Playlists with tracks by Emptyset

Friday 11th September 2020
Late Junction
Subterranean Sounds
11 / 22 Tracks
Verity Sharp listens to the underground, tapping into the sounds beneath our feet.

Diamanda Galás Skotoseme
Fragile Self Influx In Flux
Sandra Crisp Mapping London's Subterranean Rivers
Group from Joban Coal miner's songs of Joban
Steve Earle & The Dukes Devil Put The Coal In The Ground
Kanako Horiuchi Hope
Afel Bocoum Penda Djiga
Laraaji This Too Shall Pass
Carla Boregas Linha D'Agua
Louis Killen The Coalowner And The Pitman's Wife
Chicago Underground Quartet Unique Spiral
Matthew Herbert We've Landed (Matthew Herbert's Absence Dub Remix)
Cinder Well From Behind The Curtain
Metadevice Hegemony of Homogeneity
Coober Pedy University Band Kookaburra
Natalia Paruz Another Earth
Deep Listening Band CCCC (Cistern Chapel Chance Chants)
Oshare TV Dobutsu Puzzle (feat. Oshare TV)
Patrick Farmer Brocket Hall Tree Roots Underwater
Emptyset Chislehurst Mine - Kent, England 02.11.12
Pepe Deluxé In The Cave
Friday 15th May 2020
Late Junction
Paul Purgas on India?s lost avant-garde
7 / 27 Tracks
Paul Purgas joins Verity to explore the unknown history of India?s electronic avant-garde.

Sonic Youth Skip Tracer
Fairuz Habbeytak
Jinraj Joshipura Spaceliner 2001 (Excerpt)
Okkyung Lee Another Old Story
Katia Engel 5-6am Morning Prayers
Ondness Malta Inquieta
Kraftwerk Tanzmusik
Pascal le Boeuf Imp in Impulse: II. Tomato Caprice
Alkibar Jr. Soukabe Mali
Las Malas Amistades La Cresta De La Ola
SC Sharma Dance Music (Excerpt)
Bananagun People Talk Too Much
Lisa E. Harris Evenascence / Evanescence
Charanjit Singh Raga Bhairav
Marks and The Shaluza Boys Repairs
The Crossing On That Terrible Beautiful Morning
Cut A Lonely Figure Sugimoto Seascapes side A
Mayor Gita Gitaben's Composition (Excerpt)
The Scattered Orchestra You May Not Forget
Emptyset Axil
Methods Body Quiet Pt. 2 - Tell Us to Be
Transkapela Dojna "Zsido"; Ardeleana
Natalia Beylis Hotta Hotta
Hayri Dev Bogaz (airs de gorge)
Nathaniel Robin Mann Gangsta's Paradise
Ito Z,grr
Norman Westberg Brooklyn/Opening St. Vitus
Friday 3rd April 2020
Tom Ravenscroft
with Lyzza and Baby T
18 / 44 Tracks
Tom chats to Amsterdam based Brazilian artist Lyzza and Baby T AKA B Traits is in the mix

Tonstartssbandht Hymn Eola
Aphex Twin #3
Clark Winter Linn
They Know Who I Am
ML BUCH Can You Hear My Heart Leave
Craven Faults Deipkier
Indigo Cyclone (feat. Indigo)
Antigone Dance
Outer Heaven Untitled Jungle [Western Lore]
Deantoni Parks Tears In Rain II
Item A Quatre
Scalameriya Red X
Emptyset Blade
Jacques Greene Stars
Aquarian Tarp 2
Slugabed 2 put the runes on u (samuel organ remix)
Enhet För Fri Musik Fallen Frukt
Jakub Ziolek Wednesday (feat. Jakub Ziolek)
Asquith Screwfix
Solid Blake Soap Cube
F*** Buttons The Lisbon Maru
Justin Walter 1001
BABY-T Baby T - Free Thinking She-Punk
The Exaltics Skyway Chase (Legowelt Remix)
Floating Spectrum The Early Green Outburst
LYZZA Hellraiser
BABY-T Estrogen Attitude
Third Son Bag O Bones
Flore Aether
LYZZA Tangerine Dreams
BABY-T Untitled Dense Dickwood
Franz Kirmann Slow Snow
Makaton Bruise Violet
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange Still Swag (radio edit)
Glaskin Ratunek
Max de Wardener Kolmar (Reprise)
Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta Turkbuku at Sunrise
Zeki 808 White Label
Grimes 4 AM
Metal Preyers Reprise
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld The Sun Roars Into View
Harry Rodger Polly
Friday 18th October 2019
Tom Ravenscroft
with Gawd Status and Black Marble
19 / 39 Tracks
Tom chats to producer/MC duo Gawd Status and Black Marble provide a mix.

R. Stevie Moore Conflict of Interest
Los Iniciados Soy El VacĂ­o
Anastasia Kristensen Maxima
Sudan Archives Black Dove (feat. Sudan Archives)
James Massiah 144,000
Portion Control Refugee
Andrea Balency You Look Certain (I'm Not So Sure)
Tableau Noir Sed Non Satiata
JARV IS… Must I Evolve? (Pilooski Remix)
Public Practice Disposable
Anyway Tha God Amplified Science (feat. Anyway Tha God)
Tall Black Guy Coffee Room
Arthur Russell You Did It Yourself
The Comet Is Coming The Softnest Of The Present
Louis Moholo Octet You Ain't Gonna Know Me 'cos You Think You Know Me
Rina Mushonga Cassiopeia
Bill Orcutt Already Old
Tiere der Nacht Chutki
Mc Yallah x Debmaster Sifa Leero
Roe Deers Florida
Emptyset Blade
Tout Casser Presto Presto
Mofungo Room on the Street
santpoort Wen uuu
Gamma World XXX
WaqWaq Kingdom Mum Tells Me
Monoton Shortwave Transmission
Scarlxrd Gxld
Gantz Garam
Moor Mother System Error (feat. Moor Mother)
Smog My Family
Gawd Status Messiah Hybrid
Nah Eeto Mbona
Ssiege Angelo Azzurro
Giant Swan Pandaemonium
Otik Blasphemy
Steve Lacy Playground
Jake Milliner Perfect Time To Lie
Petwo Evans Rash
Tuesday 20th August 2019
Late Junction
Sarathy Korwar on Indian hip hop
3 / 12 Tracks
Sarathy Korwar shares his love of India?s nascent hip hop scene with Max Reinhardt.

Prakash Bhoir The Warli Revolt (feat. Prakash Bhoir)
Sez On The Beat Class​-​Sikh Maut Vol. II (radio Edit)
Shorty Petterstein "Do You Want A Little Lovin'?"
Amnon Raviv B1
Swadesi Ta Dhom (feat. Swadesi)
Clarence Lofton Strut That Thing
Emptyset Bloom
Francesco Turrisi Briggs' ForrĂł (feat. Francesco Turrisi)
Julius Eastman Evil N*****
Luedji Luna Iodo + Now Frágil
Mary Halvorson And
MC Mawali Mumbay (feat. MC Mawali)
Friday 27th October 2017
Tom Ravenscroft
With an Italo disco guest mix from Mind Enterprises
15 / 30 Tracks
With an Italo disco guest mix from Mind Enterprises.

Weval Ways To Go
Johnny Pineapple Hawaiian War Chant
Drahla Silk Spirit
Melodys Enemy Dead 2 Nite
Emptyset Skin II
Mike Kitcher Amabele lo-o
Fitz Ambro$e Taach
Odonis Odonis Check My Profile
AAAA Acid Derrier
Gökçen Kaynatan Midimak
Onyx Fruit Stand
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Work Again
Goon Ten Tables
Professor Rhythm Bafana Bafana
Blawan Trampelpfad
Iona Capri Palm Tree Popping Off
Reginald Omas Mamode IV Put Your Hearts Together
CCFX The One To Wait
Saicobab Naam Chuulo
Clark Honey Badger
Jonti Sleeping and Falling
Ty Segall Meaning
Confucious MC & Jehst Trust (feat. Confucious MC & Jehst)
Kokoko Tongos'a
Vin Sol My Mind
Contributors Dome
Mary Ocher Across Red Lines
Visionist High Life
Cuthead Big Time
Mattiel Send It On Over
Sunday 12th March 2017
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
The Soundtrack to Ken Loach's Kes
24 / 33 Tracks
Stuart features the soundtrack to Ken Loach's Kes, plus the usual wonderful weirdness.

Anamanaguchi Meow
Emptyset Axis
Dutch Uncles Baskin
Richard Pinhas Dronz Reverse +>V2
Kammerflimmer Kollektief Never Collapse, Always Dazzle
Pedro Vian News From Near Future
Brian Eno Backwater
Dan Deacon The Crystal Cat
Peter Hammill People You Were Going To
Piero Piccioni Mr. Dante Fontana
John Cameron Front Titles
John Cameron Training Kes
John Cameron Dawn - Billy Sees Kes In The Tower
John Cameron Midnight - Billy Climbs And Captures Kes
John Cameron Jud Walks To The Mine
John Cameron Kes First Flight
John Cameron Kes Flies Higher
John Cameron Burying Kes
John Cameron Billy's Paper Round
Lymbyc Systym Trichromatic
John Cameron Foreboding
John Cameron Looking For Kes
John Cameron Realisation
Balduin Autumn Almanac
Barry Booth And His Orchestra Mole
Dead Astronauts Zero DB
Diamanda Galás Angels
Djivan Gasparyan Es Gisher - Tonight
Roger Eno Ember Days
Alasdair Roberts The Angry Laughing God
Toby Hay Claerwen
Holy F**k Stilettos
Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone
Emptyset Playlist
5 / 14 Tracks
Electronic duo Emptyset supply a playlist of ritual drones and adventurous vocals.

Emptyset Speak
Emptyset Descent
Penguin Cafe Orchestra The Snake And The Lotus (The Pond)
Joshua Sabin Vivo Wish
Black Manual Mordendo (Bleed Turquoise Remix)
Luigi Nono Conclusione
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Noor-e-khuda Hai Husn-e-sarapa Rasool (The Light Of God Is The Embodiment Of The
Pauline Oliveros A Love Song
Björn Schmelzer Missa Caput: Kyrie
This Heat Twilight Furniture
Catherine Christer Hennix Blues Alif Lam Mim in the Modes of Rag Infinity
Yoshi Wada Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile (Part 1)
Cevdet Erek Walnut
Joan La Barbara Twelvesong
Thursday 8th January 2015
Benji B
Monki sits in
32 / 57 Tracks
Monki sits in for Benji B with future electronic beats.

Little Dragon Pretty Girls
Flight Facilities Why Do You Feel
Lauryn Hill Lost Ones
David Bowie Be My Wife
Roy Davis Jr. Gabriel
Evian Christ Waterfall
David Bowie Moss Garden
Photay Reconstruct
Kindness With You
DVA Solid
Emptyset Recur
Laurel Halo Light & Space
MJ Cole Sanctuary
Dat Oven Icy Lake
Moon Zero Endless Palms
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma The Golden Bough
Jan Nemecek Organ Hell
Sculpture Instability
Listening Center Looking Ahead
Caribou Our Love
The Phantom Arctic (Devil Mix)
Koehler Spiral Light
Fatima Ridin Round (Sky High)
Speelburg Kline
Flying Lotus Never Catch Me
Yamaneko Tugboat (Otherworld Mix)
Mr. Mitch Intense Faces
Floating Points Nuits Sonores
Bonobo Flashlight
Tom Trago Need This
Mumdance Shook
Melé Ambience
Dark0 Sweet Boy Tears
Karlheinz Stockhausen Struktur XIV
Rabit Sun God
Rabit Tearz
Mumdance N.Y. Subway Field Recording
Inkke Choong (Devil Mix)
Logos Glass (Shapednoise Remix)
Josh Idehen Shake
Python Crossing Strict Face
Bwama Aomame
Rabit Inside The Catacomb
Nao vs. AK Paul So Good
François Bayle Eros Bleu.2
Jammin' Distraction
Inkke Love Song
Wiley Born In The Cold (Spookys Even Colder Re-Rub)
James Blake Builiding It Still
Wen It's A Lot
Brey Raven
More Memories Rabit
Kinzy Elevation
Murlo Geist
Hybrids 2.1 Ross 154
Thursday 16th October 2014
Benji B
27 / 86 Tracks
Future electronic beats from hip-hop and house to electronic-driven soul music.

David Bowie Be My Wife
GoldLink When I Die
David Bowie Moss Garden
Flying Lotus Turtles
Lee Gamble Nueme
LFO Freeze
Emptyset Recur
Laurel Halo Light & Space
LFO Mentok 1
Moon Zero Endless Palms
Beneath Occupy
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma The Golden Bough
Jan Nemecek Organ Hell
GL Won't You See (Gerd Janson Dub Mix)
Sculpture Instability
Logos Kowloon
Listening Center Looking Ahead
The Phantom Arctic (Devil Mix)
Koehler Spiral Light
Dorian Concept Mint
Yamaneko Tugboat (Otherworld Mix)
Caribou Mars
Kaytranada Leave Me Alone
Mr. Mitch Intense Faces
Hudson Mohawke Brainwave
Kelis Jerk Ribs (Mount Kimbie Remix)
Dark0 Sweet Boy Tears
J'Danna Simple Love
Karlheinz Stockhausen Struktur XIV
Heliocentrics Chapter II: Big Bang Transmission (feat. Melvin Van Peebles)
Paleman Beezledub
Rabit Sun God
Rabit Tearz
Stereolab Peel session track from 2001
Mumdance N.Y. Subway Field Recording
[unknown] The KDJ Cuts
Inkke Choong (Devil Mix)
Logos Glass (Shapednoise Remix)
Strict Face Python Crossing
Rabit Inside The Catacomb
CKTRL Pictures
P. Morris Grace
François Bayle Eros Bleu.2
Dark0 Sweetboy Tears
CAN Return to BB City (Peel Session)
Inkke Love Song
A$AP Rocky Multiply (feat. Juicy J)
SBTRKT The Light (feat. Denai Moore)
Rabit More Memories
Thom Yorke Pink Section
Nguzunguzu Ghost Chair
Murlo Geist
Moiré Attitude
Ross 154 Hybrids 2.1
Thursday 14th August 2014
Benji B
The Bug in the mix
14 / 48 Tracks
Benji has a special mix from The Bug.

Rustie Green Language
Burial In McDonalds
FKA twigs Closer
Ghost Come Back Again
We Are Shining Breaks
Emptyset Armature
Madlib Cue 6
William Basinski Nocturnes
Techno Animal Hypertension
GL Won't You See (Gerd Janson Dub Mix)
Dorian Concept Ann River
Kaytranada Leave Me Alone
Tom Trago Need This
The Bug Skeng (Autechre Remix) (feat. Flow Dan & Killa P)
Redlight Cure Me (Actress Remix)
Mr. Mitch The Lion, The B And The Bordeaux
Little Dragon Pretty Girls (Lil Silva remix)
King Krule Neptune Estate (Travis Scott Remix)
Roman Flügel Parade
Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez B Boy Beat
Goth-Trad Grind
Common Out On Bond (feat. Vince Staples)
Martyn Like That (Seven Davies Jr Remix)
Roll Deep Morgue Freestyle (feat. Tommy Gunz)
Omar-S Annoying Mumbling Alcoholic
Mumdance Take Time (Riko Dan Version) (feat. Riko)
FunkinEven The Abyss
Friday 21st March 2014
Skream and Benga
Skream's Spring Break Special
12 / 30 Tracks
Skream has mixes from Simon Baker, Maison Sky and brand-new producer DrumTalk.

Bobby Peru Erotic Discourse
Eliphino I Played
Simon Baker Plastik
Soulphiction When Radio Was Boss
Wookie Scrappy
Phil Kieran Saturdays
Maison Sky 69
Brooks Iwanchu
Chip E. Time To Jack
Maison Sky Glamour
French Fries Journey To Kepler
Voyeur Rain Away
French Fries K62 (feat. Bambounou)
Alex Falk GF
Esa Shaka Zulu Hulle (Kwaaifro version)
Emptyset Altogether Lost (feat. Cornelius Harris) (Ben Klock's Glowing Clap Mix)
Kerri Chandler Think Of Something
Night After Night The Rain (feat. Jessie Boykins)
Kerri Chandler The Orbit (Trevino Remix)
Maison Sky Untitled
Route 94 My Love (Maison Skys 'No Strings Attached' Remix) (feat. Jess Glynne)
A1 Bassline Bad Time
Truncate Breakdown
Pachanga Boys Pachanga Voice
Zed Bias Ye
Tom Demac Vocoder's Revenge
Barrington Levy Bountyhungter Dub
Cosmic Force Chocolate Starfish
Maison Sky Stem
Simon Baker Arpy 1
Friday 3rd June 2011
Tom Ravenscroft
20 / 44 Tracks
Tom has a guest mix from show favourites Minneapolis chamber folk act Dark Dark Dark.

Tula Tula
Arthur Russell This Is How We Walk On The Moon
Son Lux Leave The Riches
Night Beats Dial 666
White Hills Monument
Prince Buster Texas Hold-Up
Spectrals Bonus Jam
Sam Cooke Mean Old World
Starkey Street Rockers
Wye Oak Two Small Deaths
Part Chimp Big Bird
Cola Freaks Kniven
The Residents When We Were Young
Lonnie Donegan Jimmie Brown The Newsboy
Dalglish 10.7.2005
Richard Youngs Summer Void
Swell Maps Midget Submarines
Milk Maid Girl
NKC Marie
French Quarter Don't You?
Eddie & Ernie Time Waits For No-one
Wild Wild Geese Art and War
Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti Sory Bamba
Super Khoumeissa Ali Baka
Emptyset Point
Yuppies Motivation
Andre Denis Cherie N'Aluli Yo
The Body Song of Sarin, The Brave
Grass Widow Milo Minute
Zomby Natalie's Song
The Caretaker A Relationship With The Sublime
Klu Klung Klung Sweet Love
Bakolo Keta Hello Vevina - Part 2
The Chimes I Can't Smile
Sissy Spacek Fist Paste
Brute Heart Lonely Hunter
Callers You Are An Arc
The Wax Museums Sunburn
Mondkopf Piste 02
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Pretty Boy Swag (feat. Gucci Mane)
U. S Girls If These Walls Could Talk
Dan Melchior Counting Calories At The Last Supper
Oh Gunquit Lights Out
Subwave Intercontinental Meltdown