Playlists with tracks by Kevin Henderson

Friday 3rd February 2012
World on 3
Celtic Connections 2012, Episode 4
5 / 21 Tracks
Mary Ann Kennedy presents a session from the 2012 Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow.

Mary Gauthier I Drink
Mary Gauthier Wheel Inside The Wheel
Orchestra Baobab Jiin Ma jiin Ma
Orchestra Baobab Sutukun
Skipinnish Finale
Orchestra Baobab Gnawoe-Seyni-Tcheli
Kevin Henderson Da Unst Bridal March
Kevin Henderson Swedish Waltz
Mary Gauthier Burnin' the Sugar Cane
Skipinnish Cioara
Skipinnish Going Home
Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns Lucky Devil
Skipinnish Marchall Crescent
Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Skipinnish Maureen's Jig
Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns The Curse of an Aching Heart
Skipinnish Miss Elspeth Campbell
Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns Young Woman?s Blues
Kevin Henderson Da Fields O' Foula/Garsters Dream/Da Brig
Orchestra Baobab bul ma min
Kevin Henderson Da Foula Reel / Tilly Plump
Friday 23rd December 2011
World on 3
WOMAD 2011 Unheard Tracks
12 / 26 Tracks
Mary Ann Kennedy presents music from around the world and music from WOMAD 2011.

AfroCubism Para Los Pinares Se Va Montoro
AfroCubism Djelimady Rumba
AfroCubism A La Luna Yo Me Voy
Stan Rogers Barrett's Privateers
Majorstuen Trondheimsfjorden
Abigail Washburn Bright Morning Stars
Baaba Maal Cherie
Majorstuen Anders and Estin
Hans Theessink Cuckoo
Abigail Washburn Chains
Fiona Mackenzie Nuair Dh'Eirich Grian Na Fireantachd (When Rose That Sun Of Righteousness)
Abigail Washburn Last Train
Ayarkhaan Sparkling Rhythms, for voices & khomus
Majorstuen Blanc
Ayarkhaan White Crane
Majorstuen Havellon
Majorstuen Hjelmesit
Genticorum Les Menteries
Majorstuen Yihaa
Mnran Oran Na Cloiche
Jean-Pierre Lafranchi, Jean-Michel Fabrizy and Jerome Casalonga Versu mozza
Muzsiks Dances of Bekas
Kate Rusby Home
Kate Rusby The Holmfirth Anthem
Kevin Henderson Christmas Day I'da Mornin
Ayarkhaan Dedication to the Blacksmith's Patron Kudai Bakhsy
Thursday 8th December 2011
Late Junction
Verity Sharp - 08/12/2011
2 / 18 Tracks
Verity Sharp's selection includes a toccata by Buxtehude and kora player Sura Susso.

Charlie Parr Parr: Midnight Has Come & Gone
Sura Susso Susso: Banfa
John Doyle & Karen Casey Wilde: The Shipyard Slips
Caapa Caapa: Baiano-Rojo No. 1
Kevin Henderson Henderson: Christmas Day I?da Mornin ? Da Foula Reel
Mudjar Trad: Noches Noches ? Si Veras al rat
Elisabeth Vatn Trad: Springlek After Troskari Erik
Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian Sylvian/Sakamoto: World Citizen ? I Won?t Be Disappointed (Looped Piano)
Hadouk Trio Shehan: Likemb-Vole ? rboni Solo
Hedy West Trad: Lee Tharin?s Bar Room
Homayun Sakhi, Rahul Sharma Trad: Zuhal?s Song
Huong Thanh & Nguyn L Nguyn L: Bakida
Jackie Oates Trad. arr. Oates: Four Pence a Day
Jean-Marc Aymes (La Fenice) Buxtehude: Toccata in G Bux WV 164
Alexander Berne and The Abandoned Orchestra Berne: Meme IV
Jeremy Eskenazi Grant: Rainlight
Becaye Aw Aw/Trad: Pulloori
Wednesday 2nd November 2011
Late Junction
Fiona Talkington - 02/11/2011
1 / 14 Tracks
Fiona Talkington presents music from Steve Mackey and Salvatore Sciarrino.

Kairos 4tet Box set anti-hero
Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble Philipp Wachsmann: Writing on Ice
H'ng Thanh Crossing the Valley
Hazelius & Hedin Trad. arr. Hazelius & Hedin: Fager som en ros
Kevin Henderson Da Foula Reel / Tilly Plump
Linton Kwesi Johnson Jamaica Lullaby
Mari Boine Goaskinviellja/Eagle Brother
Bugge Wesseltoft (piano) / Henrik Schwartz (computer) See you tomorrow
Reto Bieri (clarinet) Salvatore Sciarrino: Let me Die before I Wake
Canty / William Taylor (clarsach) James MacMillan: Os mutorum
Stephan Micus (table harp / korthalt / zither / guitar) Till the End of Time
David Starobin (guitar) Steve Mackey: San Francisco Shuffle
Terje Isungset (ice instruments) In glacier
Dentdelion La rose et le lion
Wednesday 26th October 2011
Mike Harding
With Janis Ian
7 / 14 Tracks
An hour of great folk music, with American songwriter Janis Ian.

Hot Club De France Minor Swing
Janis Ian God & The FBI
Ralph McTell Grande Affaire
Janis Ian I Hear You Sing Again
Leon Rosselson Palaces Of Gold
Hot Club of Cowtown When The Bloom Is On The Sage
Zoox Little Beggar Girl
The Unwanted The Morning Blues
Genticorum Les Menteries
Janis Ian At Seventeen (Album Version)
Janis Ian Hair Of Spun Gold (Demo Version)
Kevin Henderson Minnie O'Shirva's Cradle Song
Brd Dower The Nobleman's Wedding
Damien Barber and Mike Wilson Drinking Song
Wednesday 19th October 2011
Late Junction
Verity Sharp - 19/10/2011
5 / 21 Tracks
Verity Sharp presents music from Lucas Santtana, AL Lloyd and Ernst Reijseger.

Jonathan Wilson Gentle Spirit
Fionn Regan Dogwood Blossom
Lucas Santtana Super violo mashup
Alina Orlova Vaiduokliai
Amjad Ali Khan Maa Durga
Martin Simpson, Dick Gaughan Jamie Foyers
Bratsch with Juliette Trad. arr. Bratsch: Paroles en l?air et pas perdus bouditi
Nancy Kerr Trad. arr. Kerr: Three Galleys
Ernst Reijseger Carbon Date Piano
Nils Frahm Kind
Parno Graszt Trad: Tu zsanesz
FLK Lavender
Skidi (Inga Juuso, yoik/Steinar Raknes, bass) Taxidriver
Gypsy Fire Trad: Swing Gitane
The Cecil Sharp Project Trad. arr. CSP: Cecil's Greatest Hits
Wynton Marsalis Ravel: Pice en forme de habanera
Juan Carmona, Duquende Lismona
AL Lloyd Trad: The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter
Kevin Henderson Trad: Da Brides A Boanie Ting
Alexander Melnikov Scriabin: Mazurka Op. 24 No. 3
Kevin Henderson Trad: Sandy Ower da Lea - Da Cross Reel
Friday 7th October 2011
World on 3
7 / 21 Tracks
With Mary Ann Kennedy. Including a session with qawwali singer Adeel Saeed Chishti.

Martin Simpson Bold General Wolfe
Ed Lewis and the Prisoners Tom Devil
Dengue Fever Mr Bubbles
Carlos Orozco A la Suegra
Rock The Tabla This could lead to dancing
Kanda Bongo Man Malinga
Jim Mageean Stormalong John
Brendan Power and Tim Edey The Mountain Road/The Corkscrew
Kevin Henderson Da Unst Bridal March
La Bottine Souriante Le Reels Des Soucoupes Volantes
Corran Raa Bring it on/Tuscan wedding reel/ Ten seconds to spare
Le Mystre des voix bulgares Ergen Deda
Lingling Yu and Guo Gan Huanle ge
Dentdelion La rose et le lion
Rapunzel & Sedayne Porcupine in November Sycamore
Fatoumata Diawara Moussa
Half Man Half Biscuit Fun Day in the Park
The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble Duduki
Adeel Saeed Chishti Ali dam dam d'Andar
Julaba Kunda The Weather Women
Adeel Saeed Chishti Saqia Hor Pila
Wednesday 5th October 2011
Late Junction
Fiona Talkington - 05/10/2011
6 / 18 Tracks
Fiona Talkington with music from Sevara Nazarkhan, Oskar Schinning and Bratsch.

Jono McCleery The Gymnopedist
Oskar Schonning Vetskapen
Fatoumata Diawara Kanou
Peter Bellamy The Looking Glass
Tal Weiss Once
McCormack and Yarde Duo Antibes
Sevara Nazarkhan Qoshinor
I Fagiolini / Sdasa Chorale Plainchant / Mokale Koapeng: Te lucis ante terminum
James Blake Lindisfarne 1
The Cecil Sharp Project 2011 The Lovers Lament / The CooCoo Bird
Kevin Henderson Da Bride?s A Boanie Ting
L'Arpeggiata Santiaga de Murcia / Pluhar: Romanesca
Lisa Mezzacappa and Nightshade Regard de l?etoile (Messiaen, arr. Lisa Mezzacappa)
Bratsch with Juliette Paroles en l?air et pas perdus
Natascia Gazzana (violin) / Raffaella Gazzana (piano) Takemitsu: Distance de fee
Carleton Etherington (organ) Theodore Salome: Cantilene
Christian Wallumrd Ensemble Solemn Mosquitoes