Playlists with tracks by Dan Amor

Tuesday 19th February 2019
Gideon Coe
Fela Kuti in concert.
19 / 40 Tracks
Sessions from The Rezillos, Visage, Musee Mecanique, Half Japanese

Julianna Barwick Same
Prince Far I Young Generation
Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps Race with the Devil
The Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble Cubano Chant
Memphis Minnie Me And My Chauffeur Blues
Sanford Clark The Fool
Visage Only the Good Die Young
The Rezillos No (Radio 1 John Peel Session, 12 Dec 1977)
Los Leones De La Sierra La Veva (Radio 1 Session, 20 Feb 1990)
Musée Mécanique Our Changing Skins (6 Music Session, 20 Sep 2010)
Los Leones De La Sierra And El Mono Blanco La Bamba (Radio 1 Session, 20 Feb 1990)
Mike Cooper Night Journey
Ben Zeppa And The Zephers A Foolish Fool
Ida Wenøe Another Kind Of Love
The Rezillos Fight Among Yourselves (Radio 1 John Peel Session, 12 Dec 1977)
Sonny Binns & The Rudies Night Train
We Show Up on Radar Zanzibar Whip Coral
Jessica Pratt Silent Song
The Membranes Dark Matter
Half Japanese If He Says He Did
Dan Amor Melin
Truth In Space Truth In Space
Callum Easter I Just Want To Love
Musée Mécanique Fits And Starts (6 Music Session, 20 Sep 2010)
Emma Tricca Mars Is Asleep
Flamin’ Groovies I Can't Hide
Half Japanese Talking In My Sleep
Visage Promises - BBC Session 15/05/1983
Gemma Ray Psychogeology
Weyes Blood Andromeda
Elfin Bow & Gary Lloyd Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Holiday Ghosts Stuck Here
The Rezillos (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures (Radio 1 John Peel Session, 12 Dec 1977)
Fela Kuti Confusion Break Bones (Glastonbury 1984)
Touch Down At Circe's Place
Spearmint The Beautiful Things
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs A66 (Radio Edit)
Keith Seatman Three Day Girl
The Stairs Weed Bus
Nubiya Brandon Permission
Monday 11th February 2019
Gideon Coe
The Beat in concert
16 / 42 Tracks
Sessions from The Passage, The Lucid Dream, The Psylons, Dreadzone, Country Joe Mcdonald

Joni Mitchell Coyote
The Chameleons Up The Down Escalator
Augustus Pablo Up Warrika Hill
Bo Diddley Pills
Jake Thackray Salvation Army Girl
The Challengers Torquay
Beat Too Nice To Talk To - Hammersmith Odeon 1982
Country Joe McDonald Tricky Dicky - BBC Session 29/06/1977
The Lucid Dream Cold Killer (6 Music Session, 26 Feb 2014)
Twink Brand New Morning
Shana Cleveland Face Of The Sun
John Blek North Star Lady
Jess Sykes Drinking With Strangers
Country Joe McDonald Get It Together - BBC Session 29/06/1977
Monks Road Social The Coming Of Grace
The Passage Dark Times (Radio 1 Session, 18 Nov 1980)
Stealing Sheep Big Wows - Riley Session 110219
Dan Amor Penwythnos Heulog
Light Conductor Light Conductor
Neil Ardley Nocturne
Los Bonsáis Buena Idea
Edwyn Collins Outside
Dreadzone Zion Youth (Radio 1 John Peel Session, 21 Apr 1995)
Psylons Mockery Of Decline (Radio1 Session, 1 Jun 1986)
The Cramps Mystery Plane
Daphne & Celeste Song To A Succulent
Dreadzone Good The Bad And The Dread (Radio 1 John Peel Session, 21 Apr 1995)
Lau Riad
Balthazar Wrong Vibration
Martin Frawley Lo And Behold
Psylons Remembrance (Radio1 Session, 1 Jun 1986)
The Passage Shave Your Head (Radio 1 Session, 18 Nov 1980)
The Beat Hands Off She's Mine (Hammersmith Odeon 1982)
Bob Dylan And The Band Lo And Behold!
Gemma Ray Death Tapes
Beat I Confess - Hammersmith Odeon 1982
Kel Assouf Fransa
Mark Stewart A Very British Coo (feat. Mark Stewart)
The Lucid Dream Moonstruck (6 Music Session, 26 Feb 2014)
The Beat Get A Job / Stand Down Margaret (Hammersmith Odeon 1982)
Dana Gillespie No! No! No!
Tuesday 5th February 2019
Gideon Coe
Babes In Toyland in concert.
18 / 44 Tracks
Sessions from British Sea Power, Soft Cell, Loney Dear, The Wood Children

Scotty Moore Trio Have Guitar Will Travel
Babes in Toyland Oh Yeah
Sonic Youth The Empty Page
Babes in Toyland Right Now
Bark Psychosis The Loom
The Fall Rowche Rumble
MC5 I Can Only Give You Everything
The Bongolian Saturn's Eye
The Robins Smokey Joe's Cafe
Bailterspace Grader - BBC Session 06/12/1992
The Godfathers Defibrillator
Hot Soul Singers Hlala Nami
Ralph Holding Calamity
The Perfect English Weather Only Shadows
Bailterspace Tanker - BBC Session 06/12/1992
K. H. mirth Say Yes
Robert Forster Inferno (Brisbane in Summer)
Bailterspace The State - BBC Session 06/12/1992
Kristin Hersh Loud Mouth
The Stairs Mary Joanna
Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum Smokey Joe's La La
Sleaford Mods Discourse
Unloved Crash Boom Bang
Cleaners From Venus The Jangling Man
Laura Gibson Goners
Soft Cell Bedsitter (Radio 1 Session, 26 Jul 1981)
Vic Godard Stop That Girl
Dan Amor Penwythnos Heulog
Loney, Dear I Dreamed About You (6 Music Session 20 Feb 2012)
Soft Cell Youth (Radio 1 Session, 26 Jul 1981)
Wood Children Happens Every Day (Radio 1 Session, 11 Nov 1987)
Dennis Reid And The Revolutionaires Rising Sun Version
Loney, Dear My Heart (6 Music Session 20 Feb 2012)
3 South And Banana Magdalen Eye
Wood Children Vat Of Tea (Radio 1 Session, 11 Nov 1987)
Ellis What A Mess
Etchingham Steam Band Sheep Shearing / Buttered Peas (Radio 1 Session, 21 Oct 1974)
Mike Elliot This Love Of Mine
The Empty Page When The Cloud Explodes
Etchingham Steam Band The Hard Times Of Old England (Radio 1 Session, 21 Oct 1974)
Northwest Same Old Sky
Babes in Toyland Say What You Want
Fold We're the Ones
Pye Corner Audio Dancing Shadows
Tuesday 15th January 2019
Gideon Coe
Aztec Camera in concert.
19 / 43 Tracks
Sessions from Diblo Dibala, Bogshed, Teenage Fanclub, Alison Krauss and Union Station.

Roy Loney and the Phantom Movers Hundred Miles An Hour
Bert Jansch Angie
Brian Eno Needles in the Camel's Eye
Teenage Fanclub I Don't Want Control Of You
Teenage Fanclub Take The Long Way Round
My Bloody Valentine What You Want
Subhumans Wake Up Screaming
The Carpettes Small Wonder
The Wave Pictures Shell
Bog-Shed Packed Lunch To School - BBC Session 27/10/1985
Aztec Camera We Could Send Letters - Dominion Theatre 1984
Bog-Shed Hell Bent On Death - BBC Session 27/10/1985
Aztec Camera Oblivious - Dominion Theatre 1984
The Boothill Foot-Tappers Long White Robe - BBC Session 24/03/1984
Ouzo Bazooka Trip Train
JOSIN In The Blank Space
Pye Corner Audio Dancing Shadows
Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band Mindtrain
Diblo Diabala Matchatcha Wetu (Radio 1 Session, 19 Jul 1992)
The Sensation Seekers Back Of Twelve
Diblo Diabala Mondo Ry (Radio 1 Session, 19 Jul 1992)
Te'amir The Quest
The Boothill Foot-Tappers I Ain't Broke - BBC Session 24/03/1984
Augustus Pablo Pablo Meets Mr Bassie
Laura Veirs Lightning Rod
Alison Krauss & Union Station Lay My Burden Down - Radio 2 session 28/07/2011
Rozi Plian Inner Circle - Marc Riley Session - 15-01-19
Savage Mansion Dog O' Tears
Robert Lloyd & The New Four Seasons Something Nice (Radio 1 Session, 10 Mar 1987)
Mildred Maude Pink Midnight Remix
Dan Amor Addo Glaw
Fat White Family Feet
Alison Krauss & Union Station Dust Bowl Children - Radio 2 session 28/07/2011
Working Men's Club Bad Blood
Sweet Baboo I'm A Dancer (6 Music Session, 29 July 2009)
The Telescopes Don't Place Your Happiness In The Hands Of Another
Diblo Diabala Bolingo (Radio 1 Session, 19 Jul 1992)
Pitou Clair De Lune (Adaptation)
The Monkees Some Of Shelly's Blues
Snapped Ankles Rechargeable
Aztec Camera Head Is Happy Heart's Insane - Dominion Theatre 1984
Raven Feeler
The Unthanks Deep Deep Down In The Slient Grave
Tuesday 8th January 2019
Gideon Coe
Frank Black in concert.
14 / 39 Tracks
Sessions from Leonard Cohen, Basement Five, Calexico, The Nightingales and Mzwakhe Mbuli.

BE Blue Lullaby
Tim Hardin Last Sweet Moments
Gong A Sprinkling Of Clouds
The Long Ryders Looking For Lewis And Clark
Brenda Holloway When I'm Gone
The Boy Least Likely To Paper Cuts
Basement 5 Immigration (Radio 1 Session, 21 Apr 1980)
Leonard Cohen Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye (Top Gear, 11 Aug 1968)
Ouzo Bazooka Latest News
The Age Of Not Believing The Age Of Not Believing
You Tell Me Starting point Riley session For Gideon 8 Jan 19
Mildred Maude CPA II
Sarathy Karwar Hajj
The Embrooks We Who Are
Leonard Cohen Bird on the Wire (Top Gear, 11 Aug 1968)
NIghtingales The Man That Time Forgot (6Music Session, 13 May 2015)
The Hollies I Can't Let Go (Mono)
Sleaford Mods Kebab Spider
Lightnin’ Hopkins Jake Head Boogie
Rustin Man Vanishing Man
Elson Silent Observer
Orkesta Menzoda La Caminadora
Cedric “Im” Brooks Why Can't I
Frank Black Los Angeles - Reading Festival 1994
Calexico Maybe On Monday (6 Music Session, 18 Sep 2012)
Tronco La Gran Barrera De Coral
Bobby Fry Grandchus
Frank Black Hate Me - Reading Festival 1994
NIghtingales I Itch (6Music Session, 13 May 2015)
Calexico Splitter (6 Music Session, 18 Sep 2012)
Dan Amor Addo Glaw
Frank Black Czar - Reading Festival 1994
Leonard Cohen You Know Who I Am (Top Gear, 11 Aug 1968)
3 South & Banana Rooftop Trees
Basement 5 No Ball Games (Radio 1 Session, 21 Apr 1980)
Rosali Lie To Me
The Bangles Jet Fighter
The Unthanks Deep Deep Down In The Slient Grave
Pye Corner Audio Hollow Earth
Tuesday 18th December 2018
Gideon Coe
The Jam in concert at the 100 Club in 1977. File under fast,
22 / 47 Tracks
Sessions from The Pooh Sticks, Veruca Salt, The Flaming Stars, Low, The Dransfields.

Chet Baker Grey December
Clarence Carter Back Door Santa
American Music Club Another Morning
William Bell Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday
Robert Johnson Hellhound On My Trail
The Jam In The Midnight Hour
The Jam All Around The World
The Jam So Sad About Us
Vince Guaraldi Trio Skating
The 5th Dimension Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In
Cocteau Twins Frosty The Snowman
Veruca Salt Vetrola (Radio 1Session, 27Jul 1994)
Robin and Barry Dransfield Christmas Is Coming (Radio 1 Session, 27 Nov 1975)
The Flaming Stars Over And Done (Radio 1 Session, 13 Jan 2002)
Cinerama The Name Of The Game
Magic Carpet Alan's Christmas Card
The Jam Slow Down
Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert The Recurrence Of Dickens
Pooh Sticks On Tape (Radio 1 Session, 19 Apr 1988)
Brother Universe We Three Kings Of Orient Are
Boris Karloff The Man In The Raincoat
The Stroppies All The Lines
Dan Amor Addo Glaw
Poppy Ackroyd Paper
Sufjan Stevens Lonely Man of Winter
Low Little Drummer Boy (6 Music Session, 6 dec 2016)
Flamingo Pier Find Your Way
Ngoni ba Deli
The Room In The Wood Mars (Won't Save Us)
Say Sue Me Christmas, It's Not A Biggie
The Flaming Stars Cash 22 (Radio 1 Session, 13 Jan 2002)
Anna Burch Tea-Soaked Letter
David Frost/Billy Taylor Bright Star In The Star In The East
Pooh Sticks Indiepop Ain't Noise Pollution (Radio 1 Session, 19 Apr 1988)
Low Just like Christmas (6 Music Session, 6 dec 2016)
Veruca Salt Straight (Radio 1Session, 27Jul 1994)
Ouzo Bazooka Trip Train
Departure Lounge Christmas Downer
Robin and Barry Dransfield What Will We Tell Them ? (Radio 1 Session, 27 Nov 1975)
The Mike Sammes Singers Ring Christmas Bells
Darren Hayman Blue Tinsel, Red Tinsel
Pooh Sticks Alan McGee (Radio 1 Session, 19 Apr 1988)
The Jam Sweet Soul Music - 100 Club, London 1977
Son of Dave Send Them Something Nice For Christmas
Kate Rusby Wassailing
Orions Belte Joe Frazier
Listening Center Clarion Of The Collapsed Complex
Tuesday 30th August 2016
Gideon Coe
Lemon Jelly in concert
9 / 40 Tracks
Lemon Jelly in concert, plus Bogshed, John Martyn, Beverly Martyn and Fun Boy Three.

Mauno Benny
Madam Rules Of Love
The Mountain Goats Age Of Kings
The Bongolian The Champion
Junior Parker Tomorrow Never Knows
Tony Allen No Discrimination
Danny White The Twitch
Teenage Fanclub Thin Air
Angel Olsen Shut Up Kiss Me
Deerhunter The Light Pours Out of Me - 6 Music Session 30/03/2011
Bog-Shed Adventure Of Dog - BBC Session 25/02/1986
Folk Devils Nicotine Tan
John Martyn Discover The Lover (Radio 1 Session, 7 Jan 1975)
Fun Boy Three The Pressure Of Life Takes The Weight Off The Body (Radio 1 Session, 16 Jan 1983)
Dexys Midnight Runners Let's Make This Precious (Radio 1 Session, 9 Jul 1981)
Fun Boy Three Going Home (Radio 1 Session, 16 Jan 1983)
Sophie Thapedi Soweto
Pablo Vasquez Teasero
Dan Amor Cnoc Cnoc Cnoc
Dollar Brand Soweto
Henry Senior Jr Green Fingers
Metá Metá Corpo Vao
Bog-Shed Hell Bent On Death - BBC Session 27/10/1985
The Go‐Betweens That Way
Christian Fitness Bad Boys Die In The Bath
Beverley Martyn Women and Malt Whiskey (Radio 2 Session, 27 April 2014)
Modern Studies Sleep
John Martyn The Message (Radio 1 Session, 7 Jan 1975)
Urusei Yatsura Exidor
Beverley Martyn When the Levee Breaks (Radio 2 Session, 27 April 2014)
Radian Pickup Pickout
Lemon Jelly Elements - Nottingham 2002
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins A Hard Day's Night
Deerhunter 60 Cycle Hum - 6 Music session 30/03/2011
Bog-Shed Packed Lunch To School - BBC Session 27/10/1985
Lemon Jelly Rambling Man - Nottingham 2002
The Men They Couldn’t Hang Scarlet Ribbons - BBC Session 22/01/1985
Martin Green Strange Sky
Pictish Trail Rhombus
Xylouris White Forging
Thursday 18th August 2016
Gideon Coe
Tom Ravenscroft sits in
13 / 33 Tracks
Tom Ravenscroft sits in for Gideon Coe and plays as many records as he can manage.

DJ Mujava Oriwango
Thomas Klein Methal
Nat Birchall Light Of All Worlds
Derek Hall & Mike Cooper Paul's Song
The Fall Container Drivers
The Velvet Underground Venus In Furs
Karen Dalton Same Old Man
The Fall New Puritan
The Velvet Underground Sweet Jane
Mike Cooper The Singing Tree
Mndsgn Cosmic Perspective
Radionics Radio Peter Send Me Money so I Can Fix the Boat You Promised
Eclection Morning Of Yesterday
Blurt Paranoid Blues - BBC Session 07/03/1999
Julia Jacklin Coming Of Age
The Fall New Day In Hell
Bruce O'Yates Helen
Carlos Garnett Let Us Go (To Higher Heights)
Dan Amor Cnoc Cnoc Cnoc
Delia Derbyshire & Elsa Stansfield Circle Of Light Pt.2
Pablo Vasquez Teasero
Tilsley Orchestral The Drifter
Dick Dale Catamount (Radio 1 Session, 30 Mar 1995)
Animal Magic Life (Radio 1 Session, 1 Apr 1982)
Wolfgang Buttress Into
Dick Dale Kiss Of Fire (Radio 1 Session, 30 Mar 1995)
Rain Dog Lloyd Has My Keyboard
Animal Magic Love Makes The World Go Square (Radio 1 Session, 1 Apr 1982)
Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus I Ya I
Bayete Umbra Zindiko Let It Take Your Mind
Sophie Thapedi Woza Lapha
Blurt Cherry Blossom Polish - BBC Session 07/03/1999
Goat The Snake Of Addis Ababa
Wednesday 27th July 2016
Gideon Coe
Label of Love Is Clay Pipe Music
14 / 45 Tracks
With sessions from XTC, Laura Veirs, Mott the Hoople, Southern Death Cult and Lash Lariat.

Night Beats Bad Love
Alasdair Roberts & James Green The Evening Is Growing Dim
Whyte Horses The Other Half Of The Sky
Pete Astor Sleeping Tiger
Blurred Moon Far
The Sea Urchins Pristine Christine
Trembling Blue Stars My Face For The World To See
The Triffids Hell of a Summer
Lisa Germano Slide
Los Brincos The Train
Derrick Morgan River To The Bank
Vic Mars The Road Through The Village
Shellac Compliant
Laura Veirs Jailhouse Fire (6 Music Session, 1 Mar 2005)
The Ukrainians Telstar
Sharron Kraus Branwen
Lash Lariat And The Long Riders Bitter Tears - BBC Session 13/01/1985
Kevin Ayers Clarence In Wonderland (Radio 1 Session, 9 Nov 1971) (feat. Kevin Ayers)
The Wolfhounds Now I'm A Killer
Aphex Twin Cheetah2 (Ld Spectrum)
Gong The Thing That Should Be
XTC Making Plans For Nigel (Radio 1 Session, 21 may 1979)
Modern Studies Father Is A Craftsman
The Beta Band I Know
Benjamin Lazar Davis Broke Me In Two
The Southern Death Cult False Faces - BBC Session 21/05/1982
XTC When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty (Radio 1 Session, 21 may 1979)
Dan Amor Cnoc Cnoc Cnoc
Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart Cosmic Love [Radio Edit]
Sugar Coat Me Instead
Lash Lariat And The Long Riders Feel Like Yelling (Radio 1 Session, 13 Jan1985)
Mott the Hoople Darkness Darkness (Radio 1 Session, 8 Mar 1971)
The Damned Stretcher Case Baby (Stiff Single 1977)
BC Camplight Why Doesn't Anybody Fall in love (6Music Session 270716)
The Southern Death Cult Fat Man - BBC Session 21/05/1982
Nots Inherently Low
The Highest Order Slip Away
Pye Corner Audio Sleep Chamber
Darren Hayman Class 108 DMU
XTC Life Begins At The Hop (Radio 1 Session, 21 may 1979)
Jon Brooks Please Drive Carefully
Mott the Hoople The Moon Upstairs (Radio 1 Session, 8 Mar 1971)
Hannah Peel All That Matters
Tyneham House Binoculars
Laura Veirs Blue Ink (6 Music Session, 1 Mar 2005)
Thursday 21st July 2016
Gideon Coe
Peter Tosh in Concert
13 / 41 Tracks
Gideon Coe plays has sessions from AC/DC, Beatnik Filmstars and Cornelius.

Jacques Tati How's The Weather In Paris?
Shades of Brown How Could You Love Him
Puzzle People Reach For The Truth
Ahmed Malek Maya
Otoboke Beaver Bakuro Book
Seafang Summertime
David McWilliams Spanish Hope
Perfume Genius Learning
The Monochrome Set Jet Set Junta
King Tubby A Happy Dub
Dr. Nico Kiri Kiri Mabina
Desperate Journalist Cristina
Carpool Conversation sealed off
Alison Krauss & Union Station Dust Bowl Children - Radio 2 session 28/07/2011
The Fernweh The Liar
The Moles K.B.O
Alison Krauss & Union Station Lay My Burden Down - Radio 2 session 28/07/2011
Beatnik Filmstars Jam Shoes (Radio 1 Session, 4th Jun 1995)
Duane Eddy Niki Hoeky
Peter Tosh Firing The Shot (Hot Hot Hot) - Dominion Theatre 1983
The Ukrainians Oy Dunayu Dunayu
Beatnik Filmstars New Boyfriend And Black Suit (Radio 1 Session, 4th Jun 1995)
Good Morning TV Ordinary People
Peter Tosh Where You Gonna Run - Dominion Theatre 1983
The Wolfhounds Now I'm A Killer
Buzzcocks Everybody's Happy Nowdays - BBC Session 18/10/1978
Peter Tosh You Can't Blame Youth - Dominion Theatre 1983
Buzzcocks Lipstick - BBC Session 18/10/1978
Jonathan Richman That Summer Feeling
Kelan Phil Cohran and Legacy White Nile
AC/DC High Voltage (Radio 1 Session, 6 Jun 1976)
Cornelius Ball In Kick Off (Radio 1 Session, 8 Sep 1998)
AC/DC Live Wire (Radio 1 Session, 6 Jun 1976)
Cornelius Lazy (Radio 1 Session, 8 Sep 1998)
Living Body Don't Give Up On Me
Ahmed Malek La Ville Pt.2
Sidewalk Society Can't Help Thinking About Me
Dan Amor Cnoc Cnoc Cnoc
Milo Scagiloni Black Dog No.7
Stackwaddy Bring It To Jerome
North Sea Radio Orchestra The British Road (Short Version)
Wednesday 13th July 2016
Gideon Coe
The Label of Love is Vinyl Japan
16 / 41 Tracks
The Label of Love is Vinyl Japan, plus sessions from Matk Kozelek, the Servants and others

The Monkees I Was There (And I'm Told I Had A Good Time)
Thee Headcoatees Have Love Will Travel
Aukai Night Rain
Elza Soares Firmeza?!
Dion Sisters Of Mercy
Loney, Dear Blues
The Flaming Stars Like Trash
Thee Milkshakes Dizzy Miss Lizzy
The Beatles Revolution
Broadcast Black Cat
Neil Young Revolution Blues
The Groundhogs Mistreated
The Golden Gate Quartet Atom & Evil
Glaxo Babies Shake (the Foundations)
Alison Statton and Spike Seaport Town
Stuart Moxham & The Original Artists Night By Night
The Tuts Let Go Of The Past
Las Kellies Summer Breeze
Mark Kozelek Arcade Song (6 Music Session, 25 Nov 2005)
Bug Fix Chocolate Nerve
Mark Kozelek Dramamine (6 Music Session, 25 Nov 2005)
The Groundhogs Garden (Radio 1 Session, 21 Jul 1970)
Killingstone Star July Handicap
Ezra Furman Teddy I'm Ready
Anchorsong Flamingos (6Music Session 130716)
Whyte Horses Promise I Do
Howard/Wiggan/Mapp From Dust
Alice Russell A Life Worth Living (feat. U-Roy, U-Roy & Alice Russell)
Bachar Mar-Khalifé Lemon
Moonshake Beautiful Pigeon (Radio 1 Session, 22 Nov 1992)
Ultimate Painting Break The Chain (6 Music Session, 10 Nov 2015)
Travancore DCF
Os Noctàmbulos Handcuffs
Len Bright Combo Pleasant Valley Wednesday
Mark Kozelek Bubble (6 Music Session, 25 Nov 2005)
Tomartyrs The Sun Of Mid September
Dan Amor Cnoc Cnoc Cnoc
Servants You Do Me Good (Radio 1 Session,16 Mar 1986)
Servants She Whom Once I Dreamt Of (Radio 1 Session,16 Mar 1986)
Darren Hayman Ravenscar
Devendra Banhart Baby - 6Music Session 12/10/2009
Sunday 5th July 2015
After Midnight
With Alex Lester
34 / 39 Tracks
Music and conversation after midnight with Alex Lester.

Charlie Puth See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)
Michael Jackson Thriller
Leon Bridges Pull Away
Lene Marlin Sitting Down Here
Cee Lo Green Forget You
Ace of Base The Sign
ABBA Our Last Summer
Elvis Presley His Latest Flame
Ike & Tina Turner River Deep Mountain High
Semisonic Secret Smile
The Cadillac Three White Lightning
Lisa Stansfield All Around The World
Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear Silent Movies
Amii Stewart Knock On Wood
The Corrs Breathless
Simple Minds Someone Somewhere (In The Summertime)
Jack Savoretti Written In Scars
Ottawan D.I.S.C.O.
Slade Cum On Feel The Noize
Poco Rose Of Cimarron
Shayne Ward The Way You Were
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Pandora's Box
k.d. lang Summerfling
Taylor Swift Bad Blood
The Psychedelic Furs Pretty In Pink
Sheila & B. Devotion Spacer
The Big Bopper Chantilly Lace
Brandon Flowers I Can Change
Leona Lewis Fire Under My Feet
Hurts Some Kind Of Heaven
Nile Rodgers I'll Be There
The Belle Stars Sign Of The Times
Blur Ong Ong
The Who Baby O'Riley (Glastonbury 2015)
Tom McRae Waves (feat. Tom McRae)
Dan Amor Sister Anne
John Newman Come 'n Get It
Railroad Earth Beat Down The Dust
Wednesday 5th November 2014
Huw Stephens
29 / 42 Tracks
Huw introduces you to the newest music.

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
Klaxons Golden Skans
Tove Styrke Borderline
Ex Hex Don't Wanna Lose
Curtis Harding Keep On Shining
Slow Club Everything Is New
Run the Jewels All My Life
Years & Years Desire
Run the Jewels Crown
Gossip Standing In The Way Of Control
Until the Ribbon Breaks A Taste Of Silver
As Elephants Are Crown
Deers Between Cans
KIOKO Deadly Roots
mylittlebrother Nosedive
Bossy Love Sweat It Out
Speelburg Aubrey
Run the Jewels Close Your Eyes (feat. Zack de la Rocha)
Menace Beach Come On Give Up
Santa Maradona F.C. Give Me Sunshine (feat. Lucy Spraggan)
MOVIE Tusk Vegas
Shamir On The Regular
Shura Indecision
P. Money Originators
Billie Black I Don't Need Another Lover
Ibeyi Mama Says
Crushed Beaks Rising Sign
Raury Cigarette Song
The Districts 4th And Roeblin
Damian Marley Hard Work
Lady Sanity Dust
Thomas Newson Flutes (feat. Lethal Bizzle)
Dan Amor Ym-ym-ai-ia
Låpsley Falling Short
George the Poet 1,2,1,2
Mura Masa ...Girl
Hookworms Radio Tokyo (Radio 1 Session, 29 Oct 2014)
SOAK B a noBody (Radio 1 Piano Session, November 2014)
Port Isla In The Long Run
SOAK Shake It Off (Radio 1 Piano Session, November 2014)
Someone's Enemy Fragile (feat. Maya Payne)
Thursday 10th July 2014
Gideon Coe
Dr Feelgood in concert from 1975
19 / 38 Tracks
Dr Feelgood live in 1975, plus The Who, The Primitives and Yo La Tengo.

Johnny Cash Girl From The North Country
Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles
Samantha Crain For The Miner
The Who I'm A Boy
Baxter Dury Pleasure
Samaris Brennur Stjarna
The Who Disguises
Jonnie Common Summer is for Going Places
The Who So Sad (About Us)
Paus Negro
The Primitives Shadow
Shaolin Afronauts Fe
Dustin Wong One Head
John's Children Go Go Girl
Sleaford Mods The Corgi
Goat Hide From The Sun
Carpool Conversation Night Owl
Comet Gain 'Sad Love' And Other Short Stories
Sarah Harmer Coffee Stain
Dan Amor Brenhines Y Tonnau
Yo La Tengo Autumn Sweater (Radio 1 Session, 15 Jul 1997)
Yo La Tengo Shadows (Radio 1 Session, 15 Jul 1997)
Kiran Leonard Geraldos Farm 'Chaka Canny Remix'
Dr. Feelgood Goin' Back Home - Paris Theatre 1975
Land Observations On Leaving the Kingdom for the Well-tempered Continent
T-Bone Walker T-Bone Jumps Again
Dr. Feelgood I Don't Mind - Paris Theatre 1975
Lift to Experience The Ground So Soft - BBC Sesion 15/04/2001
The Poor Boys Washboard Take 1
Dr. Feelgood Riot In Cell Block No.9 - Paris Theatre 1975
Lift to Experience With The World Behind - BBC Sesion 15/04/2001
Dr. Feelgood Rollin' And Tumblin' - Paris Theatre 1975
Little Barrie Stop Or Die (6 Music Session, 10th July 2014)
The Psychedelic Furs Fall - BBC Session 25/07/1979
The Psychedelic Furs Sister Europe - BBC Session 25/07/1979
Quincy Jones Giggle Grass
bIG fLAME Sink
Harpers Bizarre I Love You Alice B.Toklas
Wednesday 25th June 2014
Gideon Coe
18 / 40 Tracks
Bow Wow Wow at the Paris Theatre plus The Butthole Surfers, The Pastels and Cocteau Twins.

Ennio Morricone The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Antlers Palace
Sly & The Family Stone STAND
Yusef Lateef Love theme From Spartacus
The Monkees Sometime In The Morning
Discharge Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
Paus Corta Vazas
Stereolab Tomorrow is Already Here
The New Mendicants Shouting Match
Preservation Hall Jazz Band The Darker It Gets
The Drifters Up On The Roof
The Delgados American Trilogy
Rozi Plain See My Boat (Plaisir De France Remix)
Echaskech Sovereign System (Submerse Remix)
The Bombay Royale Henna Henna
James Yorkston Great Ghosts
Nina Simone I Loves You Porgy
The Moles Chills
Bow Wow Wow Go Wild In The Country - Paris Theatre 1982
The Pastels Baby Honey - BBC Session 01/07/1984
Bow Wow Wow Golly Golly Go Buddy - Paris Theatre 1982
The Pastels She Always Cries On Sunday - BBC Session 01/07/1984
Bow Wow Wow I Want Candy - Paris Theatre 1982
Bow Wow Wow Louis Quatorze - Paris Theatre 1982
Fleetwood Mac Blues With A Feeling - BBC Session 11/05/1969
The Astronauts Try to Put it Out of Your Mind
Butthole Surfers Concubine - BBC Session 12/08/1987
Fleetwood Mac Early Morning Come - BBC Session 11/05/1969
Butthole Surfers Gary Ford - BBC Session 12/08/1987
The Chills Pink Frost 13
Butthole Surfers Suicide - BBC Session 12/08/1987
Nilson Me And My Arrow
Agnes Obel Words Are Dead (Album Version)
Butthole Surfers Too Parter - BBC Session 12/08/1987
Cocteau Twins Half Gifts (Radio 1 Session, 12 Mar 1996)
ballboy Nobody Really Knows Anything - BBC Session 16/02/2003
Cocteau Twins Serpent's Skirt (Radio 1 Session, 12 Mar 1996)
ballboy Past Lovers - BBC Session 23/12/2003
Dan Amor Sister Anne
Randolph's Leap Eagleowl V's Woodpigeon (Album Version)
Wednesday 11th June 2014
Gideon Coe
John Otway in concert
21 / 36 Tracks
John Otway in concert, plus Tindersticks, Stray Cats, Meat Whiplash and Dave Evans.

First Aid Kit The Bell
S. Carey Crown The Pines
Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut Bbc Session 19/12/1980
Love Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale
Elvis Presley I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
The Pastels Night Time Made Us
T. Rex Life's A Gas
John Otway Really Free
Bobbie Gentry Mississippi Delta
The Detroit Cobras I'll Keep Holding On Bbc Session 13/04/2003
Las Kellies La Fiesta
The Soup Dragons Hang Ten
John Otway House Of The Rising Sun
The Cravats Terminus
Noah Howard Ole Negro
Dave Evans Insanity Rag
Gruff Rhys Liberty (Is Where We'll Be)
Ralfe Band Oh My Father (Field Music Remix)
The Proper Ornaments Always There
Real Lies North Circular
King Creosote For One Night Only
Echaskech Voyager (Seyr Remix)
Meat Whiplash Loss
The Detroit Cobras Hot Dog - BBC Session 09/09/2004
Meat Whiplash Walk Away
Menagerie Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place)
The Gaslight Troubadours Night Of The Vampire
John Otway What See Louisa Riding On A Horse
Tindersticks A Night In - BBC Session 18/01/1994
Keith Hudson In The Rain Dub
Stray Cats Bonnville Bonnie Bbc Session 19/12/1980
Coco Steel & Lovebomb Soul On the Radio, Lap Steel In My Soul & Rain, Walking In a Strange Moment Of C
Tindersticks Dickon Steps Out - BBC Session 18/01/1994
Dan Amor Y Gwynt
Tindersticks Sleepy Song - BBC Session 18/01/1994
Tindersticks Snowy In F Minor - BBC Session 18/01/1994
Monday 2nd June 2014
Gideon Coe
The Icicle Works in concert
21 / 38 Tracks
The Icicle Works in concert, plus Adam Green, The Flys, The Kinks and Beth Gibbons.

Bob Dylan Corrina, Corrina
The Specials Blank Expression
ProtoMartyr Maidenhead
Graham Nash Simple Man
Pink Mountaintops The Second Summer of Love
Magazine The Light Pours Out Of Me
Throwing Snow The Tempest
Curve Doppelganger
Professor Longhair Junco Partner
Popol Vuh Kyrie
The Four Brothers Makorokoto
Saint Etienne Teenage Winter
The Soft Boys Queen Of Eyes
James Brown There It Is
Bill Pritchard In June
Echaskech Sovereign System (Submerse remix)
Ralfe Band Oh My Father
John Renbourn Lady Goes To Church
Trwbador Breakthrough (Instrumental)
Haley Bonar Kill The Fun
The Phantom Band Galapagos
Colorama Me & My Sister
The Icicle Works Factory In The Desert - The Royal Court, Liverpool 1983
Dan Amor Sister Anne
The Icicle Works Love Is A Wonderful Colour - The Royal Court, Liverpool 1983
The Icicle Works Nirvana - The Royal Court, Liverpool 1983
The Icicle Works Reaping The Rich Harvest - The Royal Court, Liverpool 1983
The Kinks When I Turn Off The Living Room Lights (Where Was Spring? Session, 4 Feb 1969)
Shonen Knife Capybara - 6Music Session 10/08/2011
Adam Green Be My Man - 6Music session 07/04/2008
The Kinks Where Did The Spring Go? (Where Was Spring? Session, 28 Jan 1969)
Shonen Knife Riding On a Rocket - 6Music Session 10/08/2011
Adam Green Experiment No.1 - 6Music session 07/04/2008
Josh T. Pearson Thou Art Loosed - 6Music Session 28/03/2011
Shonen Knife Super Group - 6Music Session 10/08/2011
Keith Hudson Black Heart
The Flys New Hearts - BBC Session 15/03/1978
The Flys We Don't Mind The Rave - BBC Session 15/03/1978
Tuesday 27th May 2014
Gideon Coe
Green Gartside sits in
15 / 31 Tracks
With Georgie Fame in concert and sessions from White Denim, Autechre and Tim Buckley.

Matthew E. White Steady Pace
The Jimmy Castor Bunch It's Just Begun
Poor Moon Birds
Greys Use Your Delusion
Echaskech Paper Scissors
Canned Heat Poor Moon
Phil Ochs Pleasures Of The Harbor
Annette Peacock Seven Days
Betty Davis Anti Love Song
Linda Perhacs Chimacum Rain
Art Ensemble of Chicago Rock Out
El Fog Silent Soaring
Hundred Waters Show Me Love
The Soundcarriers This Is Normal
Neil Young Changes
Steel Pulse Handsworth Revolution (Radio 1 Session, 31 Aug 1977)
Crass G's Song - BBC Session 28/03/1979
Crass Tired - BBC Session 28/03/1979
Mars Helen Forsdale
Tim Buckley I'm Coming Here To Stay - BBC Session 01/04/1968
Dan Amor Sister Anne
Tim Buckley Morning Glory - BBC Session 01/04/1968
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Bright Lights Big City - Camden Theatre 1964
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Do Re Mi - Camden Theatre 1964
Shirley Collins Seven Yellow Gypsies
Autechre Blifil - BBC Session 05/07/1999
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Let The Sun Shine In - Camden Theatre 1964
St. John Green Godess Of Death
Autechre Gaekwad - BBC Session 05/07/1999
Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Night Train - Camden Theatre 1964
Steel Pulse Bad Man (Radio 1 Session, 31 Aug 1977)
Sunday 18th May 2014
Cerys on 6
L'Orchestre Du Montplaisant in session
24 / 32 Tracks
Cerys Matthews has L'Orchestre Du Montplaisant in session.

Arctic Monkeys Snap Out Of It
The The Perfect
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love
Little Richard Long Tall Sally
Thievery Corporation Decollage
David Bowie Song For Bob Dylan
Bruce Springsteen The E Street Shuffle
Aaron Neville Hercules
Bootsy Collins What's A Telephone Bill?
Nina Simone Turn Me On
Sam Cooke Aint That Good News
The Doors Roadhouse Blues
"Brother" Jack McDuff Tobacco Road
Parliament Do That Stuff
Elvie Thomas Pick Poor Robin Clean
Maceo Parker Daddy's Home
Patti Drew Hard To Handle
Keith Hudson Rub Dub
Django Reinhardt Limehouse Blues
Bill Doggett Corner Pocket
Bob Dylan Full Moon and Empty Arms
Vin Gordon Music Tree
Rodrigo y Gabriela Soundmaker
Johnny Cash Baby Ride Easy
Mulatu Astatq Munaye? (My Muna)
Tom Williams and The Boat Golden Brown
Dan Amor Dusk Bird
Ryksopp Happy Up Here
Arvo Prt Spiegel Im Spiegel
Keith & Enid Everything Will Be All Right
Sourya My Enemy
Wednesday 7th May 2014
Gideon Coe
Everything But the Girl in concert from 1985
20 / 34 Tracks
Everything But the Girl live in 1985, plus Ian Dury and The Blockheads and Woodpigeon.

Marissa Nadler Drive
The Magnetic Fields I Don't Want To Get Over You
Everything but the Girl Frost And Fire
Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business
Everything but the Girl Easy As Sin
The Notwist Run Run Run
Otis Redding I've Been Loving You Too Long
Ride Going Blank Again
DJ Shadow Stem
Withered Hand King Of Hollywood
Everything but the Girl Native Land
Everything but the Girl Sean
The Delines 82nd Street
MC5 I Want You Right Now
Ezra Furman Caroline Jones
Jake Thackray Caroline Diggeby-Pratte
Ornette Coleman Ramblin'
Raymond Scott Little Miss Echo
The Jiving Juniors Hip Rub
Ray Vernon I'm Countin On You
Eastern Hollows Space Spirits
My Sad Captains Extra Curricular (6 Music Session, 5th May 2014)
Nitin Sawhney Seunset - 6Music Session 25/05/2005
The Pentangle In Your Mind - BBC Session 23/09/1968
The Pentangle Savoy - BBC Session 23/09/1968
Adventures in Stereo A Brand New Day - BBC Session 11/02/1997
Woodpigeon Ohkoomi - 6 Music session 28/06/2011
Adventures in Stereo When You're Gone - BBC Session 11/02/1997
Woodpigeon The Secret - 6 Music session 28/06/2011
Ian Dury Blockheads (Radio 1 Session, 30 Nov 1977)
Bob It Was Kevin (BBC Session 02/03/88)
Ian Dury Sweet Gene Vincent (Radio 1 Session, 30 Nov 1977)
Samaris g vildi fegin vera (Clara Moto Remix)
Dan Amor Sister Anne
Wednesday 30th April 2014
Radcliffe and Maconie
27 / 30 Tracks
More from the Radio Wrestlers of Rock, Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie.

Arctic Monkeys I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit
Daft Punk Harder Better Faster Stronger
Led Zeppelin Immigrant Song
Best Coast Crazy For You
Valentina Gabriel
Elvis Costello I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down)
Lemon Jelly Nice Weather For Ducks
John Martyn May You Never
The Flaming Lips Race For The Prize
Jake Bugg Messed Up Kids
DJ Shadow High Noon
Pete Wylie Sinful
Buzzcocks Boredom
The Streets Turn the Page
The Waterboys When Will We Be Married
The Wedding Present My Favourite Dress
Cate Le Bon Sisters
Wild Beasts A Simple Beautiful Truth
Lykke Li No Rest For The Wicked
Wye Oak Logic Of Color
Slow Club Complete Surrender
Arcade Fire We Exist
Gruff Rhys American Interior
The Horrors So Now You Know
The Hosts Give Your Love To Her
Beck Say Goodbye
Dan Amor Sister Anne
Eat Lights Become Lights Velocet Vir Nesat
Joanna Gruesome Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers
Tuesday 15th April 2014
Late Junction
Tuesday - Nick Luscombe
6 / 9 Tracks
With Nick Luscombe. Including music from Little Dragon, Benjamin Dwyer and Joni Mitchell.

UNKLE Rabbit In Your Headlights
Dean Wareham Love Is Not A Roof Against the Rain
Joni Mitchell Car On A Hill
Little Dragon Cat Rider
Esmerine Yavri Yavri
Peter Zummo Lateral Pass: IV. Song IV (quintet)
Anne-Mari Kivimki Pyorittaja
Dan Amor Landlubber
Dan Gellert Buckdancer's Choice
Thursday 27th March 2014
Gideon Coe
21 / 36 Tracks
The Pink Fairies live in 1971, plus Plone, The Servants, The Kinks and Wooden Shjips.

The Handsome Family Far From Any Road
Chuck Berry You Never Can Tell
65daysofstatic Taipei
Big Maybelle 96 Tears
Kim Deal Likkle More
Ride Like A Daydream
The Kinks Mirror Of Love
My Latest Novel Sister Sneaker Sister Soul
Lee Dorsey Do Re Mi
Barrence Whitfield Turn Your Damper Down
Travis Wammack Scratchy
Derrick Morgan River To The Bank
The Misunderstood I Can Take You To The Sun
Bed Rugs Purple Pill
Max Roach Equipoise
Swans A Little God In My Hands
Teebs Holiday (feat. Jonti)
Sabina I Won't Let You Break Me
Kim Deal The Root
Sex Pistols No Feelings
Malawi Mouse Boys Zochita Zanu
Big Black L Dopa - BBC Session
Big Black Newman Generator - BBC Session
Panama Limited Eastern Man
Pink Fairies Johnny Be Goode - Paris Theatre 1971
Dan Amor Dusk Bird
Pink Fairies Uncle Wally's Last Freak Out - Paris Theatre 1971
The Kinks Till The End Off The Day - BBC Session 1965
Jack Sheldon The Long Goodbye
Ronald Stein Moon Rock Ad Talk
Tiny Ruins Me At The Winter Gardens and You At The Museum
Wooden Shjips Black Smoke Rise - 6Music Session 07/09/2011
Strawberry Switchblade By The Sea (Radio 1 Session, 3 Oct 1982)
Big Black Dead Billy - BBC Session
Wooden Shjips Home - 6Music Session 07/09/2011
Strawberry Switchblade Linda (Radio 1 Session, 3 Oct 1982)
Wednesday 22nd January 2014
Gideon Coe
Joni Mitchell and James Taylor at the Paris Theatre in 1971
24 / 35 Tracks
Joni Mitchell and James Taylor live in 1971, plus Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara.

Jon Hopkins Collider
Cloud Control Moonrabbit
Elvis Presley Mystery Train
Bo Diddley Road Runner
The Fauns Seven Hours
The Byrds She Don't Care About Time
The Souljazz Orchestra Mamaya
Paul Buchanan My True Country
Neutral Milk Hotel Holland, 1945
Max Romeo War Inna Babylon
Sparklehorse Sick Of Goodbyes
Mariam The Believer Above the World
Samantha Crain Ax
Marine Girls Place In The Sun
Margo Guryan Someone I Know
MC5 Rocket Reducer No.62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)
Le Mans Oh Romeo Romeo
Wire Dot Dash
Rachel Sweet Baby Let's Play House
Sudden Death of Stars The Break Up
Age of Chance Mob Hut!
Marine Girls Love To Know
Blank Realm Back To The Flood
Sarah Harmer Tether
Dan Amor Y Gwynt
The Auteurs Subculture
Dory Previn Lonely Girl In London
Freschard Investigate
Mutual Benefit Advanced Falconry (Album Version)
Ivor Cutler Ben Jacob
The Souljazz Orchestra Recognise
Age of Chance I Don't Know And I Don't Care
Joni Mitchell Carey - BBC Paris Theatre 29/09/1970
Y Niwl 05 Dauddegpedwar
Beastie Boys Son Of A Neckbone
Thursday 28th November 2013
Gideon Coe
Dr Feelgood at the Paris Theatre in 1975
21 / 35 Tracks
Gideon plays Dr Feelgood in concert, plus Hefner, Led Zeppelin, Low and Kanda Bongo Man.

David Bowie You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
Led Zeppelin What Is And What Should Never Be
Pontiak Innocence
The Sonics Boss Hoss
The Pogues Dark Streets Of London
The Pastels Kicking Leaves
Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers Twisted Mile
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Casino Royale (Main Title)
Small Faces Green Circles
Sonny Rollins On Impulse
Moose Polly
Leroy Smart Channel One Feel It
Alternative TV Action Time Vision
Jon Hopkins Immunity
The Jim Jones Revue Collision Boogie
Kathryn Williams Underground
Led Zeppelin Travelling Riverside Blues
East India Youth Dripping Down
The Proper Ornaments Waiting For The Summer
TOY You Won't Be The Same
Illum Sphere Sleeprunner
Dr. Feelgood Another Man - Paris Theatre 1975
Dr. Feelgood Don't You Just Know It - Paris Theatre 1975
Kanda Bongo Man Billil - BBC Session 16/06/1993
The Fall Amorator!
Dr. Feelgood Rollin' And Tumblin' - Paris Theatre 1975
Kanda Bongo Man Luta - BBC Session 16/06/1993
Dr. Feelgood You Shouldn't Call The Doctor - Paris Theatre 1975
Dudley Moore Trio The Staircase
Hefner Every Little Gesture - BBC Session 24/03/1999
Len Bright Combo The Awakening Of Edmund Hirondelle Barnes
A Little Orchestra Train Tracks For Wheezy (with Haiku Salut)
Hefner Hymn For The Things We Didn't Do - BBC Session 24/03/1999
Hefner To Hide A Little Thought - BBC Session 24/03/1999
Dan Amor Y Ci (The Dog)
Monday 29th October 2012
Gideon Coe
18 / 31 Tracks
Billy Bragg in concert, plus sessions from Richard and Linda Thompson.

Ray Charles Mess Around
Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles
Valerie June Workin' Woman Blues
Simon & Garfunkel Leaves That Are Green
Little Walter Juke
The Lemonheads Mallo Cup
John Martyn Make No Mistake
Sparklehorse Hammering The Cramps
Richard & Linda Thompson The Little Beggar Girl
The Wedding Present Unfaithful
Richard & Linda Thompson The Great Valerio
Woman's Hour Our Love Has No Rhythm
Squeeze Messed Around
Terry Callier African Violet
Dan Amor Neigwl
Lord Lebby Ethiopia
September Girls Danny Wood
Tracey Thorn Snow
Billy Bragg Warmest Room 1991
The White Stripes Look Me Over Closely
Cian Ciaran Martina Franca
Rob St John Sargasso Sea (Found Remix)
The White Stripes Lord Send Me An Angel/Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Da Lata Places We Go
Heart Attack Alley Slave To Your Mojo
Beak Mono
Billy Bragg Levi Stubb's Tears 1991
The Wedding Present Take Me I'm Yours
Billy Bragg She's Got A New Spell 1991
Billy Bragg Valentine's Day Is Over 1991
The White Stripes Little Girl That Says
Wednesday 10th October 2012
Late Junction
Wednesday - Verity Sharp
4 / 9 Tracks
Verity Sharp with music by Robert Fripp, Wu Man playing the pipa and music for harpsichord

Duffy Power Sweet Again
Dan Amor Amor: Yr Anhaeddiannol
Olivier Baumont Couperin: La Superbe ou la Forqueray
Vinicio Capossela Capossela: Dimmi Tiresia
H'ng Thanh Trad: Ru Con Min Nam
Metropole Orkest Fripp: Pie Jesu
Xavier Rudd Spirit Bird-Prosper
Arnaldo Antunes Antunes/Scandurra: Se Voc
Dulsori Moon: The Beat
Monday 1st October 2012
Gideon Coe
15 / 33 Tracks
Roxy Music in concert, plus sessions from Aliens, Deus, Terry and Gerry, and St Vincent.

Bob Dylan Narrow Way
Jake Bugg Country Song (Live)
The Cure Jumping Someone Else's Train
dEUS Suds And Soda
The Replacements Kiss Me On The Bus
Josh Rouse Under Cold Blue Stars
Lucas Santtana Musico
Bo Ningen Henkan
La Sonora Dinamita Se Me Perdio La Cadenita
Pernice Brothers How To Live Alone
Shop Assistants Train From Kansas City
Meic Stevens Yorric
Last Harbour Replacements
Ike Turner Black Beauty
Dan Amor Better The Angel You Know
dEUS My Wife Jan
The Observers Boiling Water
Fear of Men Mosaic
Portico Quartet Sleepless Ft. Cornelia
The Ruts I Got You Sus - BBC Session 14/05/1979
Rangda Night Porter
The Ruts It Was Cold - BBC Session 14/05/1979
Roxy Music Chance Meeting - Paris Theatre 1972
The Ruts Society - BBC Session 14/05/1979
Jennifer Left Temptation
Roxy Music Sea Breezes - Paris Theatre 1972
The Ruts Your Jester - BBC Session 14/05/1979
Jesca Hoop DNR (Marc Riley Session 011012)
Y Niwl 4 (Aderyn Papur)
Terry & Gerry Clothes Shop Close - BBC Session 11/07/1984
Terry & Gerry Wain Until You're Older - BBC Session 11/07/1984
Bog-Shed Adventure Of Dog - BBC Session 25/02/1986
The Aliens Magic Man - 6Music Session 20/10/2008
Tuesday 11th September 2012
Gideon Coe
15 / 33 Tracks
Gideon plays Killing Joke in concert, plus sessions from Gallon Drunk and others.

Gillian Welch Everything Is Free
Chapterhouse Pearl
Suicide Rocket USA
The Clash Street Parade
Lucas Santtana Musico
Rudy Greene Juicy Fruit
The Pastels Truck Train Tractor
Gallon Drunk Some Fool's Mess
Harmonia Veterano
Gallon Drunk Ruby
Gyratory System John Frum
Dan Amor Taflu Dy Lais
Augustus Pablo Pablo In Red
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics Lift Off
Killing Joke Love Of Madness - Reading Festival 1986
The Mountain Goats White Cedar
Dale Hawkins L.A Memphis Tyler Texas
Killing Joke Requiem / Complications - Reading Festival 1986
Killing Joke War Dance - Reading Festival 1986
The Pond The River (Album Version)
Euros Childs Roogie Boogie
The Sea and Cake Harps
French For Rabbits Claimed by The Sea (PLAN Remix)
Prefab Sprout Lions In My Garden - BBC Session 18/08/1985
The Zephyrs Wonder What I'm Gonna Do
Gallon Drunk Drag 91
Prefab Sprout Rebel Land - BBC Session 18/08/1985
Ahmed Abdul-Malik El Ghada
Y Niwl Undegnaw
Billy Childish A-Z Of Your Heart - 6Music Session 27/03/2009
The Fatima Mansions It Will Be Good - BBC Session 25/03/1990
Billy Childish You Make Me Die / Upside Mine - 6Music Session 27/03/2009
The Fatima Mansions Mr Baby - BBC Session 25/03/1990
Tuesday 4th September 2012
Gideon Coe
11 / 34 Tracks
Gideon Coe plays live tracks and sessions from the archives.

Sonic Youth Teen Age Riot
Allo Darlin' Northern Lights
The Phantom Band Folk Song Oblivion
Shack Comedy
The Undertones When Saturday Comes
The Aggrovators Channel 1 Is A Joker
Yusef Lateef Morning
Mungo Jerry Have A Whiff On Me
Mala Mulata
Dan Amor Dyddiau Clir
Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys Wheel Hoss
Luscious Jackson Nervous Breakdown - Reading Festival 1999
Tender Trap Love Is A Hard Enough
Doug Dillard Filler Up
Euros Childs Clap A Chan
Mega City Four Distant Relatives - BBC Session 19/07/1988
The Dave Clark Five Move On
Kitchens of Distinction Blue Pearl
Mega City Four January - BBC Session 19/07/1988
The Field Mice Septembers Not Too Far Away
Kitchens of Distinction Mad As Snow - BBC Session 23/08/1992
Minotaur Shock Saundersfoot
The Jim Jones Revue It's Gotta Be About Me
Kitchens of Distinction When In Heaven - BBC Session 23/08/1992
Lung Leg Edith Massey
Ondatrpica Iron Man
Lung Leg Small Screen Queen
Race Horses Cake - 6Music Session 17/06/2009
Luscious Jackson Devotion - Reading Festival 1999
Race Horses Isle Of Ewes - 6Music Session 17/06/2009
Clock DVA Beautiful Losers - BBC Session 25/05/1983
Luscious Jackson Ladyfingers - Reading Festival 1999
Clock DVA Sister - BBC Session 25/05/1983
Luscious Jackson Naked Eye - Reading Festival 1999