Playlists with tracks by Alya Al-Sultani

Saturday 3rd April 2021
Middle Eastern Poetry
1 / 8 Tracks
Corey Mwamba presents a poetic exploration of womanhood from Alya Al-Sultani.

Alexandra Grimal At the Far Far End of Our Jolly Spare Time
Alya Al-Sultani Three Ages of Woman / Mother
Arthur King An Sgurr
Evan Parker Quartet The Alchemy Of John Edwards
Jordan O'Jordan Lowlands
Satoko Fujii Invisible
Steve Beresford Joey-ID 10
Friday 13th October 2017
World on 3
Why Music? The Key to Memory
5 / 23 Tracks
Kathryn Tickell with performances by Alya Al-Sultani, Seckou Keita and Sam Lee.

Sam Lee Moss House
Sam Lee Bonny Bunch of Roses
Sam Lee Blackbird
Sam Lee Goodbye my darling
Sam Lee Over Yonders Hill
Ruth Rubin Vos Vilsti Mutter Hobn
Seckou Keita Tatono
Suleima Murad Hatha Mou Insaf Minek
Alya Al-Sultani Win Ya Galoub
The Roundhouse Choir Lovely Molly
Alya Al-Sultani Hatha Mou Ansaf Minek
Alya Al-Sultani Chal Chal Alay
Sam Lee Moon Shone
Alya Al-Sultani Foug El Nakhal
Alya Al-Sultani El Hilwa Di
Óscar Chávez Macondo Cumbia
Sam Lee and Friends Airdog
Freda Black Bonny Bunch of Roses
Seckou Keita Distance
Ismaël Lô Tajabone
Seckou Keita Little Bro
Joaquin Diath Dize la Nuestra Novia
Seckou Keita If Only I Knew