Playlists with tracks by Chris Foster

Wednesday 19th April 2017
The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe
Daphne's Flight Interview
5 / 10 Tracks
The best folk and acoustic music from Britain and beyond.

John Smith Far Too Good
Joan Shelley Not Over by Half
Tim O’Brien High Flying Bird
Sharon Shannon The Bull Fiddle
Daphne's Flight Lay Fallow
Nancy Kerr Fragile Water
Chris Foster The Life of a Man / Greensleeves
Saltfishforty Tired
Jim Causley Out with my Gun in the Morning (feat. Jim Causley)
Daphne's Flight Goddess of Mann
Wednesday 12th January 2011
The Mike Harding Show
7 / 11 Tracks
Folk show, including an interview with American singer-songwriter Richard Shindell.

Cara Dillon The Hill Of Thieves
Kla Cardinal Knowledge
Richard Shindell Born In the U.S.A.
Gerry Rafferty Can I Have My Money Back?
Grace Griffith The Cuckoo
Richard Shindell Gethsemani Goodbye
Richard Shindell Balloon Man
Mike Katz / Mike Whellans Juan Martino's / Tail Toddle
Susan McKeown So We'll Go No More A-Roving
Chris Foster Bedlam
Lucy Pringle and Chris Wright The Auld Woman o Kelso