Playlists with tracks by Ellen Arkbro

Saturday 24th February 2018
Hear and Now
Open Ear, Alexander's Annexe, Abstrukt Ensemble, Laura Cannell, Ipek Gorgun
4 / 15 Tracks
A concert with Alexander's Annexe, Abstruckt Ensemble, Ipek Gorgun and Laura Cannell.

Eliot Cole 3 Postludes - No.1/No.6/No.8
Ipek Gorgun Fata Morgana
Alexander's Annexe Say It
Laura Cannell Three Stones/Cathedral of the Marshes
Alva Noto Uni Clip
Alexander's Annexe Tear It
Mesadorm Tell Me
Philip Glass Closing
Matthew Shlomowitz Hi-hat and Me
Ellen Arkbro 'for organ and brass'
Ipek Gorgun Improvised live set
Laura Cannell Interrelation of Diverse Emotions
Alexander's Annexe Pull It
Laura Cannell The Happiness of Both Worldes
Walley Gunn Vicious Children
Sunday 15th October 2017
Freak Zone Playlist
Laura Cannell
9 / 15 Tracks
Composer, fiddler and recorder player Laura Cannell compiles this week's playlist.

Colin Stetson Spindrift
Tangerine Dream The Dream Is Always The Same
Peter Bellamy Conversation With Death
Laura Cannell Blackwater
Laura Cannell Persuasion
Ex-Easter Island Head Ten Bells
Charles Hayward I've Been Watching You
Joanna Newsom Monkey & Bear
Knut Buen Gangar
Laura Cannell Breathe Now
Ellen Arkbro For Organ And Brass (Extract)
Laurie Spiegel A Folk Study
Tempvs Fvgit Messe Vultum Tuum (Introitu)
Kathryn Tickell Kate's House
Hoofus The Field
Wednesday 22nd March 2017
Late Junction
Verity Sharp
6 / 17 Tracks
Verity Sharp with industrial noise, music for toy piano and an Icelandic requiem.

Pharmakon Transmission
Colin Self AS Brieth (feat. Colin Self)
Shobaleader One Journey to Reedham
Deep Throat Choir The Wave
Marina Rosenfeld Seeking Solace / Why, Why?
Adrian O'Rourke Retro Reel (feat. Innes White & Adrian O'Rourke)
Meshmass Oh Mother
António Sanches Pinta Manta
Nick Harper Breathe
Broken Social Scene Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Phyllis Chen Toy Toccata (in Black and White) for solo toy piano
Craig Taborn Phantom Ratio
Yorkston/Thorne/Khan Samant Saarang / Just A Bloke
Ellen Arkbro For Organ & Brass
Hespèrion XXI Los Paxaricos - Maciço de Rosas
Jón Leifs Requiem, Op. 33b for mixed choir a cappella
La Monte Young Sarabande