Playlists with tracks by Giordano

Friday 19th February 2021
Tom Ravenscroft
The Ravers Hour with Giant Swan
16 / 33 Tracks
An exclusive 30 minute guest mix from Giant Swan and a 30 minute mix from Tom himself.

E B U Convulse
LSDXOXO Taking Me High
Tyler Matthew Oyer No Temple (Bapari remix)
El Plvybxy Kuruyuki
Prettybwoy Centrifugal
Xen Chron Sure Why Not
Giordano Lisbon Bridge
ptwiggs Creation In Destruction
Ara-U 2028
Holsten 5150
Regina Leather Industrial Collapse
Aya Delishus
Imaginary Number Get
Scratchclart X
James Massiah 144,000
Bree Runway X2C
Kai Whiston Catch
SOPHIE Metal (feat. SOPHIE)
Ccontrary Two Faces
Kamus Wallace (Nikki Nair Remix)
Sugar Crack The Whip
Clemency Biblical Names (Boofy remix)
Leon Vynehall Mothra
Sunun Water Chamber (feat. Sunun)
D.Dan Take It Easy
TEEN Cache
DJ Boss Remix for Regis
LIZ Cloudbusting (Maor Levi's Starlight Remix)
The Caretaker Stage 1 Slightly Bewildered
Friday 19th April 2019
Radio 1's Essential Mix
Paula Temple
25 / 62 Tracks
Berlin?s Paula Temple with two hours of thumping techno.

Paula Temple Gegen
Underground Resistance Kill My Radio Station
Nek Quitting Is For Quitters
DJ Dextro Algoritmo (Tobias Lueke Remix)
Planetary Assault Systems Engage Now
Hioll Self Encounter 5.0
Stigmata Anonoxia
Outlander Don't Recall Using Teletransportation
DJ Saint Pierre Viper Pepper
Raffaele Attanasio Lust It Fills The Space
Jeanne Through Me You Enter The Abode of Woe
T3TSUO 303 Battle Royal
Aert Presidential Talk
Paula Temple Raging Noise
Douglas J. McCarthy Destroy
Raul Parra Alien
Joey Beltram Setups
The Prodigy Roadblox (Paula Temple Remix)
Aert Helin Is Loosing It
Paula Temple Joshua and Goliath
Edge of Motion Phenibut
Raul Parra 139
Kas:st Hell On Earth
Thrasher Placebo (feat. Thrasher)
AIROD Universe of 90s Techno Parties (Myler Remix)
Endlec Rotten Nation
Reeko The Gravedigger And His Bitch
Klamer Gott Segne Die Säure
Tommy Four Seven 2084
Alexey Volkov Beats
Paula Temple Ragin Earth
Envoy Dark Manoeuvres (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
RE_P Hearing Voices Is An Auditory Hallucination
Lorenzo Raving In Paris (Insolate Remix)
Tommy Holohan Ask For Absolution
Alien Rain Acid Affair pt.1
Paula Temple Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Eomac Kralle
Sabotak Subversion
Möd3rn Oscytra
Anna Melina To The Sea / Hug Me Like You Love Me
Paula Temple Cages
Exsiderurgica Metamorfosi
Samuel L. Session B52 (Hioll Remix)
WNDRLST Inside Reaktor
Monolyth Eclipse First The Rest Nowhere
Atze Ton Drum School (DJ Dextro Remix)
Perc Pivot
Galaxian Golden Armaggeddon
Sawf Farania
WNDRLST Palais de Tokyo
Moteka Apogee
Clouds Arkhangelsk Nightmare
Peryl Du & Ich
Giodarno Fluido Energetico
Scalameriya Proxy
[KRTM] Soleil
Mutter A Vengeful Aspect
Cold Dust Nervehammer (Michael Forshaw Remix)
Peryl Wir Sind
Giordano Axis of Rotation (Kastil Remix)