Playlists with tracks by Julian Sartorius

Friday 26th June 2020
Late Junction
Jacob Samuel and Verity Standen in session
1 / 21 Tracks
Verity Sharp presents a collaboration session, recorded remotely during lockdown.

Keith Tippett All Time, All Time
Rosena Wenonoah Sons and Daughters
Rose Bonica Looking All Around the House but Everything is from the Past
Jacob Samuel Untitled 4
Andy Moor Camera
Jacob Samuel Untitled 3
Jacob Samuel Untitled 1
Anthony Braxton To Composer John Cage
Jacob Samuel Untitled 5
Bérangère Maximin Full Jungle
Lady Vendredi Extreme Unction Vol. 1
Laurel Halo 5
Nick Jonah Davis Placebound Spirits
Jacob Samuel Untitled 2
Elle Osborne Bread & Whisky
Julian Sartorius Kleinlutzel - La Caquerelle
Yussef Dayes What Kinda Music
Unknown Artist Ngoma Ra Mrongo
SRS Left Possessed
Moor Mother Vultures Laughing
Sunday 3rd November 2019
Cutting-edge Jazz
2 / 9 Tracks
Corey Mwamba presents the best new jazz and improvised music with an adventurous spirit.

J Frisco Drowning for Now
Johnny Hunter We Decide What's Next
Julian Sartorius Don't Explain (Julian Sartorius Version)
Keith Tippett The Pool
Run Logan Run 33 Hours
soloist Evan Parker Parallel Signs II - (feat. Evan Parker & soloist Evan Parker)
Tomeka Reid Old New
Charlotte Keeffe Noizemaschin!! Solo Improvisation
David Birchall One
Tuesday 3rd April 2018
Late Junction
Max Reinhardt
7 / 15 Tracks
Maverick music from Datashock, Serge Gainsbourg, Idris Ackamoor, and more.

Serge Gainsbourg Des Laids Des Laids
Naked City Batman
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids Message to my People
Julian Sartorius Tscholi
Vladan Radovanović Recorded
Lost Girls Drive
Lou Harrison Fugue for Percussion, for 4 percussionists
Lucy Railton Gaslighter
Michel Colombier Batucada Meurtrière (Version 1)
Olivia Chaney Psalm 124 / The Freedom Come-all-ye / The Red-Haired Boy (feat. Mairi Campbell, Concerto Caledonia, Jim Moray & Olivia Chaney)
Pierre Cochereau Communion
Anna & Elizabeth Irish Patriot
Psychological Strategy Board The Body is the body
Datashock Wenn alle wollen, will uch auch! (if everybody wants something, I do too)
Psychological Strategy Board Bloody Moon
Monday 10th November 2014
Jazz on 3
Vein and Greg Osby
6 / 10 Tracks
Jez Nelson presents Vein and saxophonist Greg Osby performing at the Vortex in London.

Lucas Niggli Pipe Tomahawk
Bounce Scary Movings
Julian Sartorius Zatter
Rusconi Universe Relocated
Vein Evolution
Vein Summertime
Mark Sanders Tarab Cuts
Peter Conradin Zumthor Tor III
Vein Intuition
Vein Vertical Hold