Playlists with tracks by Eviya

Monday 25th January 2021
Radio 1's Drum & Bass Show with René LaVice
Echo Brown DNB Mix
13 / 46 Tracks
The hottest D&B with Rene and Echo Brown in the DNB Mix

Levela Play Again
Dossa & Locuzzed Tommy
Trilo Flatbox
Halflight Take It Low
LOWES Easier (Sub Focus Remix) (feat. LOWES)
Dunk The Purge (feat. Dunk)
Wilkinson Freedom (Sub Focus & Wilkinson vs. High Contrast Remix)
Halogenix Tekina
A.M.C. Gotham (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
Monrroe Need U
Echo B Love Won't Do
Workforce Back Up
Halogenix Unlustrous
Aktive Letters Goodbye (feat. Christina Rotondo & Aktive)
Monty Belong (feat. Monty)
Echo B Phenomena
Zero T One More Chance
Hydroglifics Run It
Alibi Rua Dub 'Street Dub'
Operate Toxic
Echo B Untitled 3
Jenna G Make Me Stronger (Futurebound Remix) (feat. Jenna G)
Alix Perez Blurred Lines
R'88 Something Going On
Echo B Untitled 4
Jeopardize Spilt Personality (feat. Jeopardize)
Alix Perez Lock Off
S9 Get It Right
Echo B Untitled 5
Killbox Cypher Pattern
Bvlvnce The Freefall (feat. Bvlvnce)
Satl Goblin Shark
Edward Oberon Somewhere Else
KinKai Affirmations (feat. KinKai)
Cliques Samurai
Substance Temperance (Echo Brown Remix)
Errol Dunkley Different Way (Giganti Remix) (feat. Errol Dunkley)
Klinical Cult Process
Davide Carbone Rebelist
Subten Headlines (feat. Subten)
Eviya Holding On (feat. Eviya)
Latesleeper She Grew Wings
DC Breaks Control The World
Thomas Oliver Friendly Fire (Danny Byrd Remix)
Genic Droplets (feat. Genic)
Monday 11th January 2021
Radio 1's Drum & Bass Show with René LaVice
Calyix & TeeBee in the DNB Mix
16 / 44 Tracks
The hottest D&B with Rene.

Neve Transistors
Eviya Echoes (feat. Eviya)
Upgrade Function
Lalin St. Juste One Day At A Time (feat. Lalin St. Juste)
Nick Cave Bright Horses
Finni In Color (feat. Finni)
wreckless Ocean and Fire
Leah Guest Count On Me (feat. Leah Guest)
Arclight Mind Link
Polaris Obsidian
Frank Carter III Soul Sista
wreckless Unbalanced Namecheck
Menno de Jong Art of War
Ben Verse United (feat. Ben Verse)
Posi-D Alchemy (feat. T.R.A.C., Christina Tamayo, C.L. Smooth & Posi-D)
Gracie I've Been Waiting (feat. Gracie)
Molecular Dub Wars Round 3 VIP
Break Keep it Raw
Ram Trilogy Both Worlds (Levela Remix)
Hadley Spirit Molecule
Molecular Dub Wars Round 4
Calyx & TeeBee Big Sound
Ram Trilogy Incarnate
Hadley You Never Know
Molecular Lost World
DC Breaks Arkanoid
Revan Shibby
Ill Truth Flex
Myriad Cryopod
DC Breaks Euphorium
Sahala Watermelon Girl (feat. Sahala)
IMANU Music To Stay In Your House To
Myriad Moon Trooper
DKN Haunt
Tabou Stone Soul
IMANU Nonplus
Nami M4
DNMO Without You Near
Teddy Killerz Nerd Starter Pack
Kemo Pure Gold (feat. Kemo)
Neonlight Lycaon
Dualistic Continua
TeeBee Look To The Skies
Kontrast Close to You
Monday 7th December 2020
Radio 1's Drum & Bass Show with René LaVice
Grafix in the Mix
29 / 67 Tracks
The hottest D&B with Rene and Grafix in the Guest Mix.

Dimension UK
Sub Focus Rock It
Metrik Infinity
Tantrum Desire Bass In The Place
Grafix Photons (Refuge Vocal)
Culture Shock Visions
L Plus Lockdown
Eviya Echoes (feat. Eviya)
Phentix Sudden
Tatora All Went Wrong
Grafix Radiance
Dabs Buntlack (Kyrist Remix)
Lee Mvtthews Reason
Fliwo Say It Now
Profile Soundclash
Agnes Obel Familiar (Grafix Edit)
The Chemical Brothers Swoon (Grafix Bootleg)
Grafix Rain Fall Down
Digital & Outrage Kingdom
Marie Shapes (feat. Marie)
Flume Rushing Back (Ekko & Sidetrack Bootleg)
QZB Silence Rings Loudest
Audioscribe Hymn
Wilkinson Air I Breathe
Grafix Stutter
Dimension Offender
MC Kryptomedic Downfall (feat. MC Kryptomedic)
Freddy Martin Hoping (Grafix Edit)
Ruth Royall Zephyr (feat. Ruth Royall)
Blaine Stranger Dragon
Wilkinson Turn The Lights Off
Grafix Stutter (Circumference Re-spin)
Metrik Automata
Grafix Acid Generation
Slander Back To U [M&F Remix]
Break Framework
Halogenix Unlustrous
DLR Hit The Target
Metrik Fatso
Grafix Auckland Surprise
Slay Let It Slide (feat. Slay)
Charli Brix We Pretend (feat. Charli Brix)
Heist Watermelon Girl
Dualistic Continua
Metrik Gravity
Grafix Blue Dreams
Charlie Brix Get Closer (feat. Charlie Brix)
James Marvel Holding On (Rene LaVice Remix) (feat. James Marvel)
Empara Mi Freedom (feat. Empara Mi)
Metrik Hackers
Sub Focus Up (Break The Cycle Vocal)
Grafix Distressed
Charlotte Haining Now Or Never
Kove Power
Erritate Polar
Sublime It Ain't Easy (feat. Sublime)
Grafix Onyx
Charlotte Haining Young (Becee Remix)
Kusp Tu Amour
Eva Lazarus Fall In Love (Dj Gaw & Offline Remix) (feat. Eva Lazarus)
Mindstate Seven Satellites
T Man Goes Wrong (feat. T Man)
Grafix Parallel
Culture Shock Don't Sleep
Kyrist Looped
Eva Lazarus We Never Slow Down (feat. Eva Lazarus)
Nu:Tone Do It Right
Monday 30th November 2020
Radio 1's Drum & Bass Show with René LaVice
Mikal in the Mix
26 / 53 Tracks
The hottest D&B with Rene.

Mikal Status Low
Mikal Magnetic Sound
DJ Riot Obeah Man
Mikal & Visionobi 3rd Eye
Isaac Evans It's Time
The Rum Baba Horns 4 2020
Mikal Metalwork
DJ Thor Method
Nu:Tone Do It Right
Kasra I Don't Know What The Future Brings
Anile Juno's Position
Mikal Random Space
DLR Hit The Target
OneMind Pullup
Khemikal Goin' In
Askm3 Don't Run
Mikal Resampled
Dub Elements Southern Heat
PA Something For Your Mind
Khemikal Pull It Up
Bungle Turnaround
Mikal Scrapyard Dub
Eloise Keeble Wake Up Call (feat. Eloise Keeble)
S.I.N. Touch
Koven Followers (A.M.C Remix)
Bungle Unlocked
Empara Mi Freedom (feat. Empara Mi)
Showdown Balance
Kyrist Looped
Charlotte Haining Now Or Never
Mikal Strident
Emperor Range Finder
Slay Let It Slide (feat. Slay)
Lee Mvtthews Reason
Chrissie Huntley Onyx (feat. Chrissie Huntley)
Mikal Subterrestrial
Emperor Saved Me
Steo All My Life (feat. Steo)
Mikal Break It
Codebreaker Instinct
Mikal The Ruff Life
Eva Lazarus We Never Slow Down (feat. Eva Lazarus)
Subview All I Want
Mikal Doesn't Matter
Dabs Buntlack (Kyrist Remix)
Mikal Turn It Around
Eviya Echoes (feat. Eviya)
SyRan Aporia
Mikal Journey Into The Reverb
Daniel Levi Nights Like These
Mikal Wheels
Halogenix Unlustrous
Tantrum Desire Bass In The Place