Playlists with tracks by Basil Kirchin

Thursday 16th February 2017
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe with a Basil Kirchin tribute
10 / 24 Tracks
Nick Luscombe pays tribute to avant-garde drummer and composer Basil Kirchin.

Jonas Munk Intervention: Stjerner
Alsarah & The Nubatones Ya Watan
Broadcast Minim
Warren Ellis Life On Mars
Basil Kirchin Silicon Chip
Basil Kirchin Primitive London 5
Endon Just Like Everybody
Pillow Person On Your Way
Carlo Mombelli In Between I'll Eat Dark Chocolate
Jana Irmert bagful
Basil Kirchin Silicon Sessions 1
Janko Nilović Strange Dream
Basil Kirchin Concept Suite 'Secret Conversations Between Instruments'
Basil Kirchin Once Upon A Time (Excerpt)
Mica Levi RidingThrough Drinking Harpo Dine
Beatrice Dillon Crying In The Chapel
Brian Eno Sample music from Reflection app
Sean O'Hagan Basil Pelynne
Sex Swing Nighttime Worker
The Ivor and Basil Kirchin Band Stone Age Mambo
Danny Norbury werte .. (feat. Christoph Berg, Henning Schmiedt & Danny Norbury)
Toby Jones 5am (feat. Toby Jones)
Danny Shackleton Days Work (1)
Basil Kirchin Part 4 Evolution
Wednesday 15th February 2017
Late Junction
Nick Luscombe
6 / 18 Tracks
Nick Luscombe's selection includes Tarantulas, Hen Ogledd, CukoO and My Cat Is an Alien.

Dirty Projectors Up in Hudson
Grouper Headache
Tyondai Braxton Oranged Out
Manu Delago Chimp Rave
Albert Ayler Love Cry
Cuckoo Relax
Mica Levi Peace
Dan Deacon Opal Toad Segment
Spiro Lost in Fishponds
Daniel Pioro Metamorphosis I
Tarântulas Saiba Ser Feliz (Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough)
Toshi Ichiyanagi Life Music for various modulators, magnetic tape and orchestra
Duke Garwood Blue
Fábio Caramuru Cigarra
Hen Ogledd Amputated Video
Isasa Gorrión
Joëlle Vinciarelli > ETERNAL ALBERT AYLER >
Basil Kirchin Birth of an Adventure
Sunday 12th February 2017
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
Basil Kirchin
10 / 20 Tracks
Stuart Maconie celebrates the late British composer and drummer Basil Kirchin.

Grails Chalice Hymnal
Matt Berry Beam Me Up
Basil Kirchin Once Upon A Time
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves
Wire I Am The Fly
The Go! Team My World
Arthur Russell Calling All Kids
Gang of Four What We All Want
Jaga Jazzist Animal Chin
Man Brother Arnold's Red And White And Striped Tent
Vangelis Heaven And Hell (Part 1) - 3rd Movement (Extract)
Vangelis Heaven And Hell Part I
John Zorn Macchie Solari
Pentangle Moon Dog
Philip Glass Islands
Moondog Stamping Ground
Françoise Hardy Magic Horse
Magpahi Horses
Krokofant Tommy Synth
Vangelis Heaven And Hell (Part 1) - Baccanale
Thursday 9th February 2017
Late Junction
Fiona Talkington with Peter Cusack's Sounds of Hull
5 / 14 Tracks
Fiona Talkington features Peter Cusack's Sounds of Hull, part of Hull City of Culture 2017

황병기 Darha Nopigom (Peacefully)
Moksha Den Magiske Gitaren
Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters John Brown's Dream
Michel Redolfi Death Valley
Avril Stormy Unger The Escape of The Blvck Rxbbit (feat. Avril Stormy Unger)
Daniel Herskedal Hijaz Train Station
Jan Bang Body Language
Jonas Gruska Kolokoly
Alargo Scratch It
Throbbing Gristle Still Walking
Aquaserge Tour Du Monde
Tigran Hamasyan Etude No. 1
Various Artists Radio Delhi
Basil Kirchin Heart of The North
Monday 30th January 2017
Gideon Coe
Jon Hillcock sits in and plays The Edgar Broughton Band live in 1972
13 / 37 Tracks
Jon Hillcock sits in for Gideon Coe and plays The Edgar Broughton Band live in 1972.

Mica Levi Vanity
Tinariwen Assawt
Priests Pink White House
Delicate Steve Driving
Country Joe and the Fish Eastern Jam
Yo La Tengo Oklahoma U.S.A
Fatou Seidi Ghali Migrid Noulhawan
Basil Kirchin Silicon Sessions
Mike Collins Phat Back Beats
Don T Lee Cool Cool Rocksteady
Augustus Pablo East Of The River Nile
Stanley Brinks And The Old Time Kaniks River Boat
Babatunde Olatunji Long Distance Lover
Joyce McKinney Experience In The Park - BBC Session, 31 July 1988
Art Brut Arizona Bay - 6 Music Session, 28 May 2013
Beck Rowboat
Flo Morrissey & Matthew W.White Govindam
Scars Je T'aime C'est Le Mort (Radio 1 Session, 20 Feb 1980)
Blithe Field Clasped Hands
The Radha Krishna Temple Hare Krishna Mantra
Taos Hum Hi Hats Are For Post Punk Heroes
Scars She's Alive (Radio 1 Session, 20 Feb 1980)
The State Broadcasters Takeshi - 6 Music Session, 25 Jan 2010
Beatnik Filmstars New Boyfriend And Black Suit (Radio 1 Session, 4 Jun 1995)
Bardo Pond Cross Over
Barry Adamson Sweet Misery
Art Brut Nag Nag Nag Nag/Free Bird - 6 Music Session, 28 May 2013
Once and Future Band Tell Me Those Are Tears Of Joy
Boëthius Pretty Girl With Choker
Edgar Broughton Band I Got Mad - Paris Theatre 1972
Stephen EvEns High Horse
Edgar Broughton Band It's Not You - Paris Theatre 1972
Joyce McKinney Experience Walk On Your Own - BBC Session, 31 July 1988
The Sudells Pow Wow
The State Broadcasters Grass Stains - 6 Music Session, 25 Jan 2010
Beatnik Filmstars A Craze Exploding (Radio 1 Session, 4 Jun 1995)
Art Brut We Make Pop Music - 6 Music Session, 28 May 2013
Wednesday 23rd November 2016
Late Junction
Verity Sharp
9 / 20 Tracks
Verity Sharp's selection includes music from the Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble.

iTAL tEK Utter
HEXA Lumber
Pierre Bastien Eh! Gueuse: Herse Hisse De Ceste Isle!
Chris Abrahams Beach of Black Stones
Frank Zappa I'm The Slime
Basil Kirchin I Start Counting
The Wayward Band You Know Me
Crows Time to Rise
Noura Mint Seymali Suedi Koum
Klein Moist Yatt
Broken Telephone Broken Telephone 4.0
Broken Telephone Broken Telephone 4.3
Happy Valley Band It's a Man's Man's Man's World
Kinder Meccano Atomic Energy Lab
Methera Late Longings
Mikael Tariverdiev So Mnoyu Vot Chto Proishodit "What Is Happening To Me?"
Antoine Beuger Vegetable Rustling
Georges Aphergis Machinations 1
Tom Mkhize Valala Special
Pierre Henry Symphonie Monoton (Monochromie)
Sunday 12th June 2016
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
10 / 17 Tracks
Stuart learns how to sing underwater from Aquasonic, plus his featured album is Faust IV.

Jenny Hval Something New
Jo Mango & Friends Loneliness & Rhythm
Utopia Cosmic Convoy
Faust Jennifer
Faust Krautrock
Faust Giggy Smile
Camel Curiosity
Gentle Giant For Nobody
Le Orme Sospesi Nell'Incredibile
Max Tundra Cakes
Aquasonic End Song
Basil Kirchin Research Laboratory
Aquasonic Breaking The Surface
Clipd Beaks All the Way Evil
Peter Hammill Medieval
Clear Light The Susan Years
Wire Nocturnal Koreans
Wednesday 8th June 2016
Gideon Coe
The Label of Love is Acid Jazz
17 / 44 Tracks
The Label of Love is Acid Jazz, plus sessions from the Shop Assistants, Galliano and more.

Cass McCombs Opposite House
Julianna Barwick Same
The Coathangers I Don't Think So
Jealous of The Birds Russian Doll
The Filthy Six Iguana Strut
Amber Arcades I Will Follow
Fleur de Lys Circles
Andy Lewis (Love Is) Alive In My Heart
Boards of Canada New Seeds
Echo & The Bunnymen Do It Clean
Sun Kil Moon Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
The Barracudas Summer Fun
Sparklehorse Junebug
Felt The Day The Rain Came
The Factory Path Through The Forest
Don Fardon Belfast Boy
Eleanor Rigby I Want To Sleep With You
The Sid Presley Experience Hup 2 3 4 - BBC Session 31/05/1984
Steeleye Span The Blacksmith (Radio 1 Session, 23 Jun 1970)
Shop Assistants I Don't Want To Be Friends With You (Radio 1 Session, 11 Nov 1986)
Belbury Poly Water Wheel
Citizen Helene How Can You Find Someone To Love
ALA.NI One Heart
A.H.E.O Pa Bat Kow
King Stitt Firecorner
Peacock Affect A War In Venice
Wilco I'm The Man Who Loves You - 6 Music Session 21/11/2005
Kanda Bongo Man Billil (Radio 1 Session, 16 Jun 1993)
Shop Assistants Before I Wake (Radio 1 Session, 11 Nov 1986)
Rival Consoles Lone
Steeleye Span Female Drummer (Radio 1 Session, 23 Jun 1970)
The Sid Presley Experience Cold Turkey - BBC Session 31/05/1984
Wilco Muzzle Of Bees - 6 Music Session 21/11/2005
Blue House John The Unready - Riley Session 080616
The Hornblower Brothers Counting Roadkill
The Candees Little Miss Rainbow
Basil Kirchin Viva Tamla Motown
Tacocat I Hate The Weekend (Radio Edit)
The Waistcoats Theme From W.A.I.S.T.C.O.A.T
Shop Assistants Fixed Grin (Radio 1 Session, 11 Nov 1986)
Minor Victories Out To Sea
Holy F*** Neon Dad
Earl Vince & The Valiants Somebodys Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite
U-Roy Peace And Love In The Ghetto
Saturday 21st May 2016
Sound of Cinema
0 / 18 Tracks
Matthew Sweet introduces film music inspired by the idea of 'mutant' beings in the cinema.

Johnny Klimek A Hologram for the King (2016) - Mr Clay
Bill McGuffie Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150AD (1966) - Opening Titles
Leonard Rosenman Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973) - Main Theme
Bronislau Kaper Them! (1954) - Burning the Anthole
Ludwig van Beethoven Zardoz (1974) - Symphony No.7 op. 92, 2nd movement
Dennis Brown Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Main Theme
Paul Sawtell The Fly (1958) - Show Me – Help Me
Henry Mancini Tarantula (1955) - Evening Snack
Paul Sawtell The Fly (1958) - Helen's Discovery
Henry Mancini Tarantula (1955) - Side Effects
Ron Grainer Omega Man (1971) - Richie on the Roof
Howard Shore The Fly (1986) - Finale
Irving Gertz The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957) - Main Title
James Horner The Amazing Spider Man (2012) - Becoming Spider Man
James Newton Howard The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) - Monkey Mutts
Basil Kirchin The Mutations (1977) - Freakmaker
John Ottman X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) - Pyramid Rising/Main Theme
Basil Kirchin The Mutations (1977) - Freak Show
Saturday 2nd January 2016
Sound of Cinema
New Year New Music - Experimenting with music for film
1 / 19 Tracks
Matthew Sweet explores some of the experimental ventures in music for film.

Jerry Goldsmith Planet of the Apes (1968): Main Title
Ennio Morricone The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (1977): Violenza Inattesa/Silence in the Chaos
Nathan Johnson Looper (2012): Following The Loop
Philip Glass Koyaanisqatsi (1980): Koyaanisqatsi - Opening
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies The Boyfriend (1971): Honeymoon Fantast/Sur La Plage/I Could be Happy
Jon Brion The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2005): Theme
Bebe/Louis Baron The Forbidden Planet (1956): Once Around Altair
Mario Nascimbene Barabbas (1962): The Whipping of Christ
Hans Zimmer The Dark Knight (2008): Why So Serious/I'm not a Hero
Alexandre Desplat The Danish Girl (2015): The Danish Girl
Basil Kirchin Primitive London (1965): Primitive London 6
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies The Devils: Execution and End Scene
Mr. Oizo Rubber (2010): Bellyball Road and La Caoutchouc
Bernard Herrmann Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953): The Sea/The Undersea Forest
Carter Burwell Blair Witch 2 - Book of Shadows (2000): Shadow Dance
Mica Levi Under the Skin (2013): Love
Sunday 13th December 2015
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
Howard Eynon
14 / 18 Tracks
Howard Eynon chats to Stuart about his 1974 album So What If I'm Standing in Apricot Jam.

Robert Wyatt I'm A Believer
Buffy Sainte-Marie God Is Alive, Magic Is Afoot
The Comet Is Coming Neon Baby
Half Man Half Biscuit It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At Christmas
Gong Can't Kill Me
Buffy Sainte-Marie Adam
Buffy Sainte-Marie Poppies
Howard Eynon Village Hill
Buffy Sainte-Marie Mary
Buffy Sainte-Marie The Angel
Eyes of Blue Merry Go Round
Basil Kirchin The Freelance 3
Trembling Bells Killing Time In London Fields
Kiran Leonard Pink Fruit
Dorcha Ghostlust
Wolfgang Flür I Was A Robot
Filippo Gambetta Taburiente
Joseph Kudirka 21st Century Music
Sunday 26th July 2015
Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone
6 / 10 Tracks
Stuart discusses experimental music releases with John Doran and Crispin Parry.

Brian Eno Dead Finks Don't Talk
Sea Lion If My Baby
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Brain Salad Surgery
Ricardo Donoso Akrasia
Shelagh McDonald Peacock Lady
AFX serge fenix Rendered 2
Jerusalem in My Heart 7ebr El 3oyoun (Ink From The Eyes)
Luke Rhinehart Surrender Your Soul (feat. Luke Rhinehart)
Alice Coltrane With Strings My Favorite Things
Basil Kirchin The Freelance (Abstract Jazz 1)
Thursday 7th May 2015
Gideon Coe
The Bhundu Boys in concert
19 / 40 Tracks
The Bhundu Boys in concert, plus PJ Harvey, Half Man Half Biscuit, Ane Brun and others.

David Bowie Breaking Glass
Violent Femmes Love Love Love Love Love
Alice Clark Don't You Care
Kevin Ayers Girl On A Swing
Rozi Plain Tap To The Chest
Tom Verlaine Breakin' My Heart
Basil Kirchin I Start Counting
The 5th Dimension Carpet Man
The Dakotas Magic Carpet
Emma Kupa Charlie
Wire Burning Bridges
Swans Thank You
Peter Broderick Red Earth
Big Youth S 90 Skank
Mark Kozelek Carpet Crawlers
Carpool Conversation Night Owl
Zefur Wolves Alhambra
The Eccentronic Research Council Welcome To The Valhalla Dale
The Smoking Trees Home In The morning
Bhundu Boys Ndoitasei - Glastonbury 1989
Jackie Wilson & LaVerne Baker Think Twice
Bhundu Boys Simbimbino - Glastonbury 1989
Visionary Hours Neither From Nor Towards
The Bodines Therese - BBC Session 30/10/1995
Onions Sanctus Tranquilium (6Music Session 070515)
The Dynamic Four Let's Make Love
Cornelius Ball In Kick Off (Radio 1 Session, 8 Sep 1998)
Cornelius Lazy (Radio 1 Session, 8 Sep 1998)
PJ Harvey Naked Cousin (Radio 1 Session, 2 Mar 1993)
The Jesus and Mary Chain I Love Rock N'Roll
PJ Harvey Primed And Ticking (Radio 1 Session, 2 Mar 1993)
The Slits Love And Romance (Radio 1 Session,19 Sep 1977)
David Shire Creep Sequence
PJ Harvey Wang Dong Doodle (Radio 1 Session, 2 Mar 1993)
The Slits New Town (Radio 1 Session,19 Sep 1977)
Die Doraus & Die Marinas Fred Von Jupiter
Bhundu Boys Jekesa (Come On Let's Join Hands) - Glastonbury 1989
Sleaford Mods No-Ones Bothered
Bhundu Boys Jit Jive - Glastonbury 1989
Intombi Zephepha Iyakhuluma Lendoda
Wednesday 12th November 2014
Late Junction
Wednesday - Nick Luscombe
9 / 24 Tracks
Nick Luscombe's selection includes Martijn Comes, and Iiyoshi and the WIP.

Snarky Puppy Sleeper
A Winged Victory for the Sullen Atomos X
Brian Eno Chemistry
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker The Queen Of Hearts
Clarinet Factory 5 Steps (feat. Alan Vitouš and Lenka Dusilová)
Harry Forbes Drone No.1
Shabazz Palaces Forerunner Foray
Druid Cloak Wraithborne Falls
Fumio Yasuda Blue Gallery
Verckys & Orchestre Veve Sisa Motema
Basil Kirchin Theme For A Journey
Peter Morris Beating The Clock III
Benjamin Britten String Quartet No.2 In C Op.36: II. Vivace
Peter Morris Giant Steps IV
Rui Veloso Fado do Ladrão Enamorado
Chapelier Fou I_o
Scott Twynholm Writing On A Train
Sidsel Endresen Sanctuary
Harmonic 33 The Departure Lounge
Steph Horak Beautiful
Stick in the Wheel Ends
John Zorn Laughing Owl
Traditional Cula Jesam Da Se Dragi Zeni
Al Jones Bernard's Exit
Sunday 22nd June 2014
Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone
Graham Massey presents the music of Hermeto Pascoal
7 / 10 Tracks
Stuart explores the music of eccentric Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal.

Miles Davis Little Church
Hermeto Pascoal Little Cry For Him
Warm Digits Weapons Destruction
Soft Machine The Floating World
Quarteto Novo Misturada
Hermeto Pascoal Auriana
Giles, Giles & Fripp She Is Loaded
Hermeto Pascoal Yogurt (Coalhada)
Basil Kirchin Mind On The Run
Eumir Deodato Parana
Wednesday 8th January 2014
Gideon Coe
Green On Red at Glastonbury
22 / 40 Tracks
Green On Red at Glastonbury, plus sessions from XTC, The Sonics and Dislocation Dance.

The Beach Boys Surf's Up
Red House Painters Grace Cathedral Park
The Smiths Stretch Out And Wait
Aphex Twin On
Yusef Lateef Love Theme From Spartacus
Sleater-Kinney You're No Rock 'n' Roll Fun
Randy Newman Louisiana 1927
Dr. Feelgood Cheque Book
Tinariwen Toumast Tincha
Discharge Drunk With Power
Kristin Hersh TROUBLE
Jackie Mittoo Earthquake
David Sylvian Let The Happiness In
Dislocation Dance Shoot Out At Dead Man's Creek
The Wave Pictures Missoula
Dislocation Dance Friendship
Beachniks Love Is Theft
Sabina Viva L'Amour
Cate Le Bon I Can't Help You
Damien Jurado Silver Timothy
The Amazing Snakeheads Flatlining
Pontiak Lack Lustre Rush
Basil Kirchin Viva Tamla Motown
The Sonics Strychnine - Radio 2 session 22/03/2008
Green on Red Sixteen Ways - Glastonbury 1985
Green on Red The Drifter - Glastonbury 1985
Supergrass Stone Free
Matthew Sweet Crippled Inside - BBC Session
Matthew Sweet Eveygreen - BBC Session
Mutual Benefit Advanced Falconry (Album Version)
The Kinks Have A Cuppa Tea (Alternative Version)
Art Brut Bad Comedian - 6Music Session 08/06/2011
The Skids Another Emotion
Rachel Unthank & The Winterset Blue Bleezing Blind Drunk - 6 Music Session 21/12/2008
Art Brut Clever Clever Jazz - 6 Music session 08/06/2011
Green on Red Cheap Wine - Glastonbury 1985
Rachel Unthank & The Winterset Felton Lonnen - 6 Music Session 21/12/2008
Art Brut Lost Weekend - 6 Music session 08/06/2011
The Sonics Dirty Robber - BBC Session 22/03/2008
Green on Red Gotta Keep Movin' - Glastonbury 1985
Thursday 14th November 2013
Gideon Coe
Sparks in concert
19 / 37 Tracks
Sparks in concert, plus sessions from The Mountain Goats, Idlewild and Brilliant Corners.

Future of the Left The Male Gaze
Bruce Springsteen E Street Shuffle
Richard Thompson 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Goat Golden Dawn
Traffic Paper Sun
The Auteurs Starstruck
Smoke Fairies Sunshine
Los Destellos Constelacion
Lower Plenty Nullarbor
Islet Carlos
Trwbador Eira
Connie Converse One By One
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals The Entebbe Affair
Piskie Sits Young Dumb And Full Of It
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Lariat
Mogwai Remurdered
The Gaslight Troubadours A Newly Created Being
Illum Sphere Sleeprunner
Agnes Obel Dorian
Sparks This Town Aint Big Enough - Electric Picnic Unkown Date as of now
Traffic A House For Everyone
Paul Ferris Peaceful Interlude
Pharoah Sanders Kazuko (Peace Child)
The Mountain Goats Shadow Song - BBC Session 30/01/2003
Idlewild It'll Take A Long Time - BBC Session 31/08/1999
The Mountain Goats When I Get Home - BBC Session 30/01/2003
Idlewild 1903 - BBC Session 31/08/1999
The Mountain Goats Linda Blair Was Born Inocent - BBC Session 30/01/2003
The Mountain Goats Disappear - BBC Session 30/01/2003
Sparks Happy Hunting Ground - Electric Picnic Unkown Date as of now
The Pop Group Words Disobey Me - BBC Session 03/07/1978
Sparks Amateur Hour - Electric Picnic Unkown Date as of now
The Pop Group Kiss The Book - BBC Session 03/07/1978
John Fred & His Playboy Band Boogie Children
Sparks In The Future - Electric Picnic Unkown Date as of now
These New Puritans Organ Eternal (Album Version)
Basil Kirchin Vulnavia's Theme
Sunday 22nd September 2013
Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone
Andrew Weatherall on Festival Number 6
3 / 4 Tracks
DJ Andrew Weatherall chooses some psychedelic drone records inspired by Festival Number 6.

Kandodo Kandodo
Agitation Free You Play For Us Today
Day of Phoenix If You Ask Me
Basil Kirchin Pageing Sullivan
Tuesday 7th May 2013
Gideon Coe
17 / 27 Tracks
Gideon plays an early show from Suede recorded at Newcastle Riverside in 1992.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Messages
Balthazar Sinking Ship
The Flaming Lips Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Red Frame White Light
Drop Nineteens Winona
Robyn Hitchcock Parasite
Everything but the Girl Ballad of the Times
Karen Verros You Just gotta Know My Mind
Baaba Maal Fanta
Harmonia Dino
Rozi Plain Catch Up
Pinkunoizu Moped
Lumerians Dogon Genesis
Brazos How The Ranks Was Won
Deerhunter THM
Hookworms Radio Tokyo
The Fall Sir William Wray
Kevin Ayers & The Whole World Puis Je
Basil Kirchin Heart of the North
Vashti Bunyan Lately - 6Music Session 26/09/2007
Bo Ningen Yuru Yaka na Ao 7 May 2013
Meat Puppets Attacked By Monsters - BBC Session 03/03/1991
Vashti Bunyan Wishwanderer - 6Music Session 26/09/2007
Hacia dos veranos Bolero
Roy Harper I'll See You Again - BBC Session 11/03/1974
Roy Harper North Country - BBC Session 11/03/1974
Saturday 2nd March 2013
Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone
Music from films starring Donald Pleasance
8 / 13 Tracks
Andy Votel joins Stuart to explore music from films starring actor Donald Pleasance.

Burial Archangel
Burial Dog Shelter
Sanguine Hum From The Ground Up
Komeda Cul-De-Sac
Goblin Phenomena
Magma Zombies (Ghost Dance)
Wil Malone Death Line (Main Theme)
Tempest Foyers Of Fun
Hank Williams The Devil's Men
King Crimson Cadence And Cascade
Roy Budd The Black Windmill
Serge Gainsbourg Mister Freedom
Basil Kirchin Mutations (The Freakmaker Soundtrack)
Thursday 21st February 2013
Gideon Coe
18 / 28 Tracks
Robyn Hitchcock is in for a live set ahead of his 60th birthday celebrations.

The Smiths Asleep
Dinosaur Jr. The Wagon
Goat Diarabi
The Fall Garden
CAN Halleluwah
Fairport Convention Farewell Farewell
Robyn Hitchcock Strawberries Dress
Luna Bonnie And Clyde
Robyn Hitchcock End Of Time
The Soft Boys Give It To The Soft Boys
Basil Kirchin I Start Counting (Demo)
The Make-Up Wade In the Water
Bassekou Kouyate Jama Ko
Shack Butterfly
Public Image Ltd. Chant - BBC Session 1979
Ralfe Band Come On Go Wild
The Primitives Lose The Reason
British Sea Power Machineries of Joy
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fancy - Indian Summer Festival 2006
Clinic Seamless Boogie Woogie (Free Reign II Version)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps - Indian Summer Festival 2006
Eek-A-Mouse Hire And Removal - BBC Session 10/10/1983
Jerry Goldsmith Flameout
Nick Lowe Sesnsitive Man
Brinsley Schwarz (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love And Understanding - BBC Session 24/07/1974
X-Ray Spex Genetic Engineering - BBC Session 20/02/1978
Public Image Ltd. Pop Tones - BBC Session 1979
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Date With The Night - Indian Summer Festival 2006
Sunday 10th February 2013
Clare Teal
Drum Boogie
13 / 15 Tracks
Featuring the great drummer bandleaders of the big band world - Krupa, Rich and many more.

Anita O'Day Opus One
Ray McKinley Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume
Gene Krupa Drum Boogie
Lionel Hampton Flying Home
Ray McKinley Hangover Square
James Brown I Need Your Key (To Turn Me On)
Ben Pollack Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm
Chick Webb Harlem Congo
Basil Kirchin Big City Blues
Eric Delaney Rockin? the Tymps
Basil Kirchin Panambo ? Me Guste Em Mambo
Red Norvo Remember
Red Norvo Do You Ever Think of Me
Terry Gibbs Dream Band Ja Da
Buddy Rich B R Blues
Sunday 2nd December 2012
Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone
Basil Kirchin's Abstractions of the Industrial North
6 / 21 Tracks
Stuart features the pastoral instrumentals of Basil Kirchin's imaginary music for film.

Wire Single KO
Black Moth Super Rainbow Zodiac Girls
Bob Chance It's Broken
Tudor Lodge It All Comes Back To Me
The Watersons Windham
Socrates Johnny
Basil Kirchin Prelude And Dawn
Scott Walker Phrasing
Basil Kirchin Reflection
Six Organs of Admittance Waswasa
Basil Kirchin Research Laboratory
Basil Kirchin The Observer
Basil Kirchin Viva Tamla Motown
Basil Kirchin Heart Of The North
Die Jacob Sisters Was Hab Ich Dir?
Basil Kirchin Mind On The Run
Julian Cope No Hard Shoulder To Cry On (GLR Session)
Basil Kirchin Neutral Background
Keiron Phelan & David Sheppard Grasslands
Basil Kirchin Packing, Printing And Light Assembly
King Crimson Sleepless
Sunday 18th November 2012
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
14 / 20 Tracks
Jarvis presents a short story reading by Emylia Hall from the new Book Slam publication.

Janis Joplin Me & Bobby Mcgee
Seu Jorge Life On Mars
Amanda Lear Follow Me
Bow Wow Wow Fools Rush In
Serge Gainsbourg L'homme A Tete De Chou
John Barry Fun City
The Rolling Stones Miss Amanda Jones
Mose Allison Baby Please Don't Go
Brigitte Fontaine Cet Enfant Que Je T'avais Fait
The Polyphonic Spree 5 Years
John Cooper Clarke Heart Disease Called Love
Basil Kirchin Mute 4
Sounds Incorporated William Tell
Hank Garland Relaxin?
Kanda Bongo Man Amina
Billy Swan Don?t Be Cruel
Damon Albarn 2 Lo Calling
David Hemmings Anathea
Toni Basil Breakaway
Alan Moore The Decline Of English Murder
Saturday 10th November 2012
Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone
Jonny Trunk's Dub Excursion
2 / 6 Tracks
Stuart is joined by Jonny Trunk to explore his collection of unusual dub records.

Basil Kirchin The Freelance
Impact All Stars Ordinary Version Dub
Mouse on Mars Seaqz
Pere Ubu Non Alignment Pact
[unknown] Strategy Hardware Dub
Hildegard Knef Guten Morgen Paul (Hans Nieswandt Remix)
Sunday 7th October 2012
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
11 / 24 Tracks
Jarvis shines a light on his hometown as part of 6 Music's Sheffield Sunday.

Radiohead No Surprises
Arctic Monkeys Cornerstone
Tim Minchin The Interval Song
Pink Floyd Brain Damage
Serge Gainsbourg Brigade Des Stups
Baader Meinhof Baader Meinhof
Link Wray Rebel Rouser
Fairport Convention Stranger To Himself
Judee Sill The Kiss
Larry Adler Bolero
Buddy Morrow Ulalume
Basil Kirchin The Observer
Bjrk Declare Independence
R.D. Laing Life Before Death
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Flower Pot
Clock DVA 4 Hours
The Eccentronic Research Council Autobahn 666 (Travelogue #1)
Forgemasters Live in The Boiler Room (Excerpt 1)
The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu It's Grim Up North
Forgemasters Live in The Boiler Room (Excerpt 2)
The Naughtiest Girl Was a Monitor Wax Museum
Andrew Bird Sounds From A Room (Excerpt)
John Avery Jessica In The Room Of Lights
UV-Pop Hafunkiddies
Sunday 15th January 2012
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
14 / 25 Tracks
Dodgy opinion, crackpot theories, hare-brained schemes and beautiful, beautiful music.

Radiohead The Daily Mail
Franz Ferdinand Darts Of Pleasure
Le Volume Courbe I Love The Living You
Lee Hazlewood The Night Before
Stevie Wonder Fingertips (Album Version)
Dion Abraham, Martin & John
Darren Hayman I Taught You How To Dance
The Flares Foot Stompin'
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Zig Zag Wanderer
Basil Kirchin I Start Counting
Boduf Songs 27th Raven's Head
Kim Sun The Man Who Must Leave
Benny Goodman Sing Sing Sing
David Bowie Fame
Ivor Cutler Cockadoodledon't
Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters The Messiah Is Falling
Brute Force Nobody Knows What's Goin' On In My Mind But Me
Judy Nylon Information Rain
Darkness Falls Paradise Trilogy Pt II
Lost Left Mend
David Bowie Foot Stompin' (Live)
Meret Becker For No-One
DJ Yoda 1 O Clock Jump
Electric Sound of Joy Total Turn
The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Group Idylle
Sunday 1st January 2012
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
We're having a party, just you and I.
7 / 28 Tracks
Jarvis presents the second half of his look back over the Sunday Services of 2011.

Alexander Truth
Status Quo Down Down
Serge Gainsbourg Le Poinonneur Des Lilas
Ramones I Don't Care
Pink Floyd Chapter 24
Vangelis Chung Kuo
Hardy Kruger Blind Date
Kasenatz Katz Hey Joe
Soundtrack L'uomo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio
Mike Yarwood Harold
Basil Kirchin Mind On The Run
Paul Gonsalves Quartet Boom-Jackie-Boom-Chick
The Scaffold Aren't We All?
Charles Causley Eden Rock
The Troggs We Waited For Someone
Charles McMiran & Richard Mathews Penny Black
Radiophonic Workshop Blow Away The Morning Dew
Tom Fazzini Stats
Coleman Wilson Radar Blues
Dan Hill These Boots Were Made For Walking / Sunday Afternoon [Medley]
Reggae Direction Automation
[unknown] God Save The Queen
Eddie Mann Manipulated Code
Richard Warren The Lonesome Singer In The Apocalypse Band
Emile Berliner The Lord's Prayer
Robert Mitchum Youth Nowadays
Group 1850 Steel Sings
Scott Walker Its Raining Today
Sunday 17th April 2011
Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
Exploring The Vinyl Archives
4 / 26 Tracks
Jarvis visits the BBC vinyl archives to explore the treasures hidden deep in the vaults.

The Smiths William It Was Really Nothing
Scott Walker It's Raining Today
James Last Happy Brasilia
Mike Taylor Trio Abena
Jon Isherwood The Cucmber Song
The Man With the Icy Eyes soundtrack
Billy Fury Deborah
Lena Zavaroni Hold Tight It's Lena
Bobby Charlton Geordie Sunday
Les Dawson Laugh With Les
The Troggs We Waited for Someone
Buzzy Linhart End Song
Lol Creame and Kevin Godly Consequences
Dan Hill Medley
Maido Robin high note
Eddie Wan Manipulated code
Margaret Thatcher narrating part of 'Lincoln Portrait'
Emile Berliner The Lords Prayer
Michel Legrand and Sally Stevens Ask Yourself Why
Enrico Caruso operatic aria
Group 1850 Reborn
Mike Yahwood Saturday Night at the Crown
Group 1850 Steel Sings
Alan Price Oh Lucky Man
Serge Gainsbourg his debut 10"
Basil Kirchin Mind on the run
Sunday 26th December 2010
Clare Teal
6 / 16 Tracks
Clare Teal presents the best in big band sounds - old and new.

Sammy Davis Jr. & Count Basie My Shining Hour
Ernestine Anderson See See Rider
Bob Miller & The Millermen Peridot
Benny Goodman & His Orchestra Sent For You Yesterday
Woody Herman Rock a bye your Baby
Ted Heath & His Music East Of The Sun
The Brian Setzer Orchestra Wolfgang?s Big Night Out
The Glenn Miller Orchestra This Time the Dream?s On Me
Tubby Hayes Song for a Sad Lady
John Dankworth and His Orchestra Runnnin? Wild
Johnny Keating Orchestra Night Train
Johnny Keating Orchestra The Saints
Les Brown and His Band of Renown Leap Frog
Les Brown and His Band of Renown Pink Coats
Maynard Ferguson Take the ?A? Train
Basil Kirchin Tweedle-Dee