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Thursday 21st April 2016
6 Music Recommends
With Mary Anne Hobbs
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Beautiful new music of every texture, colour and origin.

Julianna Barwick Nebula
Grim Brides Faithless UFO Leap
Horsepower Productions Justify (feat.. Harry Keyworth)
House of Black Lanterns Drown (South London Ordnance Remix)
Lamont Titanic
Mala Kotos (feat.. AJP)
Rozi Plain Marshes
111x (happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts)
Simon Shreeve A Thousand And One
Aldous Harding I’m So Sorry (Marc Riley Session 110416)
v1984 Birth Of Venus
Ben Lukas Boysen Golden Times 1
DJ Rashad Roll Up That Loud (feat.. Spinn & Taso)