Playlists with tracks by Crossy

Saturday 9th January 2021
1Xtra's Rap Show with Tiffany Calver
Unknown T Street Heat
22 / 42 Tracks
Unknown T WW2 is crowned Street Heat.

Sav'O World Pandemic
Flawless Soundz Lightning Rod
Megan Thee Stallion Do It On The Tip (feat. City Girls & Megan Thee Stallion)
Shakavellie Vacant Yard
G Herbo Statement
Metro Boomin Runnin
Ace Cash Birkin Bag
Skore Beezy Action
Headie One Back to Back
MizOrMac Say Mizzy
Chip Notorious
Skore Beezy Demon Time (Remix) (feat. M24, Pooer Payper & Skore Beezy)
Ivorian Doll Clout
Mularjuice A.P
CJ Whoopty
SR Welcome To Brixton
J Hus Reckless
No Lay Mortal Kombat (Remix) (feat. Snap Capone, Kemzi & No Lay)
Crossy Catch Me
Tomie Boy Check Your Balance (feat. Tomie Boy)
King Von Still Trappin'
Pa Salieu Block Boy
D-Block Europe Birds Are Chirping
Tyler Monet Lifestyle Cold
Pa Salieu Tiffay Calver Freestyle
D-Knowledge Big Mistake, Pt.2 (feat. D-Knowledge)
Uncle Gwalla Bruce (feat. Uncle Gwalla)
Lil Baby On Me
Playboi Carti Slay3r
Debe 67 Mustang
Unknown T WW2
Lil Uzi Vert Drankin N Smokin
Pop Smoke Show Out
Doja Cat Best Freind (feat. Doja Cat)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again What That Speed About (feat. Nicki Minaj & YoungBoy Never Broke Again)
M1llionz Pour It Up (feat. M1llionz)
Rich the Kid Richer Than Ever
Dvnz Fvego
Zones Intro
M24 Is It
Friday 1st January 2021
Sir Spyro
2021 Co-Signs
23 / 40 Tracks
Spyro co-signs his hottest tipped MCs for 2021 & looks back on the last 10 years of Grime.

Lady Leshurr Queens Speech
Stormzy Shut Up
Novelist Take Time
Wiley On A Level
Queenie Queen On Track 
Emz Heavy
Reece West Lazarus
ENNY Peng Black Girls 
Logan_olm How We Roll 
12omo Lamb Neck Soup
SBK Luck
Footsie No Favours
Loon Humid
Capo Lee & Trims Spirit Bomb Remix (feat. Dave, Pk, Skits, Central Cee, Merky ACE, Cadell Drifter & Capo Lee & Trims)
Sir. T Problem Starter
Ghetts Class Of Deja (feat. D Double E & Ghetts)
Mez Big People Business
Charlie Trees Flowers 
Skepta Hypocrisy
Ghetts Esco Spirit 
Chip Darth Vader
Giggs 3 Wheel Ups (feat. Wiley & Giggs)
P Money Pow 2011 (feat. Kano, Chip, Jme, 2face, Wiley, Ghetts & P Money)
Crafty 893 Luv Me
Tommy B For A Minute
Giggs Where & When (feat. Giggs)
P Money Slang Like This 
Crossy Box Clever 
Vital Techniques Your Not Ready 
Hamdi Lemsip (feat. Hamdi)
President T Side By Side  (feat. Big H, Bossman Birdie & President T)
Denero Likkleman
Wiley Bruce Wayne  
JayKae Toothache 
Pressure 16 For 16 (feat. J1, Macca, Movez, Saf One, Raider, Menace & Pressure)
Ego Spartan Remix (feat. Marger, Merky ACE, Rival & Ego)
Jme German Whip (feat. Big H & Jme)
Pride N Egodash Mannerz Bands (feat. Pride N Egodash Mannerz)
Elf Kid Faultsz (feat. Elf Kid)
Jme  Thats Not Me (feat. Jme )
Tuesday 29th December 2020
DJ Target
2020 Best UK Talent
12 / 26 Tracks
Target shares some of the hottest UK talent he discovered in 2020

Esther Turner Swayin
MWay Trapway
Faith Dear Chris
Slumboy Nino Trust Myself
Asha Elia Nights Like This
Fortune Liquor
Swantje J'aime Ca
Axel Holy What's Your Price
H Mula Glide Around
Traxx Shake Em Off
Aye Nizzy Silence
Henri Salvador Japan
Unruly Nyah Summer Vibe
Crossy Survival
HEX Killing Me
Young Toro Maze
Dappa Twilight
Ideygoke Bag A Man
Dash Villz See
Jaydonclover I Wish You
Deyah Ciao
JyellowL Doesn't Feel like
Docta Move On (feat. Docta)
MD Mad Dog Robbery Lane
Envy Picture Me
Mercy's Cartel Sleep
Friday 20th November 2020
Sir Spyro
18 / 46 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Tempa T Next Hype
Nu Brand Flexx Gash By The Hour
Chip Ignite
Teddy Westcoast
HeavyTrackerz Raise Your Glass (Remix)
P Jam Funky Nandos
Coco Tracksuit Flow
10D ID (feat. 10D)
Preditah Donkey Kong
Crafty893 Hail
Triggz Likkle Fish (feat. D Double E & Triggz)
Jakebob Meridian Hymn Team
22 MCs Lockdown Riddim 2 (feat. 22 MCs)
Roll Deep When Im Ere
Crossy ID
Trim Yardman
Jammer The Jerk Man
Against All Odds Serious 2020
Rude Kid Narcos
Dapz On The Map 100 Degrees
Kid D Godly
Alias Ska
Saule Affliction
Dash Mannerz Bandz (Free Smoke)
Killa P Crow Dub
Amia Brave Peng Black Girls
Sickman My Yout
Dexplicit Exodus
Lady Shocker Shaolin
Axel Jackson Pogo Riddim
Silas 4X4 Breakbeat
Direman Ice Climbers (feat. Frostar & Direman)
Lioness Karma (feat. Lioness)
Big Zuu Back It (feat. Big Zuu)
Sir Spyro Running Their Mouth (feat. Flowdan & Sir Spyro)
Dizzee Rascal Dub
Manga Saint Hilare Safety In Numbers
Boy Better Know Goin'In
Skelecta Goosebumps
Double S Shut Ya Mouth (feat. Yhunga, Narst & Double S)
Mic Ty Gabriel
Bruza Doin' Me
Skepta IC3 (feat. Skepta)
Endz From Da Endz
Friday 13th November 2020
Sir Spyro
DJ Kahn Ft. Logan, Lady Chann, Jammz & Emz
21 / 55 Tracks
Bristol's DJ Kahn is on deck with emcees; Logan, Lady Chann, Jammz & Emz.

C4 Off Track
Ghetts Top 3 Selected
Jme If You Don't Know
Kano Eastside (feat. Ghetts & Kano)
D.O.K Untitled
Tommy B No Dramas
Lewi B Roof
Dash Mannerz Bandz
Scorcher No Bass
HeavyTrackerz Raise Your Glass (Remix)
Tre Mission Hoods Up (Remix)
Against All Odds Serious 2020
Loon Humid
DaVinche Untitled
Sir Hiss Hunger (feat. Eyez, Dubzy & Sir Hiss)
Hi5Ghost Long Way
Triggz Likkle Fish
Badness Motherland
Lord Jabu El Molino
Distinct Motive Haste
Sir Spyro Non Stop
BBK Red Card (feat. BBK)
Merky ACE Spring (feat. P Money & Merky ACE)
Dizzle Kid Kick Ups
Skepta ID
Iron Soul Right Now
Bengal Sound Gangladesh
Mic Ty Gabriel
Drone Blood Orange
Slay ID
Bugzy Malone Doed Up
Movez WV Make Dough
Dubmonger Version 2
Sox Do My Job
Jon E Clayface Top Of The Scene
Mystry Phuckin X
Epoch Push Back
Spooky 2 GOOD
Kahn For Beirut, Part 4
Coki Seen
Nazamba OBF (feat. Nazamba)
Faultsz Chattin & Braggin
Subten What Have They Summoned
Kahn Imhotep
Crossy Last Man Standing
Neckle Camp Take Over
Filthy Gears 1
Teddy Westcoast
Kamakaze Safe & Sound
D Double E Frontline (feat. D Double E)
Novelist Active
Footsie Black & White
Teeza When You Hear This One
Tuesday 20th October 2020
DJ Target
20 / 34 Tracks
Target has 1Xtra's ultimate guide to new music.

SK Nella (feat. SK)
Drake Mr. Right Now (feat. Drake)
Manga St Hilare Deja Vu (feat. Manga St Hilare)
Skengdo Karma (feat. Skengdo)
Ebenezer Graduation
Mauxuam 40 Minutes
AJ Tracey One More Time (feat. AJ Tracey)
Swantje J'aime Ca
EMBE Drill
Mizzly Insight
AlunaGeorge Sneak (Conducta Remix)
Trinity Square Wrist Watch
Fortune Liquor
MWay Trapway
Aye Nizzy Silence
H Mula Glide Around
Nafe Smallz PMW
BackRoad Gee Tell Me A Ting (VIP Remix) (feat. P Money, Frisco & BackRoad Gee)
HEX Killing Me
Naira Marley Idi Oremi
Bruza Serious 2020 (feat. Capo Lee, So Large, Tempa T, Novelist & Bruza)
Jme Grime (feat. Jme)
Niniola Look Like Me
Crossy Catch Me
K Rose Mexican Drill (Target Specialist)
Pa Salieu B***k
D-Block Europe Proud
Keeya Keys Bebey
Popcaan Avengers (feat. Popcaan)
Diana Drill Lightwork Freestyle
Lanzo Paper Planes
Shaybo Dobale
DolapoTheVibe Orimi
Manga Saint Hilare déjà vu (feat. Manga Saint Hilare)
Friday 9th October 2020
Sir Spyro
11 / 66 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Swifta Beater M Sport
Trends Mouth Shaker
Maniac Spud
Eyez HP Bars (feat. Blay Vision & Eyez)
President T Goat
Jammz ID
Sir Drifter Cream (feat. Sir Drifter)
Trim Pull Up
Mez Call It What You Want (feat. Mez)
Faultsz No Restoring Man
Rapid Frequency
Jammz The World (VIP)
Sir Spyro Blue Cheese
800 Dub
Vader Bun Mic (feat. Deviman & Vader)
Mic ofcourse Pride n Ego
Flowdan Come From
Razor Racks
Jme Grime (feat. Jme)
Sir Spyro Side By Side (Instrumental Remix)
Biggie D 94 Carrot
Vosion Crew Bring It Back
Mic Ty Dub
Footsie Paid Piper
Roachie ID (feat. Roachie)
Joker S Wave
Sir Spyro Windy
Brassic Ozai
Mos Wanted Hungry Tiger
Griminal Dub
Rude Kid Call Of Duty
Jon E Cash Hoodz Up
Skepta IC3
Coco Dance Done (feat. Trigga & Coco)
Mr Traumatik Poison
Heavy Trackerz Sauvage
Rude Kid Narcos
Jon E Clayface ID (feat. Jon E Clayface)
So Large Myself
Compa In Check
Narst Shellyanne
IMP Batch Gype Riddim Remix
Rude Kid One Take (Remix)
Kid D Hot Like This
SOX Do My Job
Crafty 893 Luv Me
Nat Powers Mystry Riddim
Iron Soul Destruction
Rude Kid Win The Thing
Killas Army Badman Ting Remix (feat. Killas Army)
Crossy Box Clever
Novelist Tell Me A Ting (Remix) (feat. P Money & Novelist)
Iron Soul Temper
SBK Luck
Swifta Seater 34 Shots
Leberin Manisfestation
D.O.K Stomptized
Ossa Muad
J-Smart Long Road
Silas 4x4 Breakbeat
Teeza Beats Skiipy n' Violent
Logan OLM ID
D.O.K The Crow
Preditah Nosy Parker V.I.P
Jah Digga Council Pop
Silencer Speeding Fine
Friday 2nd October 2020
Sir Spyro
10 / 51 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

So Solid Crew Oh No
Tempa T Next Hype
Tinchy Stryder Something About Your Smile
Kruze Leone ID
Crafty 893 Luv Me
Splurt Red Hot
Jammer Red Card
Local Dance Dun Remix (feat. Trigga, Coco & Local)
Crayzee Banditt Dirty South
Stackz Serpent
Jammz Make It Through (feat. Jammz)
Abstrakt Sonance Come From
Loon Humid
Crossy Boxclever
Alpha.Redd Pride & Ego (feat. Alpha.Redd)
Maniac Spud
D Double E Live Tonight
Tension Hardlife (feat. Tension)
JME 96 F**ckries
Big Kani Die Young Remix
Neffa-T Fantasy Remix
Desperado Startrack Riddim (feat. Sabre, Jive & Desperado)
Terror Danjah Ffs Why Though
Jon E Clayface Top Of The Scene
Brakeman Top Cat
Ny Street Soilder (feat. Ny)
DOK Synth
JSD Fall For You
Bruza Doin Me
Prine Rapid Frequency
ElfKid Chattin & Braggin (feat. DeeJillz & ElfKid)
Travis T Squeeze
Kamakaze Safe & Sound
Bruza Pick It Up
Reece West Villain
Endz From Da Endz
Various Artists Victory Lap
Kano Ps & Qs
BXKS Packed In!
Silas 44 Breakbeat
Filthy Gears Dirt Freestyle
Kid D Roll The Dice
Capo Lee Dub
Silencer Possession
Flirta D Warrpspeed
Krome & Type New Era Dub
Charlie Trees Flowers
Footsie Dumping Again (feat. Footsie)
Friday 18th September 2020
Sir Spyro
11 / 54 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Silas Blossom
Dizzee Rascal Hoe
Sox Do My Job
XTC Functions On A Low
Silas Blunt
Dizzee Rascal Win The Ting
Sukh Knight Diesel Not Petrol VIP
Jammer Take You Out (Instrumental)
Badness Diwali Riddim
Silas Evil Monastery
DJ Bossman Bongo Eyes Remix
Ten Dixon Big Business
JME Straight Riddim Freestyle (feat. JME)
BBK Red Card
Silas Froggy
DJ Buzby 8 Bar Riddim
Terror Danjah Nght Crawler
Jon E Cash Hoodz Up
Charlie Trees Flowers
Silas Mirage
DJ Vader Messed Up (Instrumental)
Tommy B I'm Charged (feat. Tommy B)
Killa Army Badman Ting
Crossy Roblox Skank
Silas Nivea
Elf Kid ID
Tommy B No Drama
Logan Move From We
D Double E ID
Silas Power
Filthy Gears Dirt Freestyle
Trends Mouth Shaker
Macarbe Unit Slow Jam
Deadly R3al I Par With Da Best (feat. Deadly R3al)
Silas Roller
GTK Roar (Instrumental)
Vader Bun Mic (feat. Ace1, Devilman & Vader)
Mr Dubz Hotterz
Dem Lott Dem Lott's Ere Now
Silas Tribe
Hazzard Tremor
Various Artists Bring It Back (feat. Various Artists)
Reece West Lacazette
Dexplicit Forward 2 (Instrumental)
Silas Untitled
Hutchy B Y2K (Step Mix)
Various Artists Dance Dun Remix (feat. Various Artists)
SBK Luck
Dexplicit Pow (Instrumental)
Sir Spyro Press Ups
ID Hungry Tiger Remix
Various Artists Victory Lap
Friday 28th August 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best In Grime
24 / 60 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

P Money Slang Like This
Newham Generals Hard
Dizzee Rascal Stop Dat
Jammer Murkle Man
Maxwell D Serious
Master Stepz Melody
Low Deep Straight Flush
So Solid Crew 21 Seconds
Stormzy Big For Your Boots
Macca Back at It
Rapid Frequency
Hit Man S.H.E.L.L
Tintz Final Path
DJ Narrows Saved Soul
Razor Racks
Jakebob Sutton
Tommy B No Dramas
12omo Lamb Neck Soup
Shizz McNaughty For Your Breakfast
Tre Mission Orphan Black
Badness In a de Ghetto
Merky ACE Live
Elf Kid Chattin (feat. Dee Jillz & Elf Kid)
Sir Spyro Blacked Out
Jorja Smith On My Mind (Grime Remix)
Treble Clef Ghetto Kyote (1XSS)
Big Shot Licence To Stomp VIP
Mez R9's Haircut
FFSYTHO Target and Aim
Sirus Grouch
JOSOSICK Anyway Riddim Freestyle
Trends Red Stripe
Black Opps Hoods Up
Mic Of Course Pride And Ego
Footsie Finesse
Snoopa Outlaw (feat. Snoopa)
Kano Pow 2011 (feat. Jme, Wiley, Chip, Face, P Money, Ghetts & Kano)
Wiley When I'm Ere Remix
Bossman Birdie Side By Side (feat. Big H & Bossman Birdie)
Monkstar Biggerman (feat. Monkstar)
Frisco True To Me (DJ Target Dubplate) (feat. JME & Frisco)
Killa P Skeng (feat. Flowdan & Killa P)
Yizzy Pilot
Bxks Packed In
Moonchild Sanelly Mozambique (feat. JayKae & Moonchild Sanelly)
Gappy Ranks What We Do (feat. Low Deep, Twista, Lethal Bizzle & Gappy Ranks)
Spooky Haunted Joyride Freestyle
Youngsta Pulse Y
Kozzie I'm Back
Chip L.L.L.L. (LOVE LIFE LIVE LARGE) (feat. Chip)
Mos Wanted Star Wars
Giggs Knock Your Block Off (feat. Giggs)
Crossy Box Clever
Giggs Where & When (feat. Giggs)
Tempa T Out The Box
Lyrical Strally Borrow & Lend
D Double E Colours (feat. Ghetts & D Double E)
Heartless Crew Superglue The Theme
The Ends Are You Really From Da Endz
Friday 14th August 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best in Grime
14 / 53 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Numa Crew We Nuh Tek Riddim
Faultz No Restoring Man
Sir Drifter Dub
Lewi B Slappy
Vital Techniques Suh Yuh Gwarn
Ossa Champion Riddim
Filthy Gears Infinity Loop
Skepta Sniper
Lollingo Barz 2
Blay Vision Blay FM (french montana riddim)
P1 Caps Hadouken Dub (1XSC)
Gesher Untitled Dub
Sox Do my job
Loon Humid
BMD North Weezy (Spyro Dub)
PK Flow Sensei
Giggs Man Don't Care (feat. Giggs)
Spitz Haunted Joyride Riddim
Maxwell D Anthem (feat. Maxwell D)
Bomb Squad B.O.M.B
President T Round the twist
Heavytrackerz Sauvage
Splurt Diablo Red Hot (Sir Spyro Remix)
Maxwell D I'm from a Place (feat. Maxwell D)
Boy Better Know Skanking Ting
Red Boy G
Irah Killstreak
Stogey A Matter Of Timing
Merky ACE Ruffs The New Buff
Champion Multiply
Riko Dan High Power
Ironsoul Destruction
TALLIFAH Keep Up Freestyle (feat. TALLIFAH)
MEZ Babylon Can't Roll
Crossy Box Clever
Royal Warning (feat. Bruza, Tinie Tempah, Mz Bratt, Badness, Devilman & Royal)
J.S.D Fall For You
Tintz Mad Ant Dub
Moonchild Sanelly Mozambique (feat. JayKae & Moonchild Sanelly)
D Double E Spyro Dub (March)
Scorch Too Much
Jah Digga Council Pop
Tommy B No Dramas
Mystry New Scars
Devilman Dub
Shorty Prophecy (feat. Shorty)
Jakebob Sutton
Trends Red Stripe
Nasty Crew Girls Love Nasty
Eyez Boxing Bars
Shxdow Final Boss
K9 No Hook
Vader Sunday Mawnin
Friday 31st July 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best in Grime
11 / 57 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Ruff Sqwad Xtra
M.I.A. Pull up the people (Dexplicit remix)
Dexplicit Gotham
Griminal No Smoke
Terminator Tinted 05
Maniac War Season
Diesel Slew Dem & Dun (feat. Diesel)
Scelecta Rainy Days
Ironsoul Destruction
Terror Danjah Fire Cracker
AGZ Getting It Done
Mez Hunt for the pumps 2
Diesle Sniper
Scrufizzer Buss
Jammz Duppy Pepper 2
Virgo Ambient Night
Alias Instrumental
Nasty Jack Wot is it (dub)
Discarda Kirby T Dub
Silencer Speeding fine
JayKae On Top
Virgo Rebirth
BADDNESS Unity (Grime Originals)
Nerva Too Long
Dizzee Rascal Dub
Silencer The Calling
Keedz Mad Ting
Yizzy Pilot
Black Opps Hoods Up
Nico Lindsay Oh Yeah
Dizzee Rascal H Bootleg (allstars)
Sir Spyro LFC Champions Freestyle
Killa P Dub
Crossy Box Clever
Ossa Champion Riddim
DJ Narrows Saved Soul
Splurt Diablo Bleu (inst)
Kozzie I'm Back
D Double E Colours (feat. Ghetts & D Double E)
Plastician Magma
DJ Target Earth Warrior
Spooky Golden Finger
Leberin Manifestation
D-Power Birthday Suit
Platinum 45 Hot Rock Riddim
DOK Stomptized
Stormin Bag of ganja
LIL NARST Shut your mouth
Dashers Crud
President T G Set (feat. P Money & President T)
FFSYTHO Target and Aim
Sukh Knight Nightcrawler (Dubsta Remix)
Logan Know Mi (feat. Logan)
DaVinche What
Rude Kid Press Ups
Footsie Dat's Normal
T Roadz What's Poppin
Friday 17th July 2020
Sir Spyro
15 / 64 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Redlight Source 16
Preditah Circles
D Double E Frontline
Big Narstie Gas Pipe
Wiley Eskimo Dance
JayKae Saved soul  (feat. JayKae)
Dj Mak 10 Shut Your Mouth
LVLZ Ram Jam 
Footsie Mojo
Skepta Doing It Again
XP Smoke & Mirror
JME 96 Bars Instrumental
Dj Masterstepz Meoldy
Melvilous Best Believe
Footsie Mozambique  (feat. Footsie)
Skepta UFO
Badness Unity
Joe Fire Been There
DJ Youngstar Pulse Y
Nat Powers Mystery Riddim
Footsie Paid Piper
So Large In a Dance 
BBK Athlete
Joker S Wave
Dok Mada Fin
P Money We Ain't The Same (feat. P Money)
Footsie Redrum
Stormzy Wiley Flow
Judah NLS   (feat. Judah)
Dok Magpie
Ghetts Class Of Deja (feat. D Double E & Ghetts)
Syer B Squeeze
Compa Bootleg
K.I.M.E From The Estate
Dok The Crow
Razor Racks
Giggs Man Don't Care (feat. Giggs)
T Roadz No Corona
Crossy Everyday
K9 No Hook
Doktor Calm Down
Hi5ghost Namka
Taliifah Keep Up (feat. Taliifah)
Kamakaze 180 (feat. Kamakaze)
Double S Dumping Again (feat. Yhunga, Narst & Double S)
Rude Kid Narcos
The Heavytrackerz Sauvage 
Ironsoul Destruction
Dashers Titch Mode
Kid D Land Slide
Dubzy Wot
Shorty Prophecy (feat. Shorty)
Trends Dutty Harry
J Sweet Bootleg
Devilman Badness and Devilman Bars!
Killa P Topper Top (feat. Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann & Killa P)
FFS Y Tho Target & Aim
Silas Froggy
Trends & Boylan Normanbates (Sir Spyro)
Jah Digg Council Pop
Dexplicit Pow (Snowman remix)
Kozzie I'm Back
Footsie Bomboclart
Sir Spyro Have Manners (Filthy Gers Remix)
Thursday 12th March 2020
Radio 1's Soundsystem with Toddla T
DJ Davda in the building
30 / 62 Tracks
London's DJ Davda bringing the Dancehall and Reggae vibes to the guest mix.

Leviticus The Burial
Tony Rebel Fresh Vegetable
K More Money Bounce
Chronic Law Style
Popcaan Nah Run
Gappy Ranks Cup Full
Squash Ooh La La Dub (DAVDA EDIT)
Chronixx Dela Move
Popcaan Numbers Don't Lie
Gappy Ranks Too Much Henny
Stylo G Dumpling Dub (DAVDA EDIT)
Aidonia Aircraft
Lioness Kick In The Door Quickly
Coco Don't Forget (feat. Manga Saint Hilaire & Coco)
Popcaan Promise
Govana Up Front
Stylo G Touch Down Dub (DAVDA EDIT)
Ama The Hour We On
Logan Evil Side
Crossy Left Hook
Riz Ahmed Fast Lava
Greentea Peng Ghost Town
Syren Rivers Everything (feat. Syren Rivers)
Andreya Triana Mountains (feat. Andreya Triana)
Lost Girl I Won't Give Up
Cutty Ranks Tempted To Touch
Runkus Impact (Zed Bias UKG Dub Mix) (feat. Runkus)
HAGAN Right Here (Toddla)
Tara Mills Toxic Delight (DJ Q x Zibba Remix)
Bklava Through The Night
Masicka Charge
DADDY1 Anthem
Shaybo Anger
Hakkz Harrods
TeeJay Baller
Blame Bells
Masicka Leader
DADDY1 Bro Gad
Shenseea Trick'a Treat
I Watta Cut Off Jeans
Blanco Vancouver (feat. Blanco)
Mason Maynard Looking At Me
Ding Dong Gas Dub (DAVDA EDIT)
Skillibeng Brik Pan Brik
Under Vibes Under Vibes
Intense Go Hard
Buju Banton Falling In Love All Over
Mavado At The Top (DAVDA EDIT)
Ding Dong Watch Dem
Sorley Deadeye
Zeph' Photo
Jahvillani Sunday 2 Sunday
Che Lingo My Block
Mavado Top Shotta Is Back
Elephant Man Pon Di River (DAVDA EDIT)
Sosa Won't Give Up
K More Brik Pan Brik Freestyle
Chronic Law Government Dub (DAVDA EDIT)
Pinchers When
Eve Lazarus More Fyah
Spice Walkout (feat. Ms Banks & Spice)
Friday 28th February 2020
Sir Spyro
The Best In Grime
10 / 37 Tracks
The best in grime, freestyles and all the news from the scene with Sir Spyro.

Wiley Ice Pole
Scratchy Purple Neptune
DJ Bossman Bongo Eyez Bootleg
Mayhem NODB Mic Lord
Skepta Gangsta No
Durrty Skanx D Double Flow
Merky ACE Live
Bearman Drinking Bear
Splurt Diablo Atari
Miss Beats Saw It Coming
Blizzard Letter
Tana Ride and Clutch
Funky Dee Run
Mos Wanted Star Wars
Bossman Birdie Spyro Dub
Wiley Frostbite
Graft Nothing But Facts
Novelist Active
Capo Lee Pray For Me
Izzie Gibbs At All Times
P Money U Get Me
Chip 138 Trak
YGG Royals
JME Day in the life (feat. JME)
Queenie Queen On Track
Crossy Everyday
Joe Fire Life
Rawza Business Guy (feat. Rawza)
Dapz On The Map Froggy 2
Keedz Freezer
Rawza Raw Potion
Dashers Numbers Freestyle
SBK Prince Of Grime
Devilman Flawless Victory
Loon F.T.P (
Thursday 9th January 2020
DJ Target
2020 Bassline Team Takeover
7 / 18 Tracks
Finishing a big week of Team Takeovers, Target has a brand new Bassline Team Takeover.

M Huncho Bando Ballads
ML Is That Your Chick (feat. Lethal Bizzle, Suspect, Sneakbo, SMB, Ambush & ML)
Alicai Harley Tek It To Dem
Morrison Bad Boys
Burna Boy Money Play
Nakamura Minami Pree Me
Celeste Stop This Flame
Pa Salieu Frontline
Crossy Left Hook
Russ Splash (feat. Russ)
Faze Miyake Pause (feat. Faze Miyake)
SL Mad About Africa (Freestyle)
JayKae 1am (feat. JayKae)
Tiggs da Author Phoney (feat. Tiggs da Author)
Lila Ike Sweet Inspiration (Rock & Groove Riddim)
Yxng Bane Gang
Lord Afrixana Papaya (feat. Lord Afrixana)
Lorna King Fighter (S.P.Y VIP Remix)