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Saturday 14th April 2018
J to Z
Jay Phelps in concert
8 / 15 Tracks
Celebrating the best in jazz - past, present and future. Featuring Jay Phelps in concert.

Louis Armstrong Tiger Rag
Sidney Bechet China Boy
Jay Phelps Quartet Spread
Kansas Smitty's House Band Party Party Party
Ahmad Jamal We Kiss In A Shadow
Big Bill Broonzy Joe Turner Blues
Sonny Rollins Way out West
Brad Mehldau After Bach: Flux
Stu Mindeman A Happy Thought
Buster Smith E Flat Boogie
Zoe Rahman Red Squirrel
Dinosaur Quiet Thunder
Ezra Collective Chasing The Square
Jay Phelps LSG
Jay Phelps Quartet Everyone's Ethnic
Monday 4th December 2017
Jazz Now
1 / 13 Tracks
Soweto Kinch presents Jay Phelps's Quartet in concert at Pizza Express, Soho.

Soweto Kinch The Healing
Jay Phelps Quartet Yesterdays
Jay Phelps Quartet Spread
Jay Phelps Quartet Amphitrities Bounty
Early Nite Temper 2
Oscillard Hoppy
Hiromi & Edmar Castaneda A Harp In New York
Hiromi & Edmar Castaneda The Elements - Fire
Hiromi & Edmar Castaneda Cantina Band
Hiromi & Edmar Castaneda The Elements - Air
Horning Glory Slumped
Jay Phelps Quartet Agitation
Jay Phelps Quartet Love So Good
Monday 27th November 2017
Jazz Now
Henri Texier at the 2017 London Jazz Festival
1 / 9 Tracks
Soweto Kinch presents Henri Texier in concert as part of the 2017 London Jazz Festival.

Soweto Kinch The Healing
Jay Phelps Quartet At Pizza Express, Soho
Henri Texier Hope Quartet Mic Mac
Henri Texier Hope Quartet He Was Just Shining
Henri Texier Hope Quartet Dakota Mab
Henri Texier Hope Quartet Hopi
Henri Texier Hope Quartet Sacrifice Suite
Henri Texier Hope Quartet Encore
Alexander Bone Toby Comeau Sextet Tube Zone 83