, Dawn Scarfe, Henry Cowell and Cathy van Eck.

Henry Cowell Aeolian Harp
Agostino Di Scipio Audible Ecosystems, n.3a
Clara Iannotta The people here go mad. The blame the wind.
Dawn Scarfe Air Traffic
James Saunders Like you and like me
Luc Ferrari Presque Rien No. 1
Michael Pisaro Fields have ears 1
Simon Loffler b