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Sunday 12th May 2019
BBC Music Introducing on Radio 1 with Huw Stephens
Highlights from The Great Escape
15 / 29 Tracks
Huw showcases highlights from BBC Introducing at The Great Escape!

Orchards Age Of You
JNR Williams What A Difference (Live from The Great Escape)
Jockstrap Hayley (Live From The Great Escape)
Currls April Fool
JNR Williams A Prayer (Live From The Great Escape)
Aitch Live From The Great Escape
LibraLibra Animali
Penelope Isles Round
Porridge Radio Give Take
Twilight Driving Dangerous
Jack Perrett Like A Fever
Barny Fletcher Christ Flow
Orchards Young
Dry Cleaning New Job
Kids Club Kampala Children's Choir Xerxes '19 (feat. Kids Club Kampala Children's Choir)
Murkage Dave See Man Smile
Howl & The Hum Hall Of Fame
Georgia About Work The Dancefloor
LIFE Moral Fibre
Working Men's Club Fine (Live From The Great Escape)
Zuzu How It Feels
Working Men's Club Teeth (Live From The Great Escape)
Kitt Philippa You
Squid The Dial
Lucia Cheap Talk
Blithe Becoming You (Life From The Great Escape)
Indoor Pets Pro Procrastinator
Blithe Don't Blink (Live From The Great Escape)
Sunday 27th May 2018
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
12 / 20 Tracks
Stuart Maconie travels to the furthest flung corners of left-field.

Strobes Winder
King Crimson I Talk To The Wind
Gavin Bryars Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
Neu! Super
Stark Reality Say Brother
Necromandus A Black Solitude
Dylan Carlson Conquistador
Hannah Peel The Planet Of Passed Souls
Public Service Broadcasting People Will Always Need Coal
LibraLibra Animali (Slugabed Remix)
Orchestra Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Moulon Devia
Aethereal Todd
King of the Slums The Broken English
Smackos We Can Watch Alf In The Hotel Room
Dave Evans Grey Lady Morning
Red Snapper Bogeyman (David Holmes Mix)
Nancy Wallace Yellow Tail
Toy Usonian Automatic
Témé Tan Le Ciel
Zuider Zee Haunter Of The Darkness